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Reader Insert Mania!

A bunch of reader inserts! either my ideas or requested ones! Don't be afraid to ask for one!

TMNT (Reader x Turtle)

35 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
One shots with you and your turtle! Enjoy! lol

TMNT - Love Oneshots - Reader Insert

31 pages · Short Stories · Romance
You are another human girl, who was trained by Splinter. The One Shots are based on the TMNT series from 2012, the animated movie from 2007 or both of them. Here we...

To Love a Turtle [T M N T X R e a d e r]

18 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
[T M N T X R e a d e r]: What happens when the turtles save you from trouble, and as you get closer to all four, what happens when they all fall for you? Yes, ALL four! (...

Shell Scratches

8 pages · Short Stories · Romance
You recall a time when you had a pet turtle who particularly loved having it's shell scratch. You wonder if certain other turtles have that same feeling. (Reader/Turt...

Tmnt X Reader~One Shots!

53 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Title says it all!

TMNT boyfriend scenarios

27 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
All in the title dude

Raph love story

163 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A RaphxReader story 😊 Raph starts falling for a girl he rescued one day, little does he know, she's falling for him too. But she's lost everyone she's ev...


80 pages · Adventure · Humor
All you were trying to do was go to Uptown and have a nice evening. Not get attacked on a train by Purple Dragons and weird karate frogs. Life just got a whole lot weirde...

My Love Story (TMNT Leo's Love Sto...

128 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
My first story(: A 17-year-old girl who ran away from her life time foster house into her own living life that is, a life with turtles and a rat. *WARNING* QUOTEV REAL...

TMNT One Shots

62 pages
Hello, this is my very first story. This is TurtlexReader. Please enjoy!
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The Ora

31 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
16 year old Aurora Rose is living on the streets. By day a young teenage girl with golden blonde hair and deep violet eyes. But by night, she's a vigilante known as T...

Burnt Specials

186 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
If you haven't read my story, "Burnt", you should read it, because Alex and the turtles get into some crazy adventures involving genderbending, carnivals, sle...

Casey's Sister.

25 pages · Fan Fiction
I open my eyes, and sit up. Loud noises come from outside. “What’s going on?” I say to myself in a half-asleep state. Rubbing my eyes, I turn to the window. My eyes...

Sweet Halloween

4 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories
You spend Halloween night with your closest friends (Reader/Hamato Family [Turtles+Splinter])

Me and you.... in the sewers?

32 pages · Adventure · Action
Two normal girls. Normal girls, with real Normal lives, just like every other normal person out there. When a storm comes their way and changes EVERYTHING, how will these...

Living with the turtles! (A TMNT story).

206 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
This story is completely made up. I added my own character to it. I love the ninja turtles tv shows so this is kind of a mix of all of them plus a little of my own imagin...

Fragile Steel - RaphaelXReader

97 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A y/n story! Raph hates the new human in the turtles' lives, and they hate him back, but don't you agree that there's a fine line between love and hate? Both ...

We're a team (LeoxOCxRaph)

57 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
After being ambushed by the Foot, Leo was the only one left to save his friends and on the way, he meets a girl who helps him in the rescue. Soon after, she and the turtl...

Donatello X Reader (I know, soooo orig...

33 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is basically the story of you, the turtles, other TMNT character and the relationship between you and Donnie! I will try to update as much as I can, but no promises!

I'll Always Love You (Raph Love St...

45 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Raph, you may want to take a look at this." Leo said from the living room. "What?" I snap, still angry about the fight we had had earlier. "jus...

The Unbelievable Raphael (sequel)

4 pages · Adventure · Romance
Part 2 to my previous book, The Unbelievable Raphael. Again, I'm only 12 so don't expect too much. And its my third book.

Elsandro (Leonardo x Elsa Frozen/TMNT ...

5 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Elsa came from Arendale to New York. Could she find her lover?
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