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It started with a kiss

50 pages · Romance
BxB! It was just two guys messing around at a party right? well that's what started it. Leo and Ganty are crazy in love. They have their up's and down's but they always end up ok. Then something bad happens.

8th forbidden by Octavius.C.O.Ikeington

39 pages · Fantasy · Action
“Are you ready?” The king looked towards his boy, no older than eight; to ask his son if he was ready to die was a tragedy, yet that wasn't what made the king cry. It was how he knew his own face would look to the young child. He knew that no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able t...

Hugs don't fix everything. (Trilogy to The boy who fell) by THĘ RÆŁ MÊ

11 pages · Romance
Tyler and Nick are all grown up with 3 lovely children. But when someone comes back into their lives who Tyler doesn't want there.... how will they fix everything.

Creepypasta One shots by NightmareDeath

12 pages · Fan Fiction
In the title folks requests and themes are open. Can choose; Yandere, funny, dramatic, cute, perverted, creepy, normal or just leave it up to me for the themes. I will do; BxB, GxG, readerXcreepypasta and many other things. No lemons, I do not own you, the cover picture or Creepypasta. I only own...

An Unexpected Turn by Jesse

14 pages · Romance · Realistic
Why? Why did this have to happen? But it did and now I'm stuck under the bed. The bed of some stranger.

Broken Family

2 pages
Dan and Phil. It's always been that way. right? Well, this story takes place after their YouTube career. They got married. They adopted a son, Marcus. Slowly, Dan and Phil's marriage falls, crumbs, and breaks. Will they stick together because of Marcus or will Marcus break like they're m...

Dubstep Encounter by Bloody Fangs

10 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
You were sitting in the forest meditating when he came into your life. Ash Ketchum x Male reader.

Kill Me Twice -Zombie Apocalypse Story by Becky

3 pages · Horror · Adventure
Abbie was a popular girly girl, everyone thought she'd be first to die in the apocalyptic world but so far she's doing better than most people. Aaron.. Bad boy supreme. Everyone knew Aaron would live, but he is the leader of a group who he needs to keep safe and well, and he's not exact...

The Half and Half (BxB) (SEQUEL TO: The Seventh)

3 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Soon it's time for little Blake to be born and for him to grow up. What might his passion be? Will he turn out to be gay or straight?But most importantly who is he going to fall in love with?

Pirate Cove BXB -FNAF Fanfic- by Angela Le Disastr Cat Rawr

47 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
I looked at my cameras over and over. Where are the robot things go! I looked at my watch. Five o'clock. I suddenly heard loud steps leading to my door. I quickly shut the door closed and loud bangs hit the door. I quickly got up from my chair and ran to a corner. "Leave me alone!" I cri...

It's Your Sister's Fault by Lɛт Us Kιdnαρ You

13 pages · Humor · Romance
BXB Don't like, don't read simple as that! ~~~~~ I could've been moving on with my life and NEVER had to deal with things I don't understand. But nooo this just had to happen. This-it's all your sister's fault.

What Keeps my Heart Beating (GxG) (BxB) by perғecтιon ιѕ a мyтн

25 pages · Romance · Realistic
Clearly I am bored. I have never had a relationship with a girl, so if this is crappy... I sawwy. The minute a vote was made in my poll I started making the story. Sooo... Without further a due the story. Possible 17+ content. Still thinking about it. Two girls that used to have a strong friendship ...

The secret admirer's secret ~BxB~ by poohbearBVB

32 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
Carter, a boy of 16, lives a life of sadness and longing. All he wishes for is someone who will love him despite his flaws. He is constantly picked on at school and his home life isn't much better. Carter was miserable. But it doesn't last any longer once he meets the sweet and mysterious Blake. Wha...

But You're My Brother ~BXB~ by Destinie

4 pages · Romance · Realistic
"People are always saying it's wrong to have feelings for your brother. Trust me I know it's wrong but then at the same time it feels right" (DONT READ IF YOU HATE BXB BOOKS)

Always Love Me by LinkinParkFangirl

73 pages · Romance · Realistic
(BXB) Shadow and Kavon has finally reached the college life after all the struggles they've endured. But things aren't going exactly the way they hoped it to. Though they're going to the same college, they barely get to see each other with their completely different schedules and differe...

Marks Inhabited By Love by Christmassy Byse-Chan

12 pages · Romance · Fantasy
6 countries: Plaith; Luve; Primility; Convy; Slotive; Genered. All with 2 leaders that must get along in order to lead their country the right way. Leaders that known for falling in love with one another. Leaders that DO fall for each other. Leaders that have problems. Leaders that are human. Wanna ...

His World by Angel Roca

24 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Two students with treacherous past fell in love with each other by mysterious forces. One with death and one with abuses, they both swore to never speak of it again but somehow they do. And they fell in love again, despite their pain.

Unrequited Paranoia (a Near Yandere) by Zenbell

17 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Imagine your're that typical senior highschool guy, you've rescued some boy from the streets a couple months ago, not knowing that it was Near. Then all of a sudden, his clinginess became more of an obsession with you. Maybe it's simply because he has no one else right? Only giving him...

Lay Me Down

6 pages · Romance
Parish is a 17 year old misfit. He dropped out of school, ran away from home, and runs with the wrong crowd. He don't know why he's like this.He was raised perfectly well, never got bad grades in school, he was fine. Then someone decides he needs a little bit of help.

Depressed (BxB) by Nikki Gipson

10 pages · Short Stories · Realistic
Simon's parents and siblings tragically die in a car crash. No one would ever know, how badly it would affect him, his boyfriend Martin and his grandparents.
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