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These Broken Promises (Kol Mikaelson) by Jzie Louis

72 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Abigail Saltzman. Daughter of Isobel and Alaric Saltzman. Some people say she's a combination of Caroline and Rebekah. Because of her ability to see the good in everyone, she befriends everyone she meets. Even Klaus. What happens when she meets Kol Mikaelson? Lol, jk. You know exactl...

Heartlines by Hailey

72 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
I felt the silver touch my skin again, and screamed openly. This time I couldn't hold it in, as wings burst from my back, slamming into the stone walls. A dark red color started at the top of each feather lining the plumy objects and spread like blood, the chain breaking so that I was kneeling o...

Feel His Bite [Kol Mikaelson Love Story] (Finished)

108 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
"I can do whatever I want." He replied, and I groaned getting up. "You know what? This is pointless. I am trying to reach out to you despite everything you've done and you can't even get out of you're own way." I pointed my finger at him now. "I don't only despise...

Living In Fear (Kol Mikaelson) by Helen Friend

27 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
"Who are you?" She asked scared. "I've been watching you." He stated. He walked towards her, slowly. "Don't come any closer!" She yelled. "But darling I'm just getting started." Then his eyes broke into a golden yellow.

Falling for the Enemy (Completed)

92 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy in life is when men are afraid of the light."

Glad You Came. (Damon Salvatore)

123 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
"The more you kiss me, the more you make me feel alive." - Damon Salvatore

Wicked Heart [Kol Mikaelson Love Story - Finished.]

82 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"I will hunt you down and I will rip you apart, limb from limb, making sure that your heart is still beating until I rip your head off." he growled into the phone, causing chills to run down my spine. "And if you don't find me?" "Oh don't worry, darling. I will."

Beat Me Down (Kol Mikaelson Fanfic) by Brogan Simpson

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
Beaten, bruised and pregnant, Mitchie Donovan ran from her home town of Elgin, Virginia after being shunned by her family, and her friends. The only place she could go was to her cousin, Matt, in Mystic Falls. Although she may have been safer staying where she was.

It's All For You- Kol Mikaelson Fan Fiction (TVD) by MadGirl AM Lover

79 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
In the 10th century Lana Hastings and Kol Mikaelson were quite the item. When Lana gets attacked by a werewolf, Esther puts a spell on her which would make her die and be born again almost a thousand years later. The exception being, she wouldn't remember anything from the 10th century until com...

The Youngest Mikaelson. by Christinaaa

119 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Kristie Mikaelson is one of the originals. As the youngest Mikaelson, she's misunderstood as fragile. This is her story, from her point of view. Unexpected scenarios occur, along with different allies that were never thought to be seen. Love may also occur for the youngest sibling. You'll ha...

Love Sucks (Vampire Diaries Story) by crystalxviolet

75 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
Love was never something Anna Dephry thought was important. Her life basically revolved around dealing with supernatural drama in Mystic Falls, but maybe a certain Mikaelson can change her mind or will a Salvatore steal her heart first. It's dangerous game of Love. "Forever Is a long time b...

The Rebel and Her Original

26 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
October Raven Gilbert, the middle Gilbert, has always been the rebel of her family. Born with shining black hair and purple eyes and a power she can't control, she is the misfit of the Gilbert brood with their brown hair and eyes. What happens when she meets Kol Mikaelson? And what exactly is sh...

His Daughter

97 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Irina Bennett is Bonnie's adoptive sister. She has no memory of her life before she was adopted. What happens when the originals arrive, and she begins remembering moments from her childhood that were previously lost?

Sporadic ~The Vampire Diaries; Kol Mikaelson Love Story ~ by Sierra. xxx

126 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
"You just don't seem to get it, Kol." I yell angrily. "Get what, Nicolette?' Kol rages. "The fact that I love you? The fact that I know you love me too?" I shake my head, tears streaming down my face. "I shouldn't love you. I Can't Love You." I yell ...

Best Friend's Brother(Klaus Mikaelson) by M'sGirl4Life

32 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
Alexandria Lulu Starr is a regular human girl. But, unlike other normal girls, she hangs around with other species. She has grown to like them, seeing that they would not hurt her. Ever since she became best friend's with Kol, she doesn't see why everyone seems to be afraid of them. But when she alm...

The Vampire Diaries/Teen Wolf Imagines by Emily

34 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
I'm a HUGE TVD and Teen Wolf fan so I thought it would be fun to write some imagines! I'm going to start with every guy from the Vampire Diaries and then do the Teen Wolf hotties! I will take requests! I hope you guys enjoy! =) P.S If you only like one of these shows, just read the ones from...

For the Devil to Dance Again. Kol Mikaelson. by Normal is Boring

40 pages · Short Stories · Vampires · Fantasy
Anastasia lost her parents at a young age. She was taken in by her loving Grandmother Frankie a very powerful witch who happens to be indebt to one Klaus Mikaelson. When Klaus comes to Frankie demanding that she bring Kol back she has no choice but to do it. Kol takes an interest in the beautiful An...

The Vanished One by Unknown

37 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Elijah, Finn, Niklaus, Kol and Rebekah; these are the vampires that everybody know and fear. The Originals as some may call them. But what happens when there's one more Original; one that had been forgotten over the years she had been missed? She is The Vanished One.

Worlds Apart/Kol Mikaelson- FINISHED by Kαтιlyɴ Kαнɴe

55 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Vampires · Fantasy
"You said it was for the better and we both agreed.But how was I supposed to know that a century later I'd still be wishing you were right here next to me?The distance didn't do much justice either,finding someone new only made me compare them to you.None of them measured up,Kol!It was y...

Because Life Can Do Terrible Things by Dream On Dreamer

35 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
"Where is she Klaus, WHERE IS SHE" he spoke angrily "You don't think I've been trying to get her back, the Salvatore's have her." "You let baby vampires take my Brooklyn, my love." "Don't worry we'll get her back, don't worry Kol"
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