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I'm Not A Malfoy (On Hold) by Katie

15 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"For all my life I have been living a lie, I was given a name that was not to aquiared by me. Living in a family that I was not born into, only now I was told of who I am." I choaked out as I weeped into my arms. "Who are you?" He asked, petting my hair to soothe me. "I'm no...

The petting zoo. by Rachel

12 pages · Adventure · Horror
This story was inspired by a dream i had all i did was change it alittle and rename the characters ♥ enjoy

Fearless Teardrops by Siriusly Awesome _

35 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
It's the era of Harry Potter's children, and all the danger of the dark lord and his death eaters is gone. or so it may seem... , a group of Hogwarts students find themselves in the middle of the new danger. No, voldemorts not back... but perhaps it would be better if he was, because this new dark l...

My OCs Q&A by AllyNihon

1 page · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Humor
Ask my OCs anything! Just nothing bad! Singapore: drawing* Ask away... Fiji: Yeah, we'll be happy to answer! Philippines: E-exactly! *tsundere* Atlantis: You can ask me about cats and stuff.. *petting a cat* Midori: You guys are weird. And ask us whatever. Hiriko: And you're '...

The Story Of EnderQueen by MyDearGalaxyFlower Princess Constella

5 pages · Fan Fiction
Me and My brother were playing minecraft and there was this enderman, who began attacking my brother. So I went and attacked him with My sword... he turns.... and does nothing... just stares.... My brother walks next to me and attacks, my brother looked at me and said, "You're the EnderQueen...

The Starving Art -Anorexia Story-

4 pages · Romance · Realistic
"Why are you here? Are you gonna try to force me to eat too?" I snap, looking at him, he shakes his head. Slowly walking over "No. I'm not." he whispers, looking down at me as he stands in front of me "I'm not going to make you do anything'' he tilts my chin up so...

The Petting Zoo by Rhiannon

11 pages · Short Stories · Horror
I own nothing from Chapters 1 to 12. I adopted this story from this story was writted by Peter de Niverville. I read it and i thought I would share it with all of the horror fans on Quotev. Enjoy.

Petting Zoo (Bleach One shots) by ᴍɪsᴄʜɪᴇғ's ᴍʏ ᴍɪᴅᴅʟᴇ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

The Zoo filled with unbelievable creatures which lure you in and SNAP you fell for there trap. (A/N: Ahaaahaha... i made this a few months ago or so and all and decided to publish it. See if its good and all haha just for the fun of it ;) so it may suck cause i haven't written on it for quiet someti...

Cry X Sally - Death Repeating Everyday by The Fandom Of Fandoms

2 pages
This is Based off Kageuro Days And Cry and Sally are kids :3

Infinity And Beyond by TealStrawberry

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Hannah,A 19 year old who is a child at heart,Meets Famous youtuber Daniel Howell at the Llama section of a petting zoo.When her Dad is injured and traumatized in a car acident,All she has is Dan.what will happen in Hannah's Life next?

Super petting zoo-nior! by Potato Misfits

2 pages · Short Stories · Humor · Fan Fiction
Don't hate on me because this sucks! What happens if a super junior member has the idea of starting a petting zoo? (+suju m)