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Torn (One Direction Love Story)

191 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
She was beautiful, smart, charming, funny: incredible. I wanted her. But she was Niall's.- Harry Styles

The Nerd Project

195 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Romance
"You're a guy, you know what you like. Make her into that girl. And stick with her." Leo explained tossing a chip into his mouth. "We'll call it The Nerd Project." "Why ...

Baby You're So Classic.*FINISHED*

128 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Fantasy
He brang himself closer to me and his face was at the side of mine. He had his nose by the edge of my ear. "Baby, your so classic." He said whispering with his...

One Direction Imagines ~Part1~

12 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Part 1- "It happened at home." How it works: -Each "chapter" will be a new imagine. -There will be 5 chapters in each part (because there are 5 boys) -In the ...

The Bad Boy Has His Reasons

124 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Romance
"Kaelyn, do you know how many guys want you?" I asked her. She shook her head, I could see a hint of confusion in her eyes. "What are you talking about? No guys 'want...

Chasing and Falling (punk a.i.)

58 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
You know how there's always those stories when the "good girl" in school falls for the "bad boy"? Well yeah, my story is something like this- except.....

The Roommate

89 pages · Humor · Romance
"B-But you're a boy..." I stammered. "Been this way since birth." He joked as he looked around my place, inviting himself in the door, "Nice place you've got." "You can...

Slenderman's Little Red Riding Hood.

45 pages · Mystery · Thriller
[Ticci Toby x reader] [Y/N] was a bright girl. She loved everyone, she made everyone smile. She wasn't the type of little girl to misbehave. This child was only 5 y...

You got that bad boy?

246 pages · Humor · Romance
Adrianna Marks, the new girl who doesn't know anything about anyone in town, she wouldn't be the deffintion of a good girl, but also not a bad girl. Carson Matthews, him ...

New Girl -Finished-

273 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Romance
The new girl, Melissa, has soon grabbed everyone's attention. Every girl envies her, and every boy wants her. She's taken, but Jayden doesn't take no for ...

Living With Boys

91 pages · Romance · Humor
"I know you're falling for me, Taytum. Just admit it." Jace whispered in my ear sending shivers of disgust down my spine. "You probably wish I was."...

I Thought I Hated Him

65 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Romance · Realistic
When Skylar moves to her new school, she thinks she'll be left alone and not bothered just like her old school. But what will happen when 3 boys keep showing up in her li...
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The Neighbour Situation [O2L]

14 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I decided to take matters in my own hands. I put on some slippers and a jacket and walked over to the other apartment. I knocked on the door loudly, before it swung open....

Left alone (slenderman love story)

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I'm a girl left alone in a cabin because of my parents. They gave me everything I need to live in the cabin. But along the way of adjusting to my new life I meet some...

Truth Of Love(Eyeless Jack Love Story)

185 pages · Horror · Romance
Ashlie is a thirteen year old girl who gets bullied in school but she tends to ignore it but that soon changes and the person that lurks in her woods is someone she will ...

AOT High

14 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Kira Vigil is a high school girl. Kira lives in an apartment with her drunk dad and older brother Zeke. She ends up going to a new school, which is the one her brother is...

That One Mute Boy (BxB)

5 pages · Romance · Realistic
He was different. He was amazing. He was perfect, cute, funny, happy... He was mute.

If Lies Could Bring Us Closer OC X Pew...

2 pages
Y/n L/n has been obsessed with Youtube at a young age. At the age of fifteen she became her a Youtuber herself. What happens when she meets the funny,blonde Swedish man,a...

To Wish Internal Escape

46 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
"I wish to escape this world for internally" to wish something that will never come true, I was wrong, because it did came true.

A Beautiful Start- A Homestuck FanFict...

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Can I be any happier? Most likely not. For my matesprite is the silliest retard I have ever known... and same goes for my best friend who came across this weird place. Re...

His Babysitter

9 pages · Realistic · Romance
Alexis is an average 18 year old with a normal life. She looks for a job during her summer vacation and is appointed as a baby sitter of another 18 year old. So, read thi...

A New World

7 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
Sammy matthews was a normal teenage girl. That was until she was brought into a new wold she never new existed. She met her mate, the alpha. But not long after that a vam...

Sealed With A Kiss

31 pages · Humor · Romance
Mickey Castillo worked up the courage to give her crush a love letter but when he shoots her down coldly, she vows to stop her silly crush. However fate always has a hand...

Death's Daughter

16 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
Violet was always on her own, always alone and separated from everyone else. Her mother had died while giving birth, and she had never known her father. Living with her g...
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