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Better Than I Know Myself

102 pages ~ Completed · Historical · Fan Fiction
Hi, my name is Ashley Hemmimgs ... I'm a girl and my life is really weird! I was taken away from my family... Yeah you can say kidnapped but then I got put up for ado...

Daughter of a Star

Hey! I'm Kendahl. My dad is a big star, hes talented, single, gay, and all around amazing! Hes Adam Lambert. I love him! Anyways one night, at his concert, I ran into T...

Personalized Stories

41 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Just a few Stories that I'm writing for a few people! I hope you guys like them. Ask if you want one. I may or may not have time to write one, but I can try!

The Songfic of Adommy

17 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Adam? Are you alright?" Someone whispered. "Who is this who's done this to you, Babyboy? Who hurt you this badly? I've never seen you cry." Tommy slid down onto the floo...

Time For Miracles: An Adam Lambert Lov...

57 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Nathan Walker is far from normal. While most adults live life in the fast lane, he chooses to take things slow and easy. His innocent and child like personality separates...

Still Breathing

5 pages · Justin Bieber · Fantasy · Twilight
Adam Lambert straight love story. involves Mayday Parade, Blood on the Dancefloor, Black Veil Brides, Ronnie Radke, Max Green, Garret Ecstacy, Twilight (ya know edward cu...

The New Show

32 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I stepped out of the shadows, and wandered over to Adam, who smiled genuinely at me. I realized at that moment how much I liked Adam, not just as a person, but as a frien...

This Can't Be Right

When Adam Lambert gets chased down in the middle of the night and almost gets killed, he would never expect it to have so much behind it. Vampires involved. BVB also show...

Lambert Family: A New Beginning.

29 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Book One: Adam and Sauli are married and they have decided they want a family. Natalie, 11 years old, is hoping for a family. Audrey, nine years old, has been adopted and...


18 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I found some of my unfinished Adam/Tommy stories so I'm editing/completing them. In this story, the reader (first person) is in an abusive relationship that she can&#...

One Night Mistake -A Tommy love story-

17 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jane Parker had a normal life. Friends, social life, job. Normal for a 23 year old. Until one night she makes a drunken mistake that will change her life forever.

Lambert Family: A Hopeful Middle

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Book Two: It is now seven years later and everything has seemed to be normal for the Lambert's. Until a few secrets are reviled and things get twisted. {If You haven&...
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Parker Girls: Alone End.

11 pages · Fan Fiction
Book Three: The story takes off a few years after Ash was kidnapped. What happened to her? What about Luke and Delilah? All together, the ride is crazier and everything i...


4 pages · Fan Fiction
Adam Lambert is a new judge on a The Voice. One girl catches his eye and is now on his team

Parker Girls: A Life Changing Middle *...

66 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Book Two: Six years later we rejoin the girls in a difficult problem. Ashley has been living with a boyfriend who isn't as nice as he seems. Eva is still living with ...


5 pages
Adam has nine kids. How does he survive?

When Adam met Sauli- Version 2

4 pages
Adam and Sauli meet. What hilarity ensues?

You're a what, Tommy?

5 pages
Tommy Ratliff has a secret, one that Adam once knew, but now can't remember. What happens when Adam is introduced to his old life, one he had forgotten?

After the Rain

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Tommy's life seems to be perfect. Perfect girlfriend, amazing job, a great home with his best friend. But when one night and a 6-year-old little girl changes all of t...

Never Close Our Eyes *An Adam Lambert ...

25 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Everyone has seen Adam's video for Never Close Our Eyes, right? Well, what if that came true? What if something had happened, and now everything was run by a dictator? An...

Where is love?

5 pages · Realistic · Romance
Adam sinks into an identity crisis, and Kris Allen and Tommy Ratliff take it upon themselves to make sure he's safe, and finds out who he is.

Take Back ~Adam Lambert zombie apocaly...

27 pages ~ Completed · Science Fiction · Fan Fiction
For the last six years the world has been over run with Zombies. Groups all over the world have been formed to rid the world of these monsters. Famous pop star Adam Lambe...


6 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
This is a little story I wrote a little bit back. It kind of is an Adommy/Saulbert kind of story. It doesn't have any pairing in it. It is more about Adam. It does talk a...
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