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Accidentally in Love by Tнє Dαу Dяєαмєя

132 pages · Romance · Realistic
I turned around and laid my back on the locker, glaring up at Jamie. "You're so annoying! Ever since I've met you, you've gone out of your way to bug me. Why do you always bother me? What have I done to you to make you bug me all the time?" "You know you love the attentio...

Oh My Goodness, Your Eyes Are Gorgeous -Nash Grier- by TrucNguyen

101 pages ~ Completed
Stacey Dallas, sister of Vine Star Cameron Dallas, she is also a Vine Star herself. She is very clumsy, she's crazy, she speaks the things that she says in her head, literally not giving a care in the world. She and Cameron finds themselves in Magcon, and all the other boys likes her personality...

Crazy About You (Robbie Kay Love Story) by MusicLover143

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Robbie,you're drunk" I said giving him a light push, but he caught my wrists and pinned them down making it impossible for me to move. I looked up at him, seeing him shake his head. "I'm crazy about you" He said making my eyes grow wide.

Confusion |Winter Soldier Love Story| by SoullessLiyah is married to Stiles

27 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"I'm a monster," he said coldly. I shook my head, grabbing his hand and giving him a small smile. "No you're not." "Yes I am!" He yelled as he shot up from the bed, "I've killed people. Good people," his mouth dropped into a frown and he sunk down to the b...

A Mew-Mew Power Love Story by MattMillersGrl

22 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
When Zoey's sister Amy decovers that Zoey is a mew-mew and the world is under attack by three aliens called Cyniclon warriors she is forced to get a job at the cafe mew-mew. she develops a crush on Dren when Zoey points out a picture of him Amy falls heads over heels for him, but Dren loves Zoey and...

My Best Friend's Band by TayRawr

40 pages · Romance · Adventure
"Do you wanna sing something?" He asked. I looked at him and laughed. "No, I'm good.. thanks." He paused and looked at me. "Please? It would mean the world to me. And I hear you sing all the time at school and stuff." He stated. Does he actually hear me sing? I shook t...

I Dont Dance, I Head Bang by Forever Alone

Carter Torres. An anti social teenager just trying to fit in with the world, but many things are getting in the way to let that happen. Carter struggles with Self Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, Bullying, Eating Disorders, Anixety, and Trust Issues. On Carter's 18th birthday her mom decides to treat her wi...

Life's No FairyTale -Zayn Malik Love Story-

15 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
"I knew you were too good to be true!" I began with tears streaming down my face. "Rikki-" Zayn started giving me pleading eyes. I shook my head, "Your Zayn Malik. I'm.. Me. I should have known you were too good for me Zayn! Nothing turns out good in my world! My lifes no fairytale. I don't get happ...

Our New Life (Magcon Love Story with O2L) by Dαℓℓαѕ Cнαямѕ 卌

24 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"You're getting married!" I shouted at my Mother with a mix of surprise and anger. My Mother nodded her head at me giving me a slight smile of reassurance. "To who?" I pressed wanting to know what idiot my mom would be marrying. ​"Andrew Pottorff" My mother answered sim...

You Never Loved Me. by Ariana Grande is OORP

9 pages · Romance
"Stop acting like you don't want me," he walked closer to me. Backing me up against the wall, I stared in to his piercing blue eyes, his soft brown hair, falling over his eyes. His pink full lips close to mine. He smirked, as he put a hand on either side of my head. Giving me no chance t...

How it all started by arianarose

6 pages · Romance · Action
"Annabella! Annabella! Please it wasnt what you think or thought it was!" Mello shouted back to me. "Then what was it please tell me? wait! shutup because I dont even want to hear what you have to say!" I screamed back at Mello while walking away. "Ann..." "SHUTUP MELLO ...

Poison Ivy (Draco x OC) by ShadowOfMidnight2121

8 pages · Fan Fiction
Andromeda Marie Jackson is the eldest of James and Evelyn Jackson, with a younger sister, Carina Jackson. She is a pureblood witch currently in her fourth year of Hogwarts. Her father works for the Ministry, giving him a lot of influence. The Jacksons are a particularly rich family. What happens whe...

The Mystery of a Broken Girl by Imaginativegirl21

12 pages · Fantasy · Mystery
She's just a girl. 16 years of her life, Cassandra has been wondering why her life is as meesed up as it is now. 16 years of continiously crying and breaking down, she considers herself weak and broken. But what if something magical leaves her astounded? Will it drive her crazy or will she just...

ᴅᴇғʟᴜᴏ by haru haru

Pain, cold, darkness, blood. It all surrounded me, filled me. A low groan escaped my lips as my eyes slowly opened, vision blurred at first. I tried to speak, but it just came out as mumbles. "A-Anyone here?" I stuttered, speaking slowly, quickly giving me an instant headache. No answer was ...

Cold Blooded by ExquisiteHarry

48 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Our mind is our greatest enemy, our greatest deceiver. • • • • • • My breath hitched in my throat as his hands made their way from my waist down to my bum giving it a playful yet teasing squeeze. "S-stop it." I stuttered, trying to push him away but his grip on me only tig...

Forever and Always *Student/Teacher* by Social Reject XXX

26 pages
"I hate you! All you do is play this stupid game then screw with my head over and over again! I'm done with you!" I screamed grabbing my bag. He grabbed my waist and spun me around. He pressed his lips to mine and I melted into him. Once again I was giving into him. "You're mine,...

She Who Kills by MissDarkSide

16 pages · Thriller
Hey all this story is also on my Wattpad account : "You 're a filthy disgusting bit...!" the man quit yelling at me as my fist connected with his face. I heard the satisfying crack of his jaw and his agonizing scream confirmed it was broken. My lip...

A Frozen Frost (Jack and Elsa Love Story)

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Come here and hug me, princess!" I shouted happily, smiling widely. She giggled and smiled running with her arms stretched out for me to embrace. I grabbed her tiny waist, engulfing into a tight hug. She rested her head on my shoulder, with her arms wrapped tightly around my neck. I let go ...

Impulse (Harry Styles) by erin xoxo

Harry Styles always wanted Sam, she always refused. Sam believed that feelings were all a waste of time. She cringed at the thought of love. After numerous times of turning Harry down, a friend of both of them talked her into taking a chance. Taking a risk. But the night turns out differently the...

Coming Home (An Austin Mahone Story) by scarlett

12 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
When I first laid my eyes on him, my stomach dropped down into my feet, my hands started to shake, and my heart was beating profusely. "Hey birthday girl. I'm Austin." He smiled, taking a seat next to me. He took his snapback off of his head and adjusted his hair, then placing it back onto his he...
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