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Come & Get It. *Cole Pendery love ...

77 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
"I love him, he loves her. Nothing hurts more than loving someone who doesn't love you back". - Nicole Conrad.

Amnesia Lover (IM5 Fanfiction)

23 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Kaylin and Dana were in a serious relationship. One day, she took a pregnancy test, and found out it was positive. When she told Dana, Dana left, leaving the her and the ...

Don't Run Away

179 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
After taking the wrong plane from Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California, Valerie Radke ends up miles away from her family. She has no money, no phone, no clothes, and ...

Superman (Will Behlendorf)

27 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Isabella Maria Morales. Sister of Gabe Morales. What happens when her mom goes on a business trip for the whole summer. Isabella has to go to her brothers house. She hasn...

Don't Hurt My Little Sister

74 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Skylar is Cole's little sister. She lives in texas and starts talking to a guy online, soon they start texting and calling eachother. they end up having a long distance r...

Suicidal (IM5 Love Story)

59 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Stop trying to help," I said breathlessly into the phone. I clutched the railing of the balcony, the cold metal digging into my palm. "You think you understand, but you ...

Falling for you -David Scarzone-

17 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
It was wrong, Falling for him was wrong but nothing ever felt so right

Worth Fighting For (IM5 fanfiction) -C...

50 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Andrea, Cole Pendery's cousin, have danced backup and have been an extra for a couple of music videos. Andrea was so glad to be working with her cousin Cole, in their new...

YouTube University

77 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Hi there, i'm Amelia, your protaginist for this particular fanfic. I have dirty blonde straight hair, bright blue eyes and i am about 5"7 just incase you wante...

IM5 Imagines *Requests closed for now*

8 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Request one if you would like. I do write about both Dalton and David.

You Keep Me Alive. (IM5 Dalton Fanfict...

14 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
He's a soon to be international popstar, she's his best friend... They love each other. You can't deny it. She's his princess, and he's her knight in shining armor....
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And I Know Now, That I'm so Down

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
So this is kind of based on my dream that I had the other night. Also dedicated to my friend Lola. By the way it isn't based now, it's based on the time when Dalt...

The Love Chase ~IM5 love story~

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Everything was fine,until you went on tour. Now I feel like I am losing you.

Heartless (Gabe Morales from IM5 story)

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Come on, Sophia, just admit that you're still in love with me like I'm still in love you", Gabe said grabbing my arm. "I loved you but not anymore yo...

What About Love? (An IM5 Fanfiction)

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Amelia and Carly have wanted to see IM5 so bad they would die for tickets. What happens when they catch a few of the singers eyes?

Who Do I Choose? (A Dalton Rapattoni/C...

52 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
One day Kylie goes to the mall and bumps into a boy. They start talking and exchange numbers. A week later, she goes into a Starbucks and bumps into another boy. They tal...

Channel 98.10

2 pages
"I'm back! Yo what's up guys this is Rosalina in Dream Studios, and seriously stop going on Twitter in class! You guys are so dedicated to this band. You know...

He's Heartless (Gabe Morales fanfi...

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
She's the good girl. Good grades and going to bed early are the only things she knows, and she's never seen anything different coming into her life. Until he come...

Blue Chicago

180 pages · Action · Thriller
"Is Will up yet?" I asked, changing the subject. "Yeah, he's trying to snort his cereal milk" Dalton said with a wink. I rolled my eyes and shifted my weight onto my ...

IM5: Inspiration

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Just a fanfic for some really cool 5ers

L.A. Lights

29 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
An IM5 fanfic. Prequel to The Heartthrob Project. Marie Bragdon works for IM5 as a media analyst at her home in Germany. She's flown out for the summer and quickly ...

Rebel Without A Care

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Scorpion Blue is a dancer. She goes to the studio every day to get freedom from her metally abusive step-mother. She acts like she dosen't care but she really does. U...

IM5 Imagines *Taking request

8 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Request on here or message me if you want one, if you comment i will see it and will get started on it right away
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