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Just A Kiss *COMPLETE*

104 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Warning: BxB "Hey baby!" I just felt arms snaking through my waist as I was so busy. Looking back as to who it was, I just realized it was him. "Hey." fo...

With The Dark

146 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Thriller · Vampires
Riddle, a nerdy pretty boy who has nothing in his room but text books, shiner for his glasses, and nothing in his closet but high-top Converse, bow ties, and comic book t...

Desire For His Hate (bxb)

79 pages ~ Completed · Romance
August is innocent, sweet, and loving. Until a boy comes around changing his thoughts, manipulating his mind and stealing his innocence. August knows the boy is doing wro...

Fandom One-Shots

106 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
As long as we know them, we'll write them. *REQUESTS ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*

Darkness Consumes All (BxB)

43 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories
Andy is strong, muscular, popular and sought after by every girl. Riyan is scrawny, short, emo and hated. Even his parents abuse him; he wants it all to end. But it won't...

The Lion and the Lamb (bxb)

6 pages · Romance · Realistic
Have you ever stared at someone so long that you forget you're staring? I have. It's just that my big brother's best friend, Hunter King is so perfect, that I...

You Will Never Understand (BxB)

29 pages · Romance · Realistic
"You just don't understand..." I told him, pushing his chest, trying to get away, but he held firm. He looked into my eyes, smirking slightly. "Then make me understand."

September tears (BXB) *Finished*

46 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Realistic
Alex is gay and has a crush on school player and badass Jared. Alex's nightmare becomes a dream when Jared saves him from Skylar school jock and bully of Alex. Will Alex ...

In the heart of the forest (BxB)

38 pages · Romance · Realistic
(BoyxBoy) Alexander is just a weirdo. He doesn't talk much, and he loves being in the woods, away from everything harmful. No one speaks to him, no one knows what's insid...

My Marcel

56 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Y-You're playing me?" I looked away, pain stung my heart emotionally, and tears stung my eyes physically. "Not exactly, no." He tried to grab my waist, but I turned awa...

Can't Get Him Out Of My Head

35 pages · Humor · Romance
(WARNING! This is a BxB story, which means gay love story! Dont like dont read! Thank you that is all (oh wait this is also my first story so please tell me of its good o...

American-Emo and Brit-Geek: Stereotypes

42 pages · Romance
*A GAY LOVE STORY BxB* Noah is assigned to show the new kid, Max, around the school. Max is from England, but is also a mute... They both have to overcome stereotypes a...
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Of Unsound Minds

11 pages · Romance · Mystery
If one thing was certain, it was that Ira Lethbridge was the sort of person who not even the most intrepid person wanted to approach. A monster. Deranged with an unspeaka...

Forgotten Heart (BXB)

9 pages · Romance · Realistic
Ever since I was little I knew I was different. I never played games I would always study, or just read. I got bullied because of this. But I feel like I'm missing so...

Opposites Attract

30 pages · Humor · Vampires · Fantasy
(BXB & GXG) Jace is a vampire. Monica is a human. How will they stand each other without killing one another?/ Kayden is a demon. Randy is a demon hunter. Will they f...

Stitching Up The Seam (BoyxBoy)

16 pages · Romance
Kyle Reed's parents died in the summer of 2012, and for now his abusive older brother is his guardian. Kyle is 17, smart, kind sensitive, and is able to express his f...

What are these feelings? [BxB, no hate]

2 pages · Romance
Vince and Red have been friends since they were 5, but what happens when Red realizes he's in love with Vince? What will everyone think of him if he comes out of the ...

Collection of [Emo] Oneshots

11 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Just trying to improve my writing, and I think this is a good way to do start. These are supposed to be romance, and personally I don't limit romance to one gender da...

Useless Apathy

3 pages · Romance
[BOY x BOY] Carter is apathetic; he never shows emotion, and he hardly feels it. Because of this, none of his relationships work out, though it doesn't bother him. A...

White Petals BxB

8 pages
Shroud Dismay and Sam Peacedome complete strangers but end up bumping into each other. What will happen? I don't know, read it! (DONT READ IF YOU ARE AGAINST GAY RIG...

Art Project BxB

117 pages · Romance · Realistic
Luke Rosanwald adored art. It was his passion and soul. Painting was his escape and drawing was his entire life. Never once did he expect to run into the very Roman "...

Baby, Heaven's In Your Eyes

17 pages · Realistic · Fan Fiction
Keiler has never been overly fond of his life. Maybe when someone new moves into the neighborhood things will begin looking better...

Ending Is The Beginning

67 pages · Romance · Adventure
~Sequel to Midnight Hallucinations~ After Garrett had thought Jake really did cheat on him, everything goes downhill from there. Jake attempts suicide when hearing about ...

My Fatal Flaw

39 pages · Romance
BXB Jack is struggling. And he is done with stupid relationships, he's afraid, he's tired, and he's just overall done. No matter how cute the boy may be, he ...
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