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It s Never Easy to Say Goodbye.

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
You would think dating someone famous would be easy and that you would be one of the luckiest girls to be dating someone rich and famous. Sure, that is how it can start, ...

Tag your IT (issa love story)

26 pages · Romance · Short Stories
Issa from f.y.b love story...not famous

The Experience Of Meeting Jacob Latimo...

3 pages
My experience of meeting jacob latimore. This is true.

Still not over you... A MB love story...

44 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
When all you ever wanted leaves you for the city, what choice do you have but to move on... but then right when you least excpect it, there back... Definitly a MUST READD...

You & Me *Princeton/Roc Royal love...

57 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Keke is Nicki Minajs & Drake's Daughter Her and her cousin (Honey) are partners And they're dreamz r cominq true ! What happens when they go on tour with the Omg ...

Revenge ( sequel to mindless protectio...

78 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Riley is now 15 years old and like her mom.. Hates school. At least people in it. She is has to do a project with jacob latimore's son trey and to make things worse.....

Christmas Love Story

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Mindless Behavior, OMG GIRLZ, JACOB LATIMORE, DiGGy Simmons, & More!

Bad Boys Back

26 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Everything seemed to be falling into place your senior year. You had the perfect grades, perfect parents, and perfect best friends. There was just one last thing you wish...

A good friendship diggy simmons love s...

21 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is also a issa thompson jacquees and jacob latimore love story and mabye more hope u like it

Its Me Or Him.

30 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
After Her Boyfriend Moves Out Of State When They Were Younger, Asia Finds A New Boo Who Spoils Her But Is He Low Key Disrespecting Her? Will Her First Boyfriend Move Back...

The Air We Breathe

19 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
~Combined Love Story~ Diggy Simmons,Justin Bieber, Jacob Latimore,Mindless Behavior Boys(Princeton,Roc Royal,Prodigy,RayRay),Cody Simpson,Vinny,And Little Twist.

Pretty hurts

21 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
What happens when Regina Lorde and her family move to Los Angeles and she starts to date some famous guys and the kids don't like her because she is way more beautifu...
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Hard to believe

6 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
Rebecca Gomez Lourdes Rodriguez Reginae Carter India Westbrooks Justice Domingo Kylie Jenner Kendall Jenner OMG Girlz Zendaya Bella Thorne Rachy mariee Desiree...

Promises He Made

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Justine had a bestfriend by the name of diggy simmons you may have heard of him maybe not justine was his bestfriend till diggy hit it big touring all around the world fr...


13 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Four girls from Southside Chicago becomes famous and move to Beverly Hills. Will they make in fame?

Jacob's Sister. (Diggy Simmons)

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
What happens when Jacob Latimore brings his sister on tour with him and Diggy Simmons? What happens when Diggy Simmons falls in love with Jacob's sister? Read to find...

Is This Real?(A Prodigy and Princeton ...

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A story of how 2 bestfriends get famous and go on tour with MB,Issa,The Wonder Broz,The OMG Girlz,Jacob Latimore,Jawan Harris,Diggy Simmons nd YMCMB.

Playing the players

13 pages · Fantasy · Romance
3 blood sisters same mother same father set out to play the players of their school will Breaunna Alix and Johnna pull it off or will they fall for the trap

New Life

5 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Dheireea is the daughter of Drake she have been rejected her whole life her sister (Zendaya) try to build her confidence by starting a new life

Gone~(Princeton Love Story)

19 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
So much had changed in the few months since we separated. Too much.

Minldess Behavior love story

Mindless Behavior! Includes OMG Girlz, Justin Bieber, Jacob Latimore c;

Our secret *a mb and jacob latimore lo...

10 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
What happens when mindless behavior goes to their school and one of four girls have been bullied by one of the members of mb.And people have secrets.Updated almost every...

Mr. Latimore

1 page · Action · Romance
Why do i still feel this way when everything around me is signaling me that i need to stay away?

Real love (jacob latimore love story )

9 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
London is the background dancer for Jacob latimore and she's been dating ray from mindless behavior for 8 months and its been great expect for one thing ray beats h...
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