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Hidden Potential Talents by Althea Windflower

252 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Jourdan is the good girl, the new kid in a London school, and a nerd/geek. The natural target for attention and bullying. What the others don't know is that her unassuming appearance is far from boring. What happens when the bad boy Harry Styles picks up on it and reveals it to the whole school?...

Hide and Seek (One Direction AU)

183 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
They used to be her friends. They used to be the ones she would laugh and joke with. But it all changed. Now, she barely recognizes them. The same five boys who were once protecting her and laughing with her were bullying her. There is no way out and she finds herself in a constant game of hide and ...

What about me? by Jennie Hemmings

118 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
My name is Jessie Styles. Ya thats right Harry Styles forgotten younger sister. He left, the bullying got worse, the scars started. Then he came back 2yrs later begging for forgiveness. Thats when i meet his band mates and 5SOS who open for him!

If You Really Knew *5SOS* by Kelsey

65 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Madison Hemmings used to be close to her brother, Luke. Then he went on tour with One Direction and everything changed. The bullying got worse, the urges got stronger, and everyone stopped caring about poor old Maddie. What happens when Luke comes back with his band? Can she keep it all a secret? Or...

The Not So New Girl

60 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
"Geek" "Dweeb" "Dork" I walked down the hall trying to ignore the insults. I just wanna rip they're head off and punch them in the face, but instead I just put my head down and continue my walk to my locker. But the questions is, why me? Why am I being constantly...

Uncertain (Harry Styles AU) by deαd heαrts

90 pages · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
After a promising future turns into a harsh breakup, Harry makes her life a living hell. Through physical and mental abuse, no matter what he says, no matter how bad it hurts, they will always be something more.

Self harm~Ashton Irwin fanfic by Directioner 5SOS fam alert

45 pages · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Im Samantha Hemmings. Luke hemmings sister. Basically, once he left for tour with 1D we grew apart. The bullying got worse and the cuts got deeper. But soon he arrives back home. Will we get closer together and will a romance start between one of the boys and i?

Babysitting my Bully [Punk/Supernatural Harry Styles] by XLXXNDXR

20 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Having a bully is bad enough, but having to babysit him? Ten times worse.

Louis' Mute Best Friend. [Harry Styles].

29 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction
"So... there's this girl. I'd love to tell you about her, but then you'd fall in love with her too." -Harry Styles. ---- Maddisen Parkers has had a lot of hardships in her life. Her parents died in a house fire when she was a little kid, making her go mute. She would only talk to her best friend...

Falling in Love with the Bully by jessica

78 pages · Fan Fiction
He pushes me into the lockers, making me gasp. "H - Harry, p - please," I gasp, panicking now. He smirks, knowing he has control over me. Fear flashes through my eyes and pulses through my veins. I wish he'd just leave me alone. Harry, as in the dictator, bully, but also Mr Popular. But ...

Out of the Loop- An Arranged Marriage

75 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Destiny Hope Cabernet was bullied all throughout high school by one person in particular. He made her life miserable, even though he loved her. The parents were out of the loop; they didn't know about the bullying. What happens when Zayn and Destiny find out that they have been arranged to be marrie...

You Don't Know Me by Kayyyyyyy

32 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
I was Niall's best friend before he left for X Factor. We stayed in contact until he told me to leave him alone. Then came the hair dye, contacts, shopping sprees, makeup, and gym memberships. Now he's back with his band and doesn't know who I am, and I intend to keep it that way.

Unlikely Love -Finished-

29 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Harry is the school's shy, nerdy, gay kid where everybody takes the advantage to bully the helpless boy. Who is one of those people? Louis Tomlinson. He's the tough, punk, mysterious kid who has quite some issues from his past that triggers him to lash out. What will happen when they find out they'r...

He's my fiance? -Arranged Marriage-

47 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Lisa is being bullied by the one and only Harry Styles. It's their last year in high school and her and her sister, Roni, are getting married on the same day. They don't know who their 'fiances' are. Can you guess who's is Lisa's and who's is Roni's?-Harry Styles Love Story-

Where Life Will Take Us (Niall Horan Love Story) Copyright

270 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Being the sister of Harry Styles doesn't benefit Alice at her school, kids treat her lesser than what she deserves. Alice was once filled with so much joy and happiness, always the life of the party, until the bullying began. She began to feel empty; numb. When Harry leaves on tour and Alice is ...

My Old Bully Is My New Teacher || h.s

70 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories · One Direction
❝He used to bully me until I moved away. Years later I never expected that I would see him again. This time he is my teacher❞ WARNING: UNEDITED (TOO BUSY TO EDIT IT)

Knock Me Down ~Harry Styles~

102 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Jessie's a 'nerd' who gets bullied everyday by Harry Styles. She fears going to school everyday because of him. She doesn't have a clue why he does this to her, he just does. When she turns the corner and he's there, she bolts the opposite direction. Anything to get away from him. But that's only ha...

Tell Me I'm a Screwed Up Mess

34 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Delilah Payne is Liam's younger sister. Ever since I can remember my dad has abused me, physically and mentally. Liam was always mom and dads favorite because he was everything they could ever want him to be. They didn't plan on having me and I was just a mistake that was ruining their li...

Bullies ||A Harry Styles Fan-fiction ||*FINISHED*

101 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
How would you like it if in every school you go too you get bullied physically and verbally because of everyday things? You wouldn't. But I've pretty much accepted it. It's my life now.

That Night by different

41 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
"Harry please, you can't do this!" I pleaded as he pushed me onto his porch "This wasn't your choice, i know it wasn't and its never going to work out Elena. Just get out of my life" he snapped. "Harry! I need you! You don't understand!" I cried tears stream...
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