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His Everything (Jason McCann) by c.j

61 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
It was love at first sight. She was the new girl and he was the bad boy. Every guy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. He was dark, mysterious, fearless and feared. He cared about no one, that's until..she came. [Published August 28 2014]

The Psychology Project. by נαℓєнℓу

227 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
"Jason McCann has a girlfriend. He’s captain of the soccer team. He’s popular. He thinks his girlfriend is his whole world." "And what do you think?" I asked, tucking a strand of wavy, dark brown hair behind my ear. "That he’s a joke. But he’s got something to hide. He...

His baby ( Jason McCann love story ) by MyBaby-Biebs

47 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
She was 14 he was 18. She was a freshman he was a senoir. He was addicted she was nervous.. This is a young love story. She was his. ( SLOW UPDATES )

Twisted |Jason McCann| by Ariana

88 pages · Romance · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
“NO! Please stop...d-dont come any nearer!” I cried out as tears slipped out of my eyes, the guy kept advancing me, cloth ready in his hand to knock me out. “Who are you...? I dont know are after the wrong person...” I stammered trying to keep him away. “I am after the correct p...

Innococent Beauty by Emmaline

142 pages ~ Completed · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
It has been happening for a year now, the strange and frightening texts, the weird gifts, and the subtle feelings of being watched wherever I go. I just wanted it to stop but I had no way to make it. My dad hates me and my brother is at college, I have never felt so alone. Ignoring is the best thi...

Afraid by Lexie Bug

94 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
Alexis Black was tired of being afraid of everything. Paranoia, anxiety, depression, it was all too much for her. So Alexis decides to run away. Alexis soon learns to never run away from your problems, especially if you run into the world's most wanted criminal; Jason McCann.

McCann's Ex by J o V i å l

166 pages · Justin Bieber · Action · Fan Fiction
He kidnapped me, then let me go. I went back to him. I warmed up to the idea of dating the leader of America’s most wanted gang. It was good at first, then things got rocky. We started arguing and the guy that claimed he loved me, left bruises on my body and kicked me out for another girl. It’s ...

My Kidnapper (Jason McCann Love Story) by SevanJan96

94 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
“I never thought that this would happen to me. I mean, I've heard of this happening around my area, but never thought that I would be kidnapped. And to think that I fell in love with him. I think it's the best mistake I've ever made.” -Clarissa Anne-Marie Smith

Baby Girl [Jason McCann] by XLXXNDXR

74 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
"I'm not good for you," he panted, either of his hands on the sides of my head, tears threatening to fall from each of our eyes. I whimpered, "If you're not good for me, then what the hell is, because I only want you Jason. I love you, I'm in love with you." His hands cam...

Sweetest Addiction. [Jason McCann] by Cαѕѕιdyˣ

38 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
"May I say, you're gorgeous." He replied as he licked his lips. I smiled slightly, "Thank you, but I'm married and I'm waiting for my husband to meet me here." I told him. I watched as he nodded his head, "I'm sorry, forgive me." He blew spoke out of his mouth...

DareDevil by ᴀʟᴇx sᴛᴇωᴀʀᴛ

233 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
Alana is this delicate, shy and vulnerable girl who fell into a world she didn't understand. He's a perilous criminal that had no mercy. A daredevil who did the most hazardous, unspeakable things. He was feared but for once, she wasn't afraid. She's his soft spot. {Warning: Contains...

Heartless -Jason McCann- by gεηιυs נσкεя

83 pages ~ Completed · Action · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
And then all of a sudden, she changed.She is back, a complete different person.With an new mindset, a new outlook, A new soul.The girl that once cared too much about anything and everything no longer cares at all.She's heartless now. Even more heartless than most wanted criminal Jason McCann him...

Target | Justin Bieber | by janoѕĸιanaтor

58 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
He never noticed me. I never noticed him. He was in year eleven. I was in year ten. He was popular all around school. I was in between. He was the badass and I was just 'normal', a rebel occasionally but I didnt cross the line. Suddenly I became he's target...

You're Mine by bree

99 pages ~ Completed · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
*Also on Wattpad* "What do you mean?" I responded unsure of everything going on. "What I mean baby, is that you're mine, no one gets you but me. No one is aloud to touch you like i can, look at you like I can, talk to you like i can, or even breathe around you like I can." ...

I'm Not Who You Think I Am (Jason McCann) by Original Fanfictions

242 pages · Fan Fiction · Twilight · Vampires
"Jason...I've never seen this side of you..." My breath hitched as Drew clinged onto my leg. "Its who I've always been, baby." Jason smiled sinisterly, "I'm Going to Show You Whose Boss. I'll make you scared of me."

Drug -Jason McCann

62 pages · Romance · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
I watched as he gazed at my body that was in his shirt. I felt self conscious about myself all of a sudden. He licked his lips, "Damn girl, look sexier in my clothes than I do" he said. I rolled my eyes and awkwardly stood in the corner of his bedroom. "You're sleeping with me tonight babe" he said ...

Problem |Justin Bieber/Jason McCann|

62 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber the famous couple are slowy breaking apart, Justin's out everyday and night not telling Ariana where he is. He always comes back smelling like cheap perfume and strawberry lipgloss on his lips. But what happens when a certain someone has his eye on Ariana?

Bad girl. by J.C. Moore

21 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
This girl is ruthless, bold, and down right sexy. She will put you in a body bag no problem, blunt in one hand, bottle in another. I need her. Not for my gang. Not for this battle. I need her to be mine. And I will get her.

He's Back - Sequel to Dark Side - Justin Bieber / Jason McCann - by janoѕĸιanaтor

39 pages · Romance · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
"I waited 2 years for you!" I exclaimed, tears running down my cheeks. "2 years! I waited at my window. I lost everything because if you. My friends, my mum. I was completely lost and destroyed because of you." I bit my lip shaking my head, "And now you come back.."

Blindfold (A Jason McCann Fanfiction) by Elina

48 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
He took everything away from her, but most importantly, he took away her sight. He kept her blindfolded all the time, never allowing the blindfold off. His excuse? He was shielding her from all the bad in the world. In his mind, he was just protecting his princess. © mccannshoe, 2014
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