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23 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Various!Homestuck X Reader: Don’t go around looking for love, have love find you. That’s why it’s called ‘falling in...

Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios (Trolls)

28 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I've seen a few of these around and decided to make one. Contains: Tavros, Sollux, Karkat, Equius, Gamzee, Eridan Requests are welcome.

Ɨf Ɗreams ℂame Ʈo ʆife (Karkat x Reader)

103 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
A second-person (you based) story about you having dreams about these odd troll-creatures, when suddenly, they appear out of nowhere, starting with your least favorite tr...

Homestuck One Shots ~Requests are Not ...

Just some one shots that me and some of my friends write. WARNING- may contain harsh language, sadstuck, and fluff. Edit~ I'm going to allow Reader Inserts too! Also if...

Slave To Love

8 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
You are a former servant to Gamzee Makara but he sells you off to Sollux Captor. But what happens when you both develop feelings for each other? WARNING: This may get vio...

Anime oneshots

26 pages · Naruto · Romance · Fan Fiction
So im taking requests and ive been kinda busy and i am some times down or i procrastinate so im sorry if i dont update asap but ill try. Ild prefer requests from the foll...

Homestuck Reader Inserts~REQUESTS OPEN

8 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I'll do any character upon request so don't be shy~ Homestuck and all it's lovely characters belong to our god Hussie, so do you.

8 Ways To

15 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Homestuck x reader inserts. Nuff said. (Females only. Sprry guys.)

Anything For You ~Eridan X Reader

5 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
When Karkat cheats on you, You acquire comfort and protection from the most unlikely troll to ever give it. While Eridan helps, he has a little think about how he acts ~ ...

Sober!Gamzee x Reader (Lemon)

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
L-Emony, furr all thos-E Gamz-E-E fans out th-Er-E!

ѕecreт [ѕoвer!gaмzee х reader]

3 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Your matesprit's been gone for weeks. Nobody's seen him, not even Karkat. But what happens when you find your missing lover? It's 3 in the morning and I'm in a murdero...
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Murderer's Mutual Killing

22 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Poetry
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm here to ask you a few little questions. Are you a fan of Future Diary, Creepypasta, Dangan Ronpa, Homestuck, Soul Eater, Five N...

A Drug Called Love

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Gamzee X Reader Read the story to find out

Dead Dreams

5 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
You know, when we dream and we wake up right before we die? What if we really die, but in another universe? Rose Parkington is your average freak, except she has friends...

It Always Ends.

4 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
((One Shot!))

Gamzee X Karkat

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I thought that this really needed to be done. Homestuck as already taken over my life. So why not? INCLUDES FOUL LANGUAGE

HoNk HoNk ~Sober! Gamzee x Reader~:SAD...

2 pages
//Imagine one day your bestest friend, and also your FLushed crush, up and goes on a murderous rampage..and your in the middle...\\

Love Tantrums (Book 3)

31 pages · Romance · Thriller
The new series of Love Troubles, Love Tantrums. In this book, you will experience Damien, Hazel, Sythe, Tyler, The Doctor, Gamzee, Sollux, A Mysterious Man, Masky, Neimad...

Stitched Hearts And Clown Makeup: Kurl...

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I was a loner had few friends. Never would I see the day my family dies and my life ends. Lovers breaking, Clowns chasing... The debts of my despair. Spare life for all I...

The Cute Little Things

5 pages
(Homestuck x Reader one shots) I can take requests I guess

An Oddball

7 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
She was and oddball, who had a gift with marine animals, that was new to the Aquarium. She softened the heart of the meanest marine animal in the whole Aquarium. Because ...

The Dark Carnival in the light village...

9 pages · Fan Fiction
Your name is Y/N Egbert, little sister of John Egbert. You lived with your best friend Sollux and Vriska, though a human you lived on Earth in tell you reached 6 sweeps o...

The SBURB Organization of the Gifted

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
((AU where SBURB is an organization)) It was a seemingly normal day when John Egbert was approached by a tanned man named Andrew Hussie to be recruited in "The SBURB ...
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