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What did I get myself into? *Finished*

130 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
"No, you are mine." He hissed, his deadly voice sending shivers down my spine. "Your what?" I spat menacingly, and he simply smirked at me. "My que...

The end of forever

203 pages · Romance · Action
What happens if Loki escapes the Avengers before Thor was able to bring him to Asgard? What happens if he has to hide somewhere, and disguise himself as a dog? Nicole Ban...

Say What?

801 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I cant think of a good description, normally I'm good at that...oh well. Please read, i hope everyone likes it!

Who are you? ( a Loki love story )

249 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Being kidnapped is bad, being kidnapped when you are an undercover shield agent is worse, but when you are kidnapped from a underground bunker while working for director ...

Avengers One-Shots

215 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
NO MORE REQUESTS! I'M SERIOUS! But I still love you guys and gals!

Prince charming save me

124 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
Abigail is a single mother of a two year old boy. She was kicked out of her family because she got pregnant at a young age. Life has been hard for her. She only had her f...

Giving it a Chance*Avengers Love story...

152 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sapphire has shut herself out from the world, hiding in the shadows. But when Nick Fury requests her to join the Avengers, she gives it a chance. Will it be the biggest m...

Who am I? (A Loki Love Story, Sequel t...

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
SEQUEL TO Who are you? ( a Loki love story ) Sophie wakes up. In the middle of her own funeral. While everyone rejoices the fact that she isn't dead, she does come w...

Unexpected Love

148 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
-Tom Hiddleston Love Story- "Do you believe in love at first sight?" He asked, his minty breath hitting me, his accent allowing me to melt. I tried looking up at him, but...

Your Love is a Poison *Loki Love Story*

54 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Loki". I moaned. He had me pinned against the wall, gently kissing my neck. No matter how much I tried to fight it, I felt myself slowly giving in. "We need ...

Avengers Preferences and One Shots

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I take requests if you guys have any ideas. Includes: Tony, Steve, Thor, Clint, Bruce, Bucky, Red Skull, and Loki. Enjoy!

Made For Eachother (Loki Love Story) ~...

267 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Do you ever feel like breaking down? Do you ever feel so left out? Like somehow you just done belong, but no one's there to save you? Menia feels the same. A lonely girl ...
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A Little Old-fashioned: A Captain Amer...

55 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
A young woman a slave of her generation. A young man out of his time. She's addicted to rage, he's the keeper of peace. She swims in impurities while he's old...

Nightmares | Loki Laufeyson Love Story |

18 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Loki has found a something that he deeply wants. He begins to plague it with dreams that pretty soon they turn into nightmares for him. He will do anything for it to be h...

I want someone to wake up to. (Loki LS)

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Loki has been suffering from many things. Nightmares, torture, pain, he is sick and tired of it. If a women came and rescued him, would he be grateful? If a women was to ...

Crashing into a Norse God

76 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Alternate Universe.| Joy is blind, technically. Joy didn't expect to hit a man when driving in the rain--furious from learning she was adopted--in Wisconsin. What lit...

Fallen into Heaven. (Loki LS)

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Heaven Rose isn't you're normal teenager. Loki Laufeyson isn't you're normal Asgardian. What was to happen if these two crossed paths? What if, they fell ...

Blind (Date)?

31 pages · Humor · Adventure
Now that Loki (God of Mischief) is having to reimburse for, well you know, trying to destroy the world and going batshit crazy; he's living in the Stark Tower under w...

The Afterlife

79 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"You're a part of my dream!", she said through a hiss angrily, her heart pumping in her chest. "Just like this whole world, just like every single person ...

The Frostgaurdian

201 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A Loki love story. Cuz he's awesome.

Chaos: A Loki Fanfiction

71 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Human-hybrid Lauren Williams is a retired S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and lives a calming life on the west coast. When Director Nick Fury asks her for another favor from S.H.I.E....

Throne of Asgard

13 pages · Romance · Science Fiction
Season One: Loki kidnaps Odin's Midgardian daughter. What happens when he starts to fall in love with her?

Penetrate The Cure (A Loki Laufeyson S...

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
♥ The Chemical Defect... CONTINUED ♥ Loki Laufeyson, a lonely prisoner, accepts his fate in the golden pits of Asgard. Falling in despair and his horrid thoughts,...

Forgotten promises -Loki love story-

132 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
Well...Just a Loki love story, I think he is amazing, so I made up a story.
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