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Just A Kiss *COMPLETE*- Rewriting -

104 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
Warning: BxB "Hey baby!" I just felt arms snaking through my waist as I was so busy. Looking back as to who it was, I just realized it was him. "Hey." fo...


178 pages ~ Completed · Romance
|1st BOOK OF THE SERIES| "Well, what if you did something really crazy?" I rolled my eyes. "Crazy how? Crazy like putting horse radish in the school lunch?...

Desire For His Hate (bxb)

79 pages ~ Completed · Romance
August is innocent, sweet, and loving. Until a boy comes around changing his thoughts, manipulating his mind and stealing his innocence. August knows the boy is doing wro...

Darkness Consumes All (BxB)

43 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories
Andy is strong, muscular, popular and sought after by every girl. Riyan is scrawny, short, emo and hated. Even his parents abuse him; he wants it all to end. But it won't...

In the heart of the forest (BxB)

57 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
(BoyxBoy) Alexander is just a weirdo. He doesn't talk much, and he loves being in the woods, away from everything harmful. No one speaks to him, no one knows what's insid...

Fandom One-Shots

106 pages · Short Stories · Horror
As long as we know them, we'll write them. *REQUESTS ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*

You Will Never Understand (BxB)

29 pages · Romance · Realistic
"You just don't understand..." I told him, pushing his chest, trying to get away, but he held firm. He looked into my eyes, smirking slightly. "Then make me understand."

September tears (BXB) *Finished*

46 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
Alex is gay and has a crush on school player and badass Jared. Alex's nightmare becomes a dream when Jared saves him from Skylar school jock and bully of Alex. Will Alex ...

The Lion and the Lamb (bxb)

32 pages · Realistic · Romance
Have you ever stared at someone so long that you forget you're staring? I have. It's just that my big brother's best friend, Hunter King, is so perfect, that ...

My Marcel

59 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Y-You're playing me?" I looked away, pain stung my heart emotionally, and tears stung my eyes physically. "Not exactly, no." He tried to grab my waist, but I turned awa...

Different Worlds (BxB)

33 pages
Zane is a 16 year old boy who has been an orphan his whole life. No mom, no dad, all alone. Picked on by the other kids, he is labeled as the one weird emo kid. Connor is...

Can't Get Him Out Of My Head

35 pages · Humor · Romance
(WARNING! This is a BxB story, which means gay love story! Dont like dont read! Thank you that is all (oh wait this is also my first story so please tell me of its good o...
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Guardian Angel. (boyxboy)

7 pages · Realistic · Romance
Nothing sucks like loving someone with all your heart and knowing that you can't do anything but watch him. Will Mason be able to finally go after the boy of his drea...

Lithium (BxB)

6 pages · Realistic · Romance
He slammed his fist on the locker next to my head and I flinched. "I don't think you'd want to get involved with me," he moved his hand from the locker an...

We're Just A Joke. (BxB)

I tangled my hands in my hair and scrunched my eyes closed. I heard the car pull away. A couple questions came to mind. Did I actually love her? Do I even love girls? Who...

And This Is Us

6 pages · Realistic · Romance
Avery Bristol is just a guy who's trying to live his life as best as he can considering the fact that his mother past away. Brooks Foster is just a guy who's tryi...

Medicated *GxG love story*

2 pages · Romance
This is going to focus on more than two lesbians, it will get traumatic and very emotional at most points. I will release a BxB story and a GxB one too. Have fun reading ...

The Guy I Fell For.

9 pages
Drew, a gay, depressed, lovable, 16 year old who tries so hard to keep his biggest secret from coming out. What happens when he tells the wrong person. Tanner, the school...


18 pages · Adventure · Romance
BxB Skye Blu is a tomboy. She's masculine and has a skater overview. Skye has a friend. Dade. Dade just had to say something, didn't he? He had to bring up trans...

Of Unsound Minds

27 pages · Mystery · Romance
If one thing was certain, it was that Ira Lethbridge was the sort of person who not even the most intrepid person wanted to approach. A monster. Deranged with an unspeaka...

Love to kill (BXB)

3 pages · Horror · Romance
Jake had a bad break-up and wants to kill his ex. Maxwell killed people. When the to meet they make a deal, Max kills the girl and Jake is his slave for the rest of the y...

Anxiety and Adoration........... (Boyx...

13 pages · Romance
Jace has everything. He's popular and owns the school with his good looks and ability to play football. But that suddenly ends. It's all changing........ Aiden ha...

Forgotten Heart BxB

13 pages · Realistic · Romance
Ever since I was little I knew I was different. I never played games I would always study, or just read. I got bullied because of this. But I feel like I'm missing so...

Death Awaits [Ashley Purdy Love Story]

Being Jake's little sister is hard enough, it gets harder when you notice your falling for his close friend Ashley.. They had left five years back. Parentals are very...
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