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She's A Broken Doll. -Seth Clearwa...

88 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Twilight
She was walking through La Push High School, holding her books tightly to her chest ignoring every insult thrown at her. The petite female went to take another step, when...

Short Stories

75 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
Boyfriend Short Stories

The Gay Ghost

33 pages · Vampires · Science Fiction · Fantasy
I walked up the stairs, watching the mother paint the walls a sickening pink for a while before deciding to visit Mr. Metal Bits. I calmly walked though his door. And ...

Aaron Pierce

25 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
A vampire love story (:

Innocent Love

71 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
She didn't understand. She didn't understand it was wrong. Her love was purely innocent even if it was towards such a dark creature. Alexis was a human ...

A Vampire's Love *Liam Payne*

90 pages · One Direction · Vampires · Fantasy
" Ivy, Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me and I'll let you go. I won't bother you ever again" He placed his hand My cheek twitched at the sudden contact. H...

Wolf Rebel

18 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
"Mate," he deeply growled with different kind of emotions running in his eyes as he stepped forward. No! I thought and took a step back that made him growl. ...

Esme's Forgotten Daughter Copyright 20...

48 pages ~ Completed · Twilight · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
It's about a girl named Raven Marie Evenson. Esme Anne Platt had Raven at 17 and couldn't keep her so she got sent to an adoption center. One night at the age of 17 Raven...

Mine [Werewolf]

62 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
His beautiful purple eyes that I've grown to love darkened until they were almost pitch black and felt mine widen in surprise from the sight in front of me. The anger...

Strange love (BoyXBoy)

64 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Horror · Fantasy
When Hester finally finds out what it is that has been stalking him, he realizes that it might not have been such a bad thing after all. (Hester is not my character. my f...

He is My Haven, I am His Haven

25 pages · Mystery
The strangest boy I have ever met, but somehow I feel so attached to him. Why? When I am with him I am so happy and relieved he is my haven.