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My Teachers Daughter by Tiaira

17 pages · Romance · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
She pushed me against the locker and kissed my neck roughly. ''Jade, I can't.''I moaned. ''Yes you can.''She growled seductively in my ear. I groaned and wrapped my arms around her body. I couldn't resist my math teachers daughter.

Seduction by ĸoloѕαl

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
Kidnapped & Sold ; Riley Pierce is forced into a world of blood, lust and desire; fighting side by side with America's Most Wanted, Jason McCann.

Seductive and Possessive -Werewolf Love Story-

17 pages · Romance · Fantasy
"You have to stay away from my brother. Unless you mean something to him. But usually none of the girls he dates are special to him so watch out." Carrie told me. I nodded and then the door burst open and a wave of authority and heat washed over me. Carrie scoffed and glared over my head. "T...

State of Seduction. [Dean Winchester] HIATUS by jadeforsaken

167 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
[Supernatural] "You can call it a choice but it never really feels like one. Its like, I make a conscious decision to leave you behind but some unconscious result has me running back. I don't know, does that mean we belong together? Because I sure as hell hope it doesn't, I can't lov...

Don't Stand So Close To Me (DESTIEL oneshot) by Splashstorm

4 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
What happens when Dean and Cas catch each other in just their towels in a hotel room? "Cas, personal space?" ;)

Seduction | TVD Fanfiction by AngieBear101

83 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Fantasy
What if Elena had a twin sister? Would TVD be different? Would Stelena or Delena occur? This is Cassie's side of the story. Formerly known as: Cassie Gilbert.

Science of Seduction by stephystuffz

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I'm back but Sherlock isn't. At least not right away. When he does return we both have a few surprises, and when something starts going on at my University I have to finally face him once again. ((Strong Language, rating: Mature))

Bite My Lip by lol loser named alexis

4 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories
I know I've already posted this on two different sites...But how am I supposed to become a world famous writer without advertising? A tiny fluff/one-shot. Ciel doesn't get it when Sebastian tells him, "Don't bite your lip. I want to do that." and Sebastian is convinced he is f...

Mr.Bad Boy Meets Ms.Anti-Social

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jeric Vincent Hayes is the popular bad boy in school who seems to fall for Mae Jones,the anti-social girl in school.Jeric already knows about Mae's tiny little crush on him now Jeric plans to make her fall in love with him.Jeric tries to seduce Mae while she was trying to resist it. "Don'...

Seduced Words *DONE* by Miss Raisa

19 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
His words were enough to seduce her as the minty breath of him trailed down her neck, she could feel herself getting hot. He had to have her no matter what came up but it wasn't for that he loved her, it was because he didn't want to die. As for her, she was gone into his seduced words as she gave h...

Poised Seduction (On Hold) by AleyKandyy

44 pages · Romance · Fantasy
She's something different, I'll tell you that. The way she walks, talks, and Oh! Her eyes. Her bright electric blue eyes. The ones that make anyone drop on their knees from one glance. Enough drooling though. Back on topic now, there's something about this girl. Something strange. Whatev...

Seduce me, Don't use me by Bella

16 pages · Romance · Short Stories
Sequel to girl power;) this time its more bittersweet, mature, feisty, and extremely dependant on seduction. Is it all a game or much more? So much secrets, so much lies, read to see what happens:D

The Art of Seduction |Jacob Black| by Unknown

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Vampires · Romance
Desperate times call for desperate measures! Now that the Volturi want to destroy the so called 'Immortal Child', the Cullens do everything in their might to prevent that from happening. Looking for help they accept it wherever they find it. That means vampires, wolves, even more vampires...

His criminal heart by Juliette

24 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
In a world where he only see's an lives in evil, how could he not be captivated by the nice, cute, sweet little piece off ass that appears at his school unexpectedly? She wants nothing to do with first. He wants everything to do with her and wont stop until he gets why he wants. No matter w...

Hide And Seek by Le mec qui s'en fou.ˣ

24 pages · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction · Romance
Ellie is a normal 19 year old girl. She comes across Jason McCann, not knowing he's a criminal and part of a gang. She starts to attract Jason towards her, getting herself in real trouble. What if he ends up kidnapping Ellie? Will they ever fall in love?

Red, Like Blood by Rᴇᴅ

4 pages · Vampires · Fantasy
"What are you doing to me?" He asked, sending my hairs on end. I didn't have an answer, making him growl in frustration and stride over to my trembling body. He cupped my face in his hands before relentlessly kissing me on the lips, passionately yet bitterly.

Saving Heaven by Butterfly Fly Away

12 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
“Dance with me,” He requested, voice husky with yearning, eyes wide and imploring. The monster that seemed to be in every man she met was not in his eyes, but she knew they were hiding lurking in the dark shadows waiting for the right time to sink it's teeth into her, and this time to never le...

Seduction by TheCheshireCat777

19 pages · Romance
BoyxBox Alexander is an Incubus. He is gorgeous to look at, and the schools player. He gets what he wants, or who. Gabriel is half angel, son of St, Micheal. He is bullied relentlessly for being a hybrid. What will happen?

Transformed by Haven

29 pages · Realistic · Romance
"I tried to wiggle away as he pulled me closer to him standing next to the lockers in the hallway, but his grip was too tight. He leaned in close to me and whispered, "you can't even resist me." Maybe he hadn't changed after all. Or maybe, he was just too scared to admit it.

Broken Promise by Karla13

37 pages · Romance · Fantasy
"I'll get you back Holland. That's a promise." He says as he takes a step closer to me. "Don't make promises you can't keep." Holland replied before walking away. Holland was dating the love of her life in sophomore year. He was everything she had ever wanted in a g...
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