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She's A Broken Doll. -Seth Clearwa...

88 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
She was walking through La Push High School, holding her books tightly to her chest ignoring every insult thrown at her. The petite female went to take another step, when...

With The Dark

152 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
Riddle, a nerdy pretty boy who has nothing in his room but text books, shiner for his glasses, and nothing in his closet but high-top Converse, bow ties, and comic book t...

The Possessed

55 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
Love is the greatest weakness. Vampires aren't supposed to be hindered by such emotions, especially not Klaus Mikaelson. It was...well to say the least, surprising, w...

The Gay Ghost

33 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
I walked up the stairs, watching the mother paint the walls a sickening pink for a while before deciding to visit Mr. Metal Bits. I calmly walked though his door. And ...

Short Stories

66 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
Boyfriend Short Stories

Aaron Pierce

25 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
A vampire love story (:

A Vampire's Love *Liam Payne*

90 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · One Direction
" Ivy, Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me and I'll let you go. I won't bother you ever again" He placed his hand My cheek twitched at the sudden contact. H...

Immortality or Love

55 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
“Let anything happen to me? You mean being killed by you” I shouted back, trying to keep the tears in to not show him any fear or emotion. “Yes, I’m sorry but ...

Esme's Forgotten Daughter Copyright 20...

48 pages ~ Completed · Twilight · Romance · Fan Fiction
It's about a girl named Raven Marie Evenson. Esme Anne Platt had Raven at 17 and couldn't keep her so she got sent to an adoption center. One night at the age of 17 Raven...

Mine [Werewolf]

62 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
His beautiful purple eyes that I've grown to love darkened until they were almost pitch black and felt mine widen in surprise from the sight in front of me. The anger...

The Unloved Cullen

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
Well I use to be a cullen but they left me in the forest for dead and Emily brought me in I am Rennesme's sister but I am mostly human you could say I age much faster...
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Glass Hearts.

9 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
"I refuse to have some disgusting bloodsucker for a mate, I refuse to let you steal my alpha position from me" He growled angrily. A werewolf, of course... "B...

A Four-letter Word - Enzo Love Story

21 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Mystery
What if Enzo escaped from the Augustine Society a few years after Damon did? And what if Adeline Clark, a seventeen year old girl, met him a couple of decades later, when...

Wild, Wild Love ~Klaus Mikaelson~

21 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fan Fiction
Courtney Gilbert is the older sister of Jeremy and Elena Gilbert. She returns to be the legal guardian over her brother and sister. While she's there she will get sid...

I Can Wait

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
Kol Mikaelson has found himself emotionally attached to a little girl named Daria Bastian who happens to cone from a strong witch bloodline, unfortunately for him he does...

Hollow (Seth Clearwater fan fiction)

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Twilight
Riley Black. She's the youngest of the black children. When she was 12 she ran away from home. She ran through the woods to Canada where her best friend moved. 3 year...

Just Dandy

26 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
Post A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch me. Join our band of vampire hunters as they face the many trials of evil, British vampires, Pete's bloodlust,...

Burning Love -A Jacob Black Love Story-

17 pages · Vampires · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Miranda Allison Cullen, haunted by her past, is unable to escape her emotions. What happens when one wolf seems to lift all the pain off her shoulders? What does she do?

Your Forever Is All That I need

If you like band members, vampires, werewolves, and "super powers" you should check this out ;D I started writing this story last year with my friend, but took it...

Opposites Attract

30 pages · Fantasy · Humor · Vampires
(BXB & GXG) Jace is a vampire. Monica is a human. How will they stand each other without killing one another?/ Kayden is a demon. Randy is a demon hunter. Will they f...

Monster -Teen Wolf-

18 pages · Vampires · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Will include stuff and the originals from Vampire Diaries and The Originals and Aiden, Allison, Boyd and Erica are all still living. This is a few months after season 3. ...

Blood Lust

42 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
My lust for him grows and grows each day. I tell our story to keep him alive in my heart because right now it feels like he never existed. It all started when i was a sla...
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