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8 pages · Romance
This is the story of me. MELODY! If you are gonna judge don't bother reading.

Love or Revenge

12 pages · Romance · Action
My mother wiped away a stray tear rolling down my small plump cheek with her thumb."Mommy please don't die, daddy and sis has already been killed by that bad man....

Your Emo daddy

9 pages · Romance
It's not different stories it's one complete story

Your emo daddy/baby

2 pages
Uh idk i was once more bored but uh yea gurls only

Emotions . Get Some . ( Sasori Love St...

3 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Romance · Naruto
Sasori Love Story .

Nothing but Love. (A love story)

I fail at this. Just read please :),

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