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166 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
Ashley Swan is another Swan. She's Bella older sister. She's back from California to the Forks. To live with Charlie and Bella. But how is her reaction when she finds something unexpected for her ? (Take places during New Moon)

Momma's Girl (Jacob Black) by Bʀιαʀ Rσѕє

130 pages · Twilight · Vampires · Fan Fiction
Everyone knew Bella was pregnant. What they didn't know was that she was having twins. That is, until she gave birth. Look into the life of Renesmee's twin sister.

Starlight by мεgαη ιη ωοηdεrℓαηd

68 pages ~ Completed · Twilight · Vampires · Fan Fiction
“I love you,” Jasper said to me, and kissed me on the lips. “Everything will be okay, I know it will." “I love you too, Jasper,” I said to him. “Now go kick some vampire butt.”

Dark Skies by Captain-Spangled

151 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
Alexandra Swan, although she prefers Alex, is the younger sister of Bella Swan. She and her sister decided to move in with their dad, Charlie, to give their mom a chance to be happy with her new husband Phil. How will they adjust to simple life in Forks when they find out that vampires are real? Jac...

Long Lost Sister by KaylaJoan

44 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
Everyone knows Jasper Cullens story, and how he met the love of his life Alice. But what if there was something he never told. A secret that he kept for over 3 decades....he has a little sister. When Jasper was still human, he saw with his own eyes, his house on fire, with his family in there, inclu...

Love is Eternal (Jasper Hale Love Story) by Kat Twilight

194 pages · Twilight · Vampires · Fan Fiction
Valentine Swan is the younger sister of Bella Swan. She always loved reading stories about vampires, but she never believed they were true. What happens when she moves to the strange town of Forks and meets a whole coven of vampires, and suddenly her whole life is in danger?

My Love Is Your Love(Jacob Black)

26 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
Tessa Swan is only one year younger than Bella. She's been separated from her sister ever since Bella went to live with Charlie, their dad. But when Tessa hears about her sister getting married, she decides to go with her mom to see Bella. And possibly stay in Forks.

нαтє ιѕ тнє ƒιяѕт ѕιgη σƒ ℓσνє *Dean Ambrose Love Story* by Ananya

48 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Just a another Dean Ambrose Love Story. Emily Chanel Cena or simply Chanel Cena is John Cena's little sister. She is also in a tag team with her brother. She is enemies with The Shield. They hate each other to death. She hates Dean Ambrose the most. What if her brother has a storyline with The...

The Other Girl (Seth Clearwater Love Story)(*FINISHED*)

53 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Twilight
What if Renesmee had a sister? A sister who was ignored all her life. But her sister is not like the others. She's not a hybrid, she's more of a mutant with her unnatural fangs, crystal blue eyes, and multiple talents. Will she be the reason for tragedy or a hero?

Special (Harry Potter/Twilight)

204 pages · Twilight · Vampires · Fan Fiction
Ash Carter Swan has always been special. She was that one girl who stood out from the rest. Living in Forks, Washington with her Dad, Charlie while her mother was dead. She's met Bella, her half-sister a couple of times. She has a half brother, Jared Cameron, who was the child of her dead mother...

Renesmee's Twin (Paul Lahote Love story) by KaylaJoan

25 pages ~ Completed · Twilight · Vampires · Fan Fiction
Tresemme (Tressy) Alina Cullen is Renesmee Carlie Cullens twin sister. Alina was given away to an Orphanage because they thought she was human. No one could tell. But when (Alina) was sent to her 2nd foster home... Everything went wrong. The Cullen's just got her used to a sense of home, but whe...

Old meets New by ˣ αvєrαgє gírl ˣ

150 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Twilight
Years.....its been years since she last saw him. They once hated each other, then they fell in love and then he betrayed her. She left. She went to the one man who she could trust. They travelled together for seven years before creating a coven. She is the second founder. She became the mans daughte...

This is My Family by Ellie

77 pages · Twilight · Vampires · Fan Fiction
Elena Swan is Bella Swan's twin sister. However, they are completely different. For instance, they look different, have different personalities and not to mention that Elena carries the gene of her mother's ancestors. The whole being a Witch gene. But they share one thing for certain. They both ...

The Sister *Cullen Love Story* by D郃єяєηт ιѕ αℓωαуѕ вєттєя

49 pages · Twilight · Vampires · Fan Fiction
When Bella's sister moves into town and one of the Cullen's falls for her she's suddenly in danger! Or is she? Is she the one in danger or the dangerous one? *Set during and after Breaking Dawn*

My Reason To Live by ForgottenRealms

45 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
Mariee Swan is Bella's twin sister. She and Bella hate each other though. Bella turned their whole school against her and made Mariee not trust anybody. It doesn't help the fact that Mariee was always a daddy's girl. When Bella and Mariee move Bella wants to make up with Mariee but Marie...

Unmasked and Out In the Open by кσℓєнєαятѕ

66 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
Many are very aware of Bella Swan, but what happens if she has a family tie to La Push? What happens when students from La Push have to attend Forks schools? What happens when a certain pack member reveals something he's been hiding from Bella?

True Beauty by AnimeWolfSinger

122 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Romance
A girl. forced into hiding her face beneath her hood. everyone avoiding her because of who she is. only family know her real name. that's only 2 people left in the world. she is an outcast due to being the holder of several demons. and her 30 ft wingspan is easily hidden. she is a demon princess as ...

Ron's Twin Sister; A Harry Potter Love Story (Name Changed) Years 6-7 by Kalista Wolfgang

100 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I rip off the paper to open up the box and see a small,silver heart shaped locket. My jaw drops and I gasp. "Harry,i-it's beautiful." I breathe out. I throw my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek over and over again. He chuckles and hugs me back. "Thank you." I whisper. I ...

Two Worlds, One Love (Twilight fanfiction)

98 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
When Bella and her sister Emily move to Forks to live with their dad, what will happen? Who will they meet? Who will they fall for?... Vampires of course

Impossible Love Story ~Aro Volturi~

139 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
What if Renesmee had a Twin Sister? Rosalinda Masen Cullen. What happens when a Certain leader of the Volturi, Sees her? Is there such thing as Love at first sight, or just Power Hunger? (There is Bad Language and other mentioned things)
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