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All Grown Up ~Justin Bieber~ Sequel To...

84 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
Carter's living her life as free as a bird! She's all grown up and ready to live her life. She was having a blast! Until HE came back... Carter has a job as a lifeguar...

If this is LOVE, then LOVE is easy!...

129 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
1 Girl, 1 World, 1 BIG Dream. Holly Siggins, world 3 pro surfer, has everything that she's always wanted, except her father. Paul Siggins, ex #1 Pro surfer, died on ...

The Lifeguard

26 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction

A Day at the Beach (kellic one shot)

3 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
This is just a one shot idea I thought of and wrote out. It's probably not the best but I hope you like it anyway. Sorry for bad formatting too, I wrote it on my phone.

T h e L i f e g u a r d

2 pages
//Modern SasuNaru Story\\ What happens in the lifeguard shack, stays in the lifeguard shack. -Taking from my old account and posting it here.-

The Girl with the Purple Hair

21 pages · Realistic · Romance
Surf. Sand. Soccer. Who knew that a team vacation would be the best time of a girl's life? When Collete goes to California with her best friends/teammates, she falls in l...

ѕecreтѕ: wнeɴ тwo worlds collιde

15 pages · Romance · Realistic
Tris and Christian are supposed to be together. They're the peculiar instance when two worlds accidentally collide. --♥-- Christian Tanner works as a lifeguard at ...


14 pages · Romance
Kelsey is so excited to spend the whole summer in the small beach town of Cape Dane. She and her two best friends, along with her love interest, are ready to enjoy the lo...

Ichigo the lifeguard

6 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Short Stories
(ONE-SHOT) Just a little something that my sister did that inspired me to write this.


3 pages · Short Stories · Realistic
A story of a boy, who wants a way out, and Bondi is his escape

Flowers To My Love *Completed*

15 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
A flower shop lives across the street, the place where she buys her lover flowers each and every day. One day, the sky was pouring and she quickly rushes into the shop, b...
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T h e L i f e g u a r d

2 pages · Fan Fiction
||Modern SasuNaru FanFic||

You Were Mine For The Summer (One Dire...

The moon reflected off the waves as they hit the shore. Alli Campbell was finishing her shift as a lifeguard- her summer job on the beautiful california coast. She watche...

Let it Be

11 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
-Luke Brooks- She moved from America to England to Australia. She got a job. Lifeguard. She meets this boy she hasnt had a boyfriend since a big blow up with her ex. Leav...

The Lifeguard (One Direction Love Story)

35 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Kenzie, a local lifeguard, sees a group of what looks like teenage boys that look like they are going to need a lifeguard on duty very soon. Lucky for Kenzie the group o...


2 pages
[Yugioh Crossover][YuseiXReaderXJaden] Two hot lifeguards, one pretty beach girl. Which one is the one?

Gothic Suffer Chicks (Stoked Love Story)

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Twin Sisters Named Sapphire Harvey And Luna Harvey They Are Both Returning Staff At Surfer's Paradise Resort They Both Still Have The Same Jobs Sapphire Is A Lifeguar...

The Lifeguard

1 page · Romance
Caroline is a 17 year old who swims for the city's swim team. As the summer starts she finds herself interested in the lifeguard. Will he like her? Will they date? ~ ...

Lifeguard Girl

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Jasey Ryland is your average California local. She was practically raised on the beach, growing up with lifeguards for a mom, dad, and twin brothers. Later in her summer ...

Marrying my bosses' daughter

4 pages · Romance
Over the summer a lifeguard meets a young girl, but what happens when summer is over, will they meet again?

True Love Conquers All

2 pages · Adventure · Romance
Kendall Wright grew up being poor, but surrounded by the water. When he was a teen, he would windsurf, scuba dive, snorkel, and ride boats. He was planning on enrolling i...

The Lakeshore Hotel [One Direction AU]

5 pages · Romance · Humor
Hello. I'll Jillian, just call me Jill. I'm 18, going on vacation with my annoying twin brother, Jake (short for Jacob), and my parents, Jessica and Joey. We'...

The Lifeguard ( Nicholas Hoult fanfict)

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Leesa a sweet girl who is hoping this summer is gonna be the best. She is 18 and just completed highschool she is moving away to start her new career as a photographer in...
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