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Find me. -Finished-

84 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Romance
She's standing outside of a friends party when she suddenly get's attacked and kidnapped on the street in the dead of night. And the thing is.. she's been kidnapped with ...

She's a Good Girl

69 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
"Dude, she's totally a goody-two shoes! I mean, do you really wanna nail a girl like that?" Calum asked, chugging down a sprite. I shook my head. Des was anyt...

Soon To Be Mrs Styles

69 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
"Okay both of you stop fighting! You both are going to get married no matter how you disagree with me! Harry needs help and we all know that, because of his lady issues! ...

Different (Harry Styles love story)

114 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Harry Styles is covered in tattoos. He is the definition of a bad boy. Him and his group of friends rule not only the University Campus but far more. He is not the type o...

Baby On The Doorstep (Harry Styles Fan...

53 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Harry never thought any of his one-night-stands would catch up with him. But they did. One evening, Harry and Lou are awaken by a knock on the door, but find nothing but ...

The Inner Flame

245 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
A prince who is exiled for standing up for what he believes. A girl who served him and granted his every wish. A love story that is as forbidden as day and night existing...

Baby Daddy.

31 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
"You're my favorite mistake." -Harry Styles.

Baby Dallas

46 pages · Fan Fiction
Ella Rose Griers life takes an unexpected turn when an innocent journey to visit her brothers On tour turns into a life changing one night stand. What happens when Ella ...

Rebellious - Punk Harry Styles

110 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Lauren Catton was a girl who held a lot of things to herself, she had a bad family with a father and step-mother that hated her and she tried to hide all of this from the...

Baby Bump (Liam FanFic)

53 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Farrah and Liam have been bestfriends since little babies. They've always done everything together. He was her other half. Liam promised her they will always be bestfrien...


22 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
"Spencer" I cry, "Don't go". "I have to. I can't look at you right now" he whispers, tears running down his face. He slowly turns to th...

Blissful Mistake

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jahvie Mpreg. What happens when Jayy and Dahvie end up sleeping with each other? Can Dahvie keep it all a secret? Read about how a one night stand changes these band memb...
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Sweet little secret (Mansonpreg fanfic)

10 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
After a drunken one-night-stand, Manson finds himself a few months later raising a baby girl on his own. (Contains MPREG and brief mentions of male/male romance)

Get It Right |A Puckleberry Love Story|

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Rachel Berry is experiencing the summer of her life when Finn Hudson finally admits to being in love with her. Noah Puckerman's summer has been a string of one ni...

My Boy Comes First

4 pages · Romance · Realistic
Embla was 18 when she went to a party with her friends, during that her Ex Harold got her completely drunk without her noticing, because he was spiking her pop. After he ...

The Unknown Daughter

9 pages · Fan Fiction
Sarah Cameron is the result of a one night stand, her mother had with a married man. She never knew his name or who he is. She only knew he didn't know about her. Sar...

Brother's bestfriend

24 pages · Romance
Spark Smith has always been considered the innocent, nice, smart girl. She has never gotten bullied only the occasional name calling. What happens when her brother's ...

The Night That Changed My Life

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A one night stand can change someone's life completely. In this case it changed Heather's life after a night with Gavin Free. What happens when Gavin sees Heather...

Brave in My Nightmares

66 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Grace De Carlo was the rebel teenager who seemed to have everything. A wonderful brother, a gorgeous boyfriend, and was the 'it girl.' She never thought in a mill...


3 pages · Fan Fiction
"Remember those walls I built? Well, baby they're tumbling down And they didn't even put up a fight They didn't even make a sound I found a way to let...

O.N.S. // hemmings

6 pages · Fan Fiction
When a one night stand turns into something big

Somewhere In Neverland

15 pages · Romance · Realistic
Jade Reaves is a champion. She's been through hell and back but she's still standing tall, an independent 17 year-old with a nasty temper. No one could get throug...

The Demon's Light (X Reader)

11 pages · Romance · Adventure
The world has changed over the years tremendously since Sebastian and Ciel became contracted together forever. It is now the 21st century and the two demons have hidden d...
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