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Prince Charming

113 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
You'll never know unless you try. Kaycee was never known to be a sad person, but there's a secret behind her smile that only one guy has bothered to find out.

Yu Gi Oh! Birthday One-Shots

67 pages · Short Stories · Romance
[Yu Gi Oh! Various x Reader] ~Request Closed~ Ever wondered what kind of love and affection would a Yu-Gi-Oh! guy do for his crush/girlfriend, especially on her bir...

Mindless Behavior Imagines (Editing th...

47 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Mindless Behavior Imagines for y'all beautifuls♥ I'll try to write for anyone who wants me to and I can write for you more than once with a different name and guy♥

In Life and In Love |A Roc Royal Love ...

192 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
There is no acceptance or change in opinion when someone has done something no one else can understand. The reason behind why what the person did is there but the damage ...

Behind the ink ||princeton love story||

53 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
You see me the girl in that picture. I smile only in pictures. I never smile in real life. I am 17 years young. I get bullied all the time at school. I am the cutest is w...

The boy from down the street*Roc Royal...

49 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
It's been a while since I've seen the boy down the street. I can still remember his smile. He became bigger and better. No one would blame him if he never came back. So t...

Band aid *ray ray fan fic*

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Band aids are great protection and support when you need them.... But when you don't need them anymore you have to take them off and the process is painful

New Life, And I Want You In It (A Prin...

35 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Realistic · Romance
Sequel! :) to Love Hurts...But It's Worth It (A Princeton Love Story)...Read The First One Or You May Get Confused. ♥

My Little Sister's Tutor *Princeton Lo...

50 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Princeton from Mindless Behavior Love Story| Riley's little sister, Harper, needs a tutor. Because Riley's raising her and her little brother by herself, as her parents l...


14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
It's the last week of highschool, soon Remi and Brealyn will be leaving. They've been bestfriends since 6th grade and on. Then there's Chresanto, Jacob and Ra...

Double Love |Princeton Love Story|

55 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
A girl named Alexandra Caputo was adopted and goes to a Beverly Hills school. This is not the kind of school she would usually love to go to. Everyone thinks of her as a ...

All Around The World

65 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Prod's Sister joins MB on their all around the world tour. But a little thing happens messing up everything.
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ℬαттℓe Scαrs | Prιɴceтoɴ |

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
"But darling, in the end, you've got to be your own hero because everybody's busy trying to save themselves."

In The Long Run

3 pages · Humor · Romance
Elsa Evans, a smart, sophisticated 21 year old girl, achieves her dream of moving to New York City with her best friend, Aida Winna and Aida's boyfriend, Sean Hayden....

Why won't you let me try?

5 pages · Realistic · Romance
Princeton love story: Princeton has liked, scratch that loved Cassie since the day they met. Only problem is that Cassie only likes Princeton as a friend because everytim...

Insanity - Princeton Love Story

28 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Do you really think I deserve this? It's not right. I give her the most upright respect,I give her what she wants and need,I provide for her and everything. Ever...

Misunderstood [Chazz Princeton]

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
[Yu-Gi-Oh GX] [Chazz x Reader] Sometimes it's simply too hard to explain what you see in a person. It's just how they always make you feel a special way that no o...

Crew Love

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Marilyn James, a normal teenage girl with hair of dark brown and eyes of coco brown beauty, set foot to the Mindless Mansion, sent by her father Caris James, to experienc...

The Girl We Used To Know (Editing)

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Alexis! Alexis!" I shouted through the crowd of people hoping she would hear me. I had to talk to her...apologize...hell I just needed to see her face to face. B...

If That's What You Wanted.

30 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Its easy to tell myself its for the best, but its hard for me to believe it.

Deprivation - (Sequel to 'Will You...

10 pages · Fan Fiction
Kayla, 22, thought that she had her life in check. She knew what she was doing in life, and she is successfully pursuing it. In other, Jacob, 23, also is succeeding to be...

Jacksons Last chance~

3 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
A troubled teen named Jackson Olson has been kicked out of yet another school, and has been sent to a strict boarding school named Princeton Academy where he meets Monic...

The Arranged Love (Princeton Love Story)

12 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
See what happens when Princeton from Mindless Behavior has to marry a total stranger named Logan Westbrook, the youngest of the Westbrooks' sisters. Will they love ea...

The Princeton Artist

160 pages · Mystery · Romance
"I hate being the one who has to live up to your perfect expectations! What about what I want? Does that even matter?" I screamed. A curl of anger ran through my body, it...
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