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What happened to me? [Bonnie X Reader Female] by WendyCorduroy

3 pages
He stuffed you into a suit. You thought he was your friend, but he wasn't. You couldn't remember that he stuffed you into a suit though. You just thought he was your brother. Freddy. You were now in Basketball Mania, the new part of the pizzeria. It was like a mini basketball court, and you ...

Laughing Jack X Reader] Could this

8 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
[LEMON? Idk maybe] (Y/n) You where a girl who was emotionally hurt, and thought no one loved you, your parents constantly abussed yout, you didn't have any friends. BUT. One thing I failed to mention was that weird clown that you feel in love with so easily...Well that wasn't the end of it...

Natsu X Reader)~The amount it Affects you! by Kat

12 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This guy is just weird. Full stop. He gets away with pink hair and a scarf at school? NO WAY! And his weird friend has this inappropriate habit of taking off his cloths... IN CLASS! Its strange... since they've arrived, they kinda remind me of a TV show I used to watch as a kid....

Just a Mistake (Mangle x Reader) FNaF 2 by Alexa

9 pages
Girl x Girl. Mangle x Reader. I also do girl x boys. What happens when you get a job at Freddy's? You meet the Mangle. You start to fall in love with her. You are confused by your feelings so you aren't sure. Yep. I suck at descriptions

FNaF x reader: Lets play by Rising Darkness

4 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
In your 7 nights as the pizzarias security gaurd, you find out the animatronics aren't all they seem to be. Survivel of the fitest is crucial in this turn. But is it so in reality or worse than the game leads? (I dont know if this is gonna be a short story or long with seperate endings for each ...

Left Alone

10 pages · Fan Fiction
[CreepyPasta x Diclonius + Ghoul Reader] [Name] was a Diclonius experiment. She was experiment number 20. The past experiments have managed to escape, or died trying. [Name] was able to escape, live a 'normal' life until her secret was relieved. Turns out she is another thing than a Dicloni...

First Place by derpimerpiyerp is SO ready for Christmas

[Rin Matsuoka x Reader One-Shot/Drabble Set] In Rin's mind, there are five things in life that are most important. At number five is his education. Then his reputation. Next is his swimming. Then his friends. But at the top? That's you.

I Have No Idea What I'm Going To Do With You... -Levi x Reader-

17 pages · Romance · Humor
Going against your previous orders of not being able to have dinner, you and everyone else you know sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack. Only to get caught by the scary man himself, Corporal Levi! \(O 7 O )/ yeah~ I don't know if I should make more chapters or leave it as a short...

Marionette's daughter ( fnaf2 various x reader ) by Paula the panda and Artist the wolf

2 pages
Marionette decides to build his own kind made out of strings and glass . He was proud making his own creation , but his precious jewel caught the others eyes full of interest and were wanting to make her theirs only . ( foxy x withered bonnie x withered freddy x reader x bon bon x fredrick x balloon...

25 Days of Kurapika [ReaderxKurapika] by kurtα príncєss

38 pages · Fan Fiction
25 Christmas Prompts all about Kurapika.

4 years- Ciel x Reader x Alois by Joeyeeeee

32 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is a ciel x reader x Alois fanfic. Read on! It's actually very interesting, if I do say so myself. You get to choose who you will be with.

Smile For Me (JTK X READER) by Ashley Freaking Purdy's Girl

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
You were in your room one day, just wanting to end your life, when all of a sudden, it was just darkness. You feel unconscious, but it wasn't from cutting.. you had gotten hit in the back of the head, but you don't know by who. When you awoke, you were in a big, dark, cold, dreary room, with...

C00L KIDS (Foxy x Reader) by Ticci Tella and Alois Trancy

70 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
You loved Freddy Fazbear's pizza... That was your favorite place to go as a kid. You really loved Pirate Cove, mostly because of Foxy. But what happens when the Bite of 87 happens, right in front of you? He bites you, but no one believes you. But, you have a scar to prove it. You became unstable...

Love Overtime-Soul 'Eater' Evans x Reader by Holly

42 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Your name is (Y/N) Stein. You are the daughter of Professor Franken Stein himself, but he isn't as crazy as he used to be. You live your normal life, going to the DWMA, collecting Kishin Souls, etc. That is , until, you and your brother are fighting a witch, that transports you to the past. You ...

This Mountain Town

33 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Y/n is a total tomboy, just got dumped by her boyfriend, mother died, and now she has to move away from all of her friends. Could life get any worse? (South park Kyle x Reader) Nope. In fact, it might even get better. (READER X SOUTH PARK)

Pony High (OCs+M6xReader) by NightMareTheDash

48 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
You're a new at Canterlot High. You don't know what to think. And you don't know how to react. And you've already made a name for yourself. (Also includes hardcore shipping. .3.)

The Book by Margrete

18 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Horror
You and your friend have been recording the creepypasta since you guys met(3 years). But now it seems you have been caught. Who found you and is he going to end you?

My Budder Warrioress (Skydoesminecraft x Reader) by Kasai no Nenshō

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Honestly I'm horrible with these, but here goes: Ellie Eltwana (reader) is one of the most watched Minecraft youtubers. Her life is perfect. But when all of the large minecraft youtuber's parents get killed in a mass murder, it all falls apart. What happens to Ellie when she gets sucked into...

One-Shots by The Girl Stuck In Her Daydreams

9 pages · Action · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
I'm not very good at writing reader inserts, but I'm going to try. So please don't get upset with me if I do poorly. I can only get better. I will take request, and it doesn't have to be just anime.

Call It What You Want by derpimerpiyerp is SO ready for Christmas

53 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
[Modern!Attack on Titan Boys x Reader] After moving into the City of Trost in the Rose District, [Y/N] has to juggle work, studies, and her personal life. Luckily, some friends help her, each having their own personalities and own interests. How exactly will she deal with everything?