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Married Life [MU X Various] by Tiffany

51 pages · Short Stories · Romance
The multiple married lives of Robin, the famous tactician of the Shepherds. Both female and male Robin's used.

It's Your Move. (Virion x Reader) by XGinkoLiefx

4 pages · Short Stories
Another Fire Emblem Awakening One Shot.

Branded a Fire Emblem Awakening FanFiction by княσмєєχχ ÄŅĐ ςђคภ ςђคภ

17 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Lon'qu is curious as to what Gaius is hiding ever since he saw him be forced into a swim suit at the beach. (Summer Scramble) Determined to find out, Lon'qu follows Gaius around camp while he's doing the night patrol. (This is one of my versions of Gaius' past. Someone requested it t...

A Swordmaster's Quarrel by Troy Anthony Story

11 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
(Fire Emblem Awakening Fan Fiction) Lon'qu is involved in a rather big quarrel, problem is it's with himself. Ever had to try and tell the person you love you want the next level? Wanted to show them how much you love them by just sliding a wedding ring on their finger? Well picture that and...

The Emblem Tales (Fire Emblem)

3 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
A young boy, forgets all he knows, and finds himself in the land of Ylisse. He accidentally falls into a war by fighting alongside of royals. Special guests: Dragon Born, Lelouch, Mao, Suzaku, C.2., Kallan, Rolo, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf

The Secrets Within by Cho

18 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Action
Maria Himura is just a simple singer... with many secrets that she chooses to hide. One is the fact she is leading a triple life, a singer, a hero, and an anti-hero spy. The other is that no one fully knows her true life's story. Final thing... Nathan is the only person she is able to trust abou...

Fire Emblem Girls x Fem!Reader by Icewind

32 pages · Romance · Action
What happens when the girls of Fire Emblem get tired of the men? How will you, our amazing reader get involved?

Alliance by Cʜᴀɴɢᴏ

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
[Fire Emblem] [Lon'qu x Reader] Many people wondered about his mysterious fear of woman. Most wondered why or what caused it. Other people wondered why he kept so distant from most. His actions were straight and followed. He was given orders and he was meant to follow them. That's basically ...

Serendipity by Cʜᴀɴɢᴏ

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
[Fire Emblem] [Modern!Ike x Reader] Popular, cool, and just attractive. All the things you weren't. Everyone loved the guy. Guys thought he was a role model and girls squealed over his looks and muscular chest. Who wouldn't? Although, despite his tough and nice personality, he decided to cho...

Anime and Game Oneshots by Pandangao

16 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Ideas that pop up to me when I'm playing games or watching anime. I'll probably use both reader inserts and original characters. It's a collection of a lot of random things that come and go in my head.

All He Needs by Saiko and Ichiro Kurosu

13 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Naruto
Sometimes a man doesn't know what he needs until it damn near walks right out of his life. Sometimes, if he's lucky enough, it might just come back. - This is dedicated to my lovely readers. I'm sorry I couldn't find any inspiration to update my other stories. But this series ...

FireEmblem.Com by Saiko and Ichiro Kurosu

3 pages · Naruto · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Admin: Fire Emblem has two new members! Their names are Trials And Tribulations. --- Modern!AU!Fire Emblem. Reader-Insert. The original idea that inspired this story is called "Diary of a Rotten Girl" by Rogueberry. It's a Naruto one. It's really good! Please show your support. U...

Flesh and Blood by Emily Lyn

6 pages
Carnivore. Animal. Man-eater. Cannibal. A young victim, brought before a royal court for crimes unspeakable. Only one guard dares to utter a single word of conviction- cannibalism.

One Shots~! [Requests Open!]

21 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
I write readers, shippings, and such~! If you wanna request, please write in the comments. I will not take every single request, but I will take majority~! Also, your requests must be fandoms I know pretty well, so the story will be good~!

Fire Emblem Awakening: The Diary of a Tactician by DragonTamer411

24 pages · Fan Fiction
Every great historic wrote about the Shepherds and their adventures, even after all the great warriors faded away with time. One of the most interesting figures for these writings was the beloved tactician. Many stories evolved around this person but none could ever be confirmed. This was until the ...

A New Beginning by Pandangao

27 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
Arise was known as the Hero of Shadows by many of her friends and companions that took part in the War of Heroes. She was Prince Marth's right hand woman. A master of the sword. But after the war she was no longer needed, she was a hindrance.Going back on her word of serving under Marth's si...

An Unknown Galaxy

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The start of an unusual high school begins,'Smash Bros High' Abnormal characters come to this school to learn how to fight and love. These characters have yet to see what becomes of their school year. ~A Super Smash Bros fan fiction~

A Childhood's Memory by ArminReadYourBooksArlert

2 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Based off the Fire Emblem Anime; Prince Marth thinks back to when he was younger, and disappointed his father. As he remembers the past he realizes an important life-lesson that will make him a wise ruler.
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