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II: Good-bye Agony (MNVT? Sequel) by Śįłëñt Ñîght

Blair lost her life in a fatal car accident while in labor with her and Ashley Purdy's daughter... After the funeral, Ash is left with a huge decision... Since he has to go on tour and he can't handle a baby all on his own, he is stuck with two choices... Put the baby up for adoption or drop...

Fire & Ice by Mati Marie

One night. That was all it took. One night of Fire and Ice. In one night, Andy Biersack's life would be forever changed... The night he discovered his daughter. But, is he too late? In her eleven years alone his daughter had to live a life no child should be subjected to. Can he save her? ...

A Purdy Girl by Another Voiceless Face

34 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Black Veil Brides · Fan Fiction
Macy Stevens is a typical teenage outcast, she and her best friend Sadi are the biggest Black Veil Brides fans you'll ever meet, but what happens when Macy finds out she's not who she thinks she is.

Jinxx's Daughter: Kidnapped, Stolen or Given Away by Grimly Reaper

Lyrica Gadow comes from a home she isn't happy in. But that may change when she gets adopted by one of the guitarists of Black Veil Brides.One problem though. What will happen when it comes out why her life was so bad at home? And what is with her and the song Carolyn? One other question, will h...

Not what you expected by HoneyNicole

Ashley gets a phone call one night. The lady on the other side tells him he has a daughter. After the initial shock is over said daughter comes to live with him. But she's not what he expected. Can he learn to connect with her and will the guys accept her?

Where Are We?(Ashley Purdy LS) BVB story by Victoria Renee Van Brocklin

Mythical creatures such as vampires, demons, werewolves, and nymphs have always existed. Just in secret. There is one secret city called La Porte in Texas and these creatures that live in this little city are some of the most powerful like Belthazor and Dracula. Only thing is there is one different ...

Her Life In Ruins by Gabby

Taking a deep breath, Whisper stands on the edge of the cliff. Her foot swings back and forth still contemplating. "Don't be such a baby." She whispers while tears ran down her cheeks. Her breaths became more rapid. "There's nothing here for me anymore." She jumps awaiting her peaceful yet sud...

Never Let You Down by ıllıllı pιмpιng ѕonѕ oғ plυnder ıllıllı

Raven didn't have the best childhood, but she sure didn't hate it. Her father left when she was young, leaving her with her mother and younger sister, Emily. Her mother started being abusive to her oldest daughter around the time when her father left, when Raven was eight years old. Of cours...

The True Wild One. [Andy Biersack] by a 12-year old

Andy Biersack never knew that the land of the Wild Ones every existed, that was until the day he got sucked into his own imaginary world. Confused, Andy sees a woman getting killed, and soon realizes that everything about the Legion of the Black was true and he knows that this is where his adventure...

Will you love me, or will you use me, like the others?(Ashley Purdy L.S.) by Sinful Kiss

Gene Simmons' daughter Harmony falls for rockstar,Ashley Purdy. She's afraid that she will get used by him, like the others. She really likes/loves him, she just hopes he likes/loves her.

Love's Not A Competition by JenniferLove

Formerly known as "All For One" What will happen when Danny Worsnop, Cory La Quay, and Ashley Purdy make a bet about who will get in Kurt Cobain's Daughter's pants?

Love Isn't Always Fair [Ashley Purdy] by Emmie cx

We Always Want The Ones We Can't Have. ♥ -Black Veil Brides Love Story-

F.E.A.R Rise of the rebels by The_Childish_Child

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
F.E.A.R have taken over and Blair Six, leader of the Wild ones and son of the F.E.A.R creator, saves Lamya Black, the daughter of his Father's right hand man from her impending incineration. Will Lamya find hope in this older boy in the war paint? And how many of her new friends will die, leave or b...

Um...Daddy? by e d e n

25 pages ~ Completed · Black Veil Brides · Fan Fiction
This is a story about how and Andy Biersack finds his long lost daughter.. MY FIRST STORY SO PLEASE NO HATE!See how she gets along with the band and there crazy ways!

Honestly your mine lets ride (Ashley Purdy FanFic)

40 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Black Veil Brides · Fan Fiction
Will Marilyn Manson let his only daughter date a rockstar or will she be forced to keep it as a crush.

The morticians daughter by Vicky

67 pages ~ Completed · Black Veil Brides · Fan Fiction
-in editing- Snow Todd is a morticians daughter with a pretty messed up life. Her dad died on her 6th birthday, shes constantly getting in fights and her ex Michael is still obsessed with her. Can Andy biersack save her? What will happen when after they made love he cheats on her? What will happen ...

The Morticians Daughter. (Ashley Purdy Love Story) by Sammi_Neon_Kitty

25 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Black Veil Brides · Fan Fiction
Haley was put up for adoption at a very young age. She now lives on her own and still doesn't know who her family is. What happens when she meets Black Veil Brides and and one of the band members falls for her?

The Unwanted Daughter by PurpleDinosRMagical

Maya always acted out and partied to try and get her parents to notice her, but it has never worked. If it weren't for her best friends Sage and Hannah, she would have broken a long time ago. Maya's dreams come true one day when Sage has won a pair of Black Veil Brides concert tickets and a ...

Touring While Pregnant (A Black Veil Brides Story)

I’m a 19 year old high school girl named Michaela. My sister Sammi Doll and I live in Maryland on Kent Island. My boyfriend Andy Biersack and I have been dating for 2 and haft years, (now hes my husband). The song The Morticians Daughter was written about me. But I’m dead now, Andy and the guy r...

From A Victim to Villain (Sequel to Music can save lives) by The Living Dead Girl

Ashley (aka Angie) is back! Four years of being missing, Ashley enjoys her new life with new bandmates, music and of course, her daughter! Ashley is still trying to forget her past, but how can she when she meets her old flame? And if not thats the worst thing, she have to try to keep her secret...
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