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No Life After You *CM Punk love story*

235 pages ~ Completed · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
I didn't know what to say. I should have known. "Of course. I have power, so you decided to use me." Punk's face dropped. "Liese...where did you get that idea?" "I'm ...

Gruesome [Dean Ambrose]

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Their personalities clashed and they didn't get along, but when they have to work and spend time together, they realize that there's more than meets the eye about...

The Eyes Of A Mad-Man. (Dean Ambrose L...

119 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
A story about a new WWE diva, who falls for the one and only Dean Ambrose. But life likes to play a little game called: Screw you.

Enigmatic Hearts

36 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Jennifer Harleen Quinzel has been friends with Matt and Jeff Hardy almost their entire lives. Shes been helping them run their wrestling training business in North Caroli...

The Revolution Has Just Begun Cm Punk,...

170 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Since Vickie Guerrero has been Raw GM, the WWE ratings have been going down. They needed a new and better GM so they interviewed everyone and comes in the sweetest, outsp...

Random WWE/TNA oneshots!

76 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Just a collections of one shots my crazy brain thought up :)

WWE One Shots :)

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
WWE One Shots! Hope you enjoy :) ♥

Boomerang ~CM Punk love story~

81 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sequel to "You only know you love her when you let her go" Check it out if you want to know more, you will not regret it ;) ... hopefully :D.

Hollow Drum

75 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
I locked eyes with his as we looked at each other. My heart was beating fast; it always did when I was around him. He was sweaty as so I was too. Brock laid on the floor,...

Hardy Girl (A CM Punk Love Story

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Kayla Hardy is the youngest Hardy child. Her story lines are always perfect until she gets one she has to do with the one man she hates the most.. CM Punk. Will she fall ...

Cult of Personality

73 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Okay, recently i have become obsessed with cm punk ♥ i just ahdihaiovd had to do this.

The Broken Road Ahead

57 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
WWE and TNA mashup~ Sage's life was pretty exciting. She had the boyfriend of her dreams, CM Punk, great friends, and the best job ever, being a WWE wrestler. But the...
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One More Time: A CM Punk Love Story.

4 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Phil Brooks, known as the popular CM Punk in the WWE Universe, was on his last week of WWE before he decides to mysteriously vanish. He was the greatest of friends with a...

The life and death of Tammi Reignston.

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
This is an x men and WWE love story. Tammi Reignston is a fifteen years old mutant girl who is dying of cancer. She lives in a carehome in Britain and doesn't think t...

Brick by Boring Brick

61 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Ally Evans is the new Diva in WWE. Like everyone else, she has friends and foes, but unfortunately, one of those foes had to be CM Punk, but what happens when Ally's ...

Lunatics In Love ~Dean Ambrose~

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Alexis Rodgers, cousin of CM Punk or Phil Brooks. Also, a WWE diva. Crazy in her own world. She's a lunatic just like her friend Jonathan Good, also known as Dean Amb...

Live In Fear: A Seth Rollins Love Story

10 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Amanda Hellwig, is the daughter of the Ultimate Warrior. She is loved by all the WWE Fans, and always made the crowd go wild just like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, or even h...

Beyond Death

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Who knew that the guy who I hated his guts the most would become the person I love with all my heart?

Things I'll Never Say

2 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
I love him. I love him so much that it hurts, but all we'll ever be is friends. He never notices any of the signs. He can brighten even my darkest days with just his ...

50 Shades Of Punk.

36 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Phillip Brooks is the new chairman of WWE, what happens when he meets Alexia Grey...? What lies ahead for these two individuals...?

Imma Hardy

6 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Lucy Hardy is a 19 year old Newbie. She's the sister of the famous Hardy boyz. It's 2009 and she's had a crush on the one and only Cm Punk.

You Don't Realize

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Being Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's daughter, I was destined to be a wrestler. The day I got into the business, I fell in love with the one and only Phillip Jac...

Crooked Smile.

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
And if you need a friend to pick you up, I'll be around. And we can ride with the windows down, the music loud. I can tell you ain't laughed in a while, but I wanna see t...
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