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I Love You [Anime One-Shots]

30 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
[ Various! Anime! Male X Reader] : From animes A to Z many lovable, hot anime boys for your little fantasies. To Naruto throughout for Bleach down to One Piece and much, ...

All I want ( Sasuke X reader: Modern! )

23 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
( NOT A TOTALLY DEPRESSING STORY! MORE ROMANCE THAN SADNESS! ) You're the loser that sits alone in the corner. You're that nobody, that all the popular kids bull...

You may wear a crown, but you sure are...

31 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Naruto
(A/U). The cold and heartless king of your desert village suddenly decides it's time for him to take a woman to be his wife. What will happen when you turn out to be the ...

Naruto (Reader X Various)

161 pages · Naruto · Fan Fiction · Romance
[Reader-Insert] The actual Naruto story only one difference... your in it! Not only that but you catch a few hearts ^^

υcнιнa'ѕ approval (ĸonoнa нιgн)

13 pages · Naruto · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Hey Sasuke, who's that?" Naruto asked, his eyes lingered on the beautiful creature ahead of him. However, Sasuke didn't like the look his best friend gav...

Naruto One Shots

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Anime/Manga
Reader x Various... One shots & drabbles May contain SPOILERS so just warning. (: *DISCLAIMER* I DO NOT OWN NARUTO/CHARACTERS NOR READER-CHAN :D Anyways... ENJOI!


19 pages ~ Completed · Naruto · Fan Fiction · Romance
Gaara ✗ Reader: A pride-less Konoha Shinobi appeared in Suna, stealing anything she desired. Even the Kazekage's first kiss. Gaara needed to ca...

ǀηтяιcαcу (Reader x Gaara)

21 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
"I feel you can help me tame the monster inside of me." - Gaara

Love is just (( Gaara Story ))

4 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
"That doesn't suit you," Gaara murmured softly, "Why don't you smile?" [[Gaara-x-Reader; drabble]]

Beggin' On Your Knees (Modern Love...

5 pages · Romance · Anime/Manga · Naruto
Sasuke's ex, (Y/N) (L/N), is back at Konoha High and she's come back swinging! And famous. She's eager to make Sasuke Uchiha's life, a living Hell. (Vario...

Happy Birthday To You! [ɴαrυтo oɴe ѕнo...

13 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
[Naruto][Reader x Various] It's your boyfriend's birthday~! How do you celebrate it?

Kazekage's Wife

20 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Naruto
My life as the Kazekage's wife is nothing special, I'm still human. Being the Kazekage's wife means you're much more important to your love. You're mo...
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The Two Geniuses

18 pages · Naruto · Fan Fiction · Romance
I can't think of a description at the moment, I'll get one as the story progresses though~ Shikamaru X OC

Naruto characters x reader. Protect wi...

14 pages · Romance · Action · Anime/Manga
Okay so this is my first story, I hope you will enjoy it ^^

Monster (Gaara X reader)

55 pages · Naruto · Fan Fiction · Action
Running throughout the forest the young kazekage is on a mission to find a mysterious creature that has been killing off his shinobi in the most gruesome ways. The kazeka...

Sand rose (Gaara Love story)

43 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
[Gaara X Reader] Dark nights, blood, high winds. All dreams, to which you cannot escape. It is a [X reader] story. Let yourself be guided by the story and enjoy. [This i...

Melt A Cold Heart [Gaara x Reader]

11 pages · Romance · Anime/Manga · Naruto
[Modern Gaara x Reader] Everyone is afraid him. He is cold to everyone....even to his brother and sister. You however are not afraid of him. And you feel that someone nev...

Please Don't Leave Me (Reader X Va...

40 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Adventure
Even though in most Naruto stories, Sasuke is the one everyone wants but in this case he stands as you big brother and has looked over you since Itatchi killed the Uchiha...

Give Into Me (Gaara x Reader)

5 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
(Y/N) isn't the normal girl she seems to be.She been through things that a normal girls shouldn't.She keeps her walls up high so nobody can reach out and hurt her...

Fantasy to Reality

3 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fantasy
(Gaara x Book Nerd! Reader) Surrounding myself with stocks of book everyday is kind of my thing. I have this feeling whenever I read something, I imagine like it's r...

Changed, Change, and Changing [Gaara x...

5 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Fan Fiction
You lived through as Gaara's friend for so long, so what happens..when you're not there again? Will you be able to keep your promise you made when you two were ki...

Lifes Little Complications

.:*Before you see the light, you have to deal with the darkness*:. [Naruto one-shots] X Challenge X [Reader-insert]

Rely On Me

88 pages · Anime/Manga · Naruto · Adventure
[Gaara & Sister!Reader] You held a great amount of love for your younger brother, Gaara. It was your duty as a sister to protect him and love him, to show him what it...

consciousness [Sasuke Uchiha]

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Anime/Manga
【Split Personality! Sasuke ✗ Reader】: Sasuke Uchiha. He gets good grades, he doesn't skip school, he doe...
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