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Slowly Freaking Out by Hannah Marie

130 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
When Kristen was eleven, her parents were murdered right in front of her. She was adopted by a new family and is happier than she ever could have dreamed. She has three new brothers, an amazing boyfriend and perfect friends. But now, someone has come into her life and it's quite obvious they kno...

What If ~FINISHED~ by Rεgάŋ

56 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Twilight · Romance
What if Bella chose Jacob? What if there was something deep down inside of her that was about to change her life forever? -A Jacob/Bella Love Story-

Love Is A Battlefield by Jamie

7 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction
Kristen Lynch-Helmsley and Triple H after getting back together at Armageddon 1999 decide to remain together? Will they or will they break up again the only way to know is read it.

The Underworld by Rεgάŋ

173 pages · Historical · Romance
Chuck, god of the Underworld, decides he wants Blair, daughter to Eleanor, goddess of agriculture. A story based off of Hades and Persephone from Greek mythology.

The Bad Boy & The Bookworm by islandauthor

18 pages · Romance · Humor
"Don't even try, Marx, I know your game. You go on one date with a girl, sleep with them, then break it off with them the next day. I'm not an idiot. I've heard things, and seen them shedding tears, so don't think you can pull this little stunt with me." Kristen snapped. &...

Attack on titan- Last of her kind by otaku-otaco

11 pages · Fantasy
Ever wondered if Levi met someone in the Underground before Isabel and Fralan. And what if this person is not human but instead a magical being. Well here's the story of how he met Kristen Thorn, the last of her kind. This is the prologue story of my real AOT story that will be out after I'...

Growing Up by Caraving4werewolves

43 pages · Fan Fiction
Kristen's pregnant and she's happy, but she's not sure if she wants to give up alone time with Isaacl. Dont get Isaac wrong, he loves the baby, blue eyes, curly light brown hair, small lips the little boy's just like he dreamed he would be . . .Time to grow up

The new companion by Amelia Stark

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Kristen Violet Genus. An underdog in the acting world. But that's where most of them come from right? She's asked to join the cast of Doctor Who as the newest companion. The best part? It's right after a regeneration where The Doctor reverts back to David Tennant.

Weeping Willow. by Toxic

34 pages · Thriller · Realistic
Hello, I'm Willow Everette. I am 15 years old, I live with my Grandma and twin sister, Kristen. And I have a condition that is commonly known as a split personality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do not own the picture above, if you do own it and you have a problem with me using it please te...

Crystal Bloom

87 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Humor
I'm not perfect. I'm what you would describe as average. I get average grades and have just an average look and personality. I don't think I'm pretty what'soever compared to the most popular girl in school named Cassidee. Cassidee dates my crush Zach. But that’s when my best fr...

Little Do You Know by Nichole O'Riley

11 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Kiba Inuzuka isn't the typical male. He won't share his feelings, he won't commit, and he most certainly won't stick with just one girl. Well, that was until he met her. [Kiba Inuzuka x OC] [3-Part Trade for Kristen Wolf]

My life as a witch: Year 1 (Harry Potter Fan Fiction) by Chrys and Flaky

10 pages · Fan Fiction
Kristen Summers was a half-blood. Dad a wizard, mum a muggle. This is her story of what happened in Hogwarts. This is where she starts, as a first year along-side Harry, Ron, & Hermione.

Ready for a Brand New Start? by just a dreamer

135 pages · Action · Adventure
When Kristen moves from Westchester, New York to England she comes face to face with much more action then she bargained for when she becomes caught up in an eleborate kidnapping scandal. ♥ KK Productions ♥

The Story Of TMH by Jamie

45 pages · WWE · Fan Fiction · Romance
Troy and Kristen Lynch are brother and sister and Owen Hart is there brother-in-law cause he married there sister Monica the oldest sister united as a team that the WWE Universe loved to Love and also loved to hate follow through there wars with RNT, Stone Cold Steve Austin, DX, Vince McMahon, no ma...

The Girl Who Never Knew (A Doctor Who story) by Ally Gaskarth

2 pages · Science Fiction · Adventure
Kristen is an ordinary girl. She goes to high school, has friends, has parents, and all the typical teenage girl stuff. Sadly, she isn't as normal as she thinks she is. Ever since she was little, her parents refused to hold her hand. Even crossing the street. She never questioned it until now. W...

The 5 [Leo Valdez, Nico di Angelo, and a Connor Stoll Love Story] by Sicily

34 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Kristen Martinez and her 3 friends have been in a boarding school since they were 9. There they met a boy named Leo Valdez. After 4 years Leo has left and things have been hard for the four teens. When they get sent to Camp, however, they reunite with Leo and it's it's different this time.

Half & Half by Philippa Attwood

61 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Twilight
Life changed and for the better when the Volturi left Forks in the December the year Renesmee Carlie Cullen entered the world in a rather dramatic way. The Cullen’s and the wolf packs formed a mutual agreement contract based around the developing couple that would be Jacob Black, the rightful and ...

The color Red by Kaya

22 pages · Thriller · Realistic
My name is Raven Nevar and I am 18. I'm graduating high school soon. My mother is Candace Nevar and my older brother is James Nevar. He is 24 and engaged to a pretty girl named Christina Dawson. I have 3 friends. Johnny Greenway, Honey Braxton, and Carmen Blue. I have 2 bullies. Kristen McCannel...

Liam's Savior by αναмαяια ⓵⓶⓷④

148 pages ~ Completed · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Trailer - Liam Payne has only one kidney. His one kidney is too weak. Cancer has spread throughout that one kidney making Liam weaker and weaker. His family tried donating one, but none of theirs matches. Liam is desperate for help. But when normal seventeen yea...

Secrets ~Cedric Diggory Love Story~ by Blue Moons and Silver Spoons

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Nobody knew that Harry Potter had a little sister. Only a few minutes younger thought. Her name is Trish Victoria Potter. She had gone to Hogwarts when Harry did, as well put into Gryffindor. But Harry kept from her because she was a silent person. But in their fourth year, Harry and Trish agree t...
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