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The Michaels Legacy ~Finished~ by sweet and innocent

192 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Shawn Michaels has a daughter. Sara. She's his pride and joy, his life, his everything. Growing up backstage of WWE gave Sara a look into the life of wrestling. Now, after 25 years, she's been hired into WWE. Can she live up to the Michaels name? Read to find out.

Whisper's Blood ~Finished~ by sweet and innocent

125 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
The last time we saw Sara, her heart was broken by Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton. Her life should be easier now, right? WRONG! Sara learns her mother's death might not have a simple shooting accident. And the main question will finally be answered. Dean or Randy? (Sequel to 'The Michaels Lega...

DX's Girl by sweet and innocent

70 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Humor
Sara michaels has everything she could ever want. A loving father, a protective boyfriend, wonderful friends, and the divas title. But can all that be taken away from her? As sara is trying to change the divas division, a new worker at WWE is doing everything in his power to stop it. Meanwhile, can ...

WWE Oneshot's Past/Present by Cerberus

57 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction · WWE
Short (some incredibly short) oneshot's of past and present superstars.. I'll only do a second of a superstar if I go back and dislike what I've done, or if that is my favourite superstar. Criticism/advice is welcome, and I take requests for superstars not done.

One Shots by Cloe

52 pages · Short Stories
I'm basically going to write a bunch of one shots of most of my celebrity crushes that go from 5SOS to british actors lol. I'll probably even throw in some fictional characters haha. If you guys have any suggestions, or have any requests please comment down below.

The Game's Daughter by Rachael Ambrose

18 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Felicity Levesque, Daughter of The Game Triple H, and new WWE Diva in the business, Felicity knew exactly what she was getting herself into, when she makes it to the main roster, but what she didnt know was that she was going to fall inlove, especially with The One And Only Dean Ambrose.

What is Justice? by tαcσcαt αnd chrís jєríchσ

199 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE
At the age of 25 Ashlan Shaw has everything she could've ever dreamed of. She works for WWE, the best company in the world, she's the current Intercontinental Champion, and she has the best friends anybody could ever ask for. Even though she has everything she could ever ask for she's at unease. DX ...

FREAKING AWESOME! (Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin Love Story) by Neon Cyanide

17 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
I'M SECOND GENERATION BABY! The Heart Break Kid is back! But not the way you think! It's me, Aiden 'Awesome' Michaels, oldest daughter of Shawn Michaels, The Heart Break Kid, the one and only! I've grown up with some of the coolest guys around! Hacksaw Jim Dugan, Sergent Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes, Th...

Heavy In Your Arms (Randy Orton love story) by Renee Young

25 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Mitzi Carter lost her memory and Shawn Michaels who took her to the hospital decided to take her in and become friends then get her in the wwe as a diva and she falls for her favorite wrestler.

In Love With Mr. Extreme l Jeff Hardy Story l ON HOLD by Deѕιrαy

4 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Love at first sight for two unsuspecting people. They become friends and fall for each other. He is already with someone. She is standing back and letting him be happy with another. Will these two ever be together or will go on loving each other in secret?

Love Me Again (A Shawn Hunter & Jack Hunter Love Triangle Story) by Bella Mae Dixon

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
My name is Thorn Angel Jackson. I'm the little sister of Michael Jackson who is also known as the King Of Pop. I'm the new student at John Adams Middle School where my boyfriend Shawn Hunter goes but I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving at my aunts house in the mountains but I doubt he ...

Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance by Rαgηαя'ѕ SнιєƖɗ-Mαιɗєη

3 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Prequel to 'My Big Fat Fake Wedding'

Daddy Doesn't Approve ~A WWE Sheamus/Seth Rollins Love Story~ by Dᴇᴘʀᴇssɪᴛᴀ

58 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Violet McMahon-Helmsley, the daughter of Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, falls in love with two people. What happens when daddy doesn't approve any of them?

Shattered Justice (What Is Justice? Sequel) by tαcσcαt αnd chrís jєríchσ

251 pages · Fan Fiction
Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta, Shield The moment those words came through the speakers at Raw, Ashlan Shaw's life changed forever. The night after facing The Shield at WrestleMania Ashlan quit DX, just so she could get the vengeance she felt she needed. The only problem is that veng...

A Twist Of Fate- WWE Love Story [FINISHED] by ѕтay awaкe

30 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
You're Shawn Michaels's 17 (almost 18) year old daughter! As you age, you are entering the world of WWE. You find you have to take risks and there are twists, with some that are fate...♥

The Heart Break Kid Lovin'. -Finished- by Gιrl Alмιɢнтyˣ

28 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
This is For All The Shawn Michaels Fans. The Fans Who misses HBK. The Fans Who Support him even if he's not there anymore. The Fans Off The WWE. HBK FOREVER. It's Wrestlemania 28 and a girl is devending her Diva's tittle when she runs into her old friend HBK. Read and see what happens |...

Heart Break Kids: Long Lost Sisters Make An Impact *Finished*

205 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Jeff Hardy and Triple H/Edge ♥ Story. Desiray and Cameron are sisters. They just dont know it. They find out when they meet backstage at WWE. Desiray has been with her dad, Shawn Michaels, all her life. Cameron has been with her mom all her life. 22 years seperates the sisters but does it really m...

Falling for the unstable one by heaven McMahon

1 page · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
Erin Michaels is Shawn Michaels´s daughter coming to the wwe she is a new diva what will happen if Shawn Michaels daughter fall in love with the unstable one Dean Ambrose Little Miss Ambrose

Electrify Me by Alex

27 pages · Fan Fiction · WWE · Romance
(Roman Reigns love story) Blythe Michaels is loving her life as a WWE Diva. Being the daughter of former superstar Shawn Michaels has given her a pretty big shadow to live behind but she has paved her own way through the WWE nation. Having had past relationships that never worked out she had decided...

Avenging Justice (Shattered Justice Sequel) by tαcσcαt αnd chrís jєríchσ

116 pages · Action · Fan Fiction · WWE
Enemies become friends, teams are broken and created, and one person is at the center of it all. Ashlan Shaw has made it clear she wants to end The Shield, but after all she's been through with them, will she willing to put down the Hounds of Justice?
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