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Possession [Werewolf]

156 pages · Fantasy · Romance
... His eyes darkened, turning into a shade of darker blue. Odd. He took a deep breath, making my brows ceased deeper. "Mate." he suddenly growled in a deep husky voice t...

Young Mate

124 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Lexi Stine is 15 years old, care free, and perfectly happy with her boyfriend, Aaron, who might just be her mate. Nickolas Devrend, the Alpha of the pack, returns home on...

Still Waiting For the One

193 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Twilight · Fantasy
Seth Clearwater Love Story :) -Finished-

The Little Kitten and the Big Bad Wolf

109 pages · Romance · Fantasy
*Unedited* Dillon is what werewolfs call a 'kitten shifter'. Kittens are werewolfs with little wolf blood in them. They're weak, no pack wants a kitten shifte...

Orphaned By Him (werewolf romance)

41 pages · Fantasy · Romance
When Ezandra was 12, the alpha and luna of her pack, her parents, where murdered by an invading rogue who proceeded to take control of the pack. She had been beaten ever ...

I think I love him (*Seth Clearwater L...

127 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · Twilight
"I love you," he said agian, but this time I doubted if he meant it. "I've heard that before,"I said as I walk away, my vision blurred with tears. W...

Fit For An Alpha

98 pages · Mystery · Romance
For Clary Jones being a wolf wasn't that great. Being the only child of a very low ranking couple in a savage pack, she was treated rough. The other wolves of the pack fr...


245 pages · Romance · Fantasy
What happens when a badass finds her mate, who happens to be the Prince of the 3rd largest pack in the world. Read and you'll find out

My Sun, moon and stars *Embry Call lov...

161 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Twilight · Fantasy
“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him with Source. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the ...

The Crowned Ones

327 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Kestral Adams has wanted nothing more than to fade into the background and soar well under the radar, a feat she's managed to accomplish, even with her unique, fiery ...

Adore Her Everything. ~Finished~

49 pages ~ Completed · Action · Romance
Noel, alpha of the biggest wolf pack is surprised when a girl, Jasmine, walks in his office door with chains securing her. He automatically knows Jasmine is his mate, but...

Lone Wolf

102 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Some wolves aren't rogues, some actually want to be alone. That's me, Farrah Rimes. I'd much rather be alone then some domesticated house pet to an Alpha. Liv...
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Little Differences

13 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Eliza St. Martin had an accident. A wolf attacked her and took her to his pack, only to find out that not only do werewolves exist, she is also the mate of an Alpha. The...

Not Alone Anymore

8 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Raven is alone. After leaving the pack to protect her sister, she suddenly runs into her one day. Kyle is a rogue wolf looking for love. What will happen when they meet?

The Alpha's Toy

7 pages · Fantasy · Romance
She thought she could just magically forget her childhood friend, but when he came back eyes set on her, she learned things weren't always that easy. He wanted to tak...

Baby Girl - Jacob Black

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Twilight · Fantasy
Six year old Annabelle Swan doesn't expect to live among Vampires and Werewolves. When danger lurks around the corner for Bella, her older sister, her sister has Edwa...

Loved - Paul Lahote

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Twilight
For a little girl like Dakota Peters, their childhood should have caring parents and memorable times. But hers is far from it. Ever since she was small, her parents would...


75 pages · Romance · Humor
Jay loved Bree. Ever since he laid eyes on her, one day, a few years ago. He's been following her ever since, and when they do meet, his secret is unvieled too quickl...

The Alpha's Rogue

34 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Who knew that Alpha Daemon of Wolf Howler pack would have a rogue as a mate? Shay didn't think she would find her mate anytime soon. To make matters worse, both mate...

Madilyn Swan

9 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Twilight
We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. My name is Madilyn Sophia Swan, and this is the story of how I died.

I'll Be The Commander

59 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
Copyright. (Teen Wolf-season 4) Taylor Pierce, is a vampire, who is about 500 years old. She saved the calavares from some nasty fierce vampires, and thats why they neve...

Innocent Souls

32 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
After being resurrected in the Harvest, a witch leaves New Orleans (per Marcel’s request), along with a free Rebekah Mikaelson to watch over her when they move to Beaco...

New Wolf (Seth Clearwater love story)

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Twilight
*NEW MOON* Abigail Black. She's not the nicest person in the world. She's Jacob's sister and apart of the pack. She was the youngest of the pack beginning he...

Hale; Origins and Legacies

7 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Origins; how the Hales came to be. How Peter and Derek's relationship developed, the loves of both of their lives filled with the drama of growing up in a household w...
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