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Growing in Blossoms by TJ

11 pages · Romance · Short Stories
Kristen isn't like the other kids, at least not anymore. Once upon a time she was one of the most popular girls at school, and now she's just the outcast. However, unknown to her classmates, she is secretly fighting a battle with cancer, and losing. She's ready for her death, preparing f...

No Body Touches Her (Jeff the killer love story)

10 pages · Romance · Horror
Alison the killer threatens to kill Kristen(Kris). Alison believes that Kris stole her boyfriend, Jeff the killer, from her so Alison is trying to get rid of Kris so Ali can have back her man. But what Ali doesnt know is that Kris is slowly turning immortal by insanity so that Jeff can finally get h...

The Underworld by Rεgάŋ

173 pages · Romance · Historical
Chuck, god of the Underworld, decides he wants Blair, daughter to Eleanor, goddess of agriculture. A story based off of Hades and Persephone from Greek mythology.

The Real Life by Our Forever

4 pages · Realistic · Romance
Kristen Jacson knows what kind of boy she wants. Shes persistent, smart, cute, and…confused. Camdyn Ricson is now head over heels for Kristen. He's charming, strong-willed, and a athlete. He knows what he wants. But when who he wants most is out of his reach, he will do most anything to get it

Still Together When It Ends

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Aside from being an incredibly diverse and entertaining collection of songs, Maroon 5's debut album Song's About Jane provides an intimate look into the passionate relationship between the band's vocalist Adam Levine and the girl of his dreams, Jane Herman. This fictional story explores the love, la...

Hollowshire by Lilly Scherbatsky

62 pages · Mystery · Horror
Ruth Collins and her friends have met after a long time. One of their friend's sister (Mia) they were close to died some months ago, but her death is a mystery. They don't know what to figure it out but the girl keeps showing up for some seconds. Read more to find out about the fun, (optionally roma...

My Drug by Claudia Sabrina

119 pages ~ Completed · Romance
Kristen Richards was the geeky girl at school that always got picked on for being who she was; different. Skylar Green was one of the popular boys that only dated girls in his category, until he starts to like Kristen.

Experiment Erudite (A Divergent Story) by Megfly

30 pages ~ Completed · Science Fiction · Fan Fiction
What happens when your reading teacher teleports you into the book that you are reading? Well it can only happen to Kristen, and her boring life, is about to change...

Growing Up by Caraving4werewolves

43 pages · Fan Fiction
Kristen's pregnant and she's happy, but she's not sure if she wants to give up alone time with Isaacl. Dont get Isaac wrong, he loves the baby, blue eyes, curly light brown hair, small lips the little boy's just like he dreamed he would be . . .Time to grow up

101 Birthdays by 14

9 pages · Realistic · Romance
Kristen was a teen mom. Bree turned out to be a lesbian. Ainsley died before she could even see her sixteenth birthday and I, me, the girl who tried so hard to follow all the rules and play all the right cards is the girl who can't grow up and is caught her in this moment facing one single terrifyin...

What If ~FINISHED~ by Rεgάŋ

56 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Twilight
What if Bella chose Jacob? What if there was something deep down inside of her that was about to change her life forever? -A Jacob/Bella Love Story-

Ready for a Brand New Start? by just a dreamer

135 pages · Action · Adventure
When Kristen moves from Westchester, New York to England she comes face to face with much more action then she bargained for when she becomes caught up in an eleborate kidnapping scandal. ♥ KK Productions ♥

The Girl Who Never Knew (A Doctor Who story) by Ally Gaskarth

2 pages · Science Fiction · Adventure
Kristen is an ordinary girl. She goes to high school, has friends, has parents, and all the typical teenage girl stuff. Sadly, she isn't as normal as she thinks she is. Ever since she was little, her parents refused to hold her hand. Even crossing the street. She never questioned it until now. W...

The Bad Boy & The Bookworm by islandauthor

9 pages · Humor · Romance
"Don't even try, Marx, I know your game. You go on one date with a girl, sleep with them, then break it off with them the next day. I'm not an idiot. I've heard things, and seen them shedding tears, so don't think you can pull this little stunt with me." Kristen snapped. &...

Imperfect couples are the most perfect. (Spencer Love Story) by Akane Reid Garcia

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Kristen Jackson is a girl trying to survive with the problems that come with being the daughter of a mob boss. People do not trust her, not even as a bride. One day after graduation, try to get into the FBI, exactly Hotch unit. What will happen when she meets Spencer? Will accept?

Would you like to see my mask? (Jonathan Crane)

37 pages · Romance
Another Jonathan Crane story. Hopefully better and more humanistic. xxxx READ TO FIND OUT MOREx

My Heart's A Stereo A George Weasley Love story by JadedVicki

85 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Kristen has a dark family and thinks people will reject her. Being friends with the Weasley twins might just change her life. A George Weasley love story.

The new companion by Amelia Stark

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Kristen Violet Genus. An underdog in the acting world. But that's where most of them come from right? She's asked to join the cast of Doctor Who as the newest companion. The best part? It's right after a regeneration where The Doctor reverts back to David Tennant.

Peter Pan's Sisters by Reмeмвer мe ғor ceɴтυrιeѕ.ˣ

51 pages · Adventure · Fantasy
"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." -William Arthur Ward Hey, my name's Kristen. I guess you could say I live a normal life with a rather large family with no mother. I mean if you call living in Neverland a normal life then yeah. I liv...

Summer Love by Gracie

5 pages · Fantasy · Romance
“Have you fallen for her?” Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, she thought of her. Kimberly the girl who promised herself not to fall in love ever again or trust people easily after her ex marked the end to their two years relationship. Ever since then Kimberly changed...
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