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Slave of love [Harry Styles love story...

58 pages ~ Completed · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
SEQUEL - Never freed [Sequel to Slave of Love] [Harry Styles Love Story] *FINISHED* - I was a poor girl who was in love. I was happy and but broken. It was the middle of...

Rejected : One Lover, One Mate

190 pages · Romance
Crystal Rose Snow wasn't the prettiest girl in the kingdom. She was considered fat, ugly, unwanted. She was born into royalty but that doesn't necessarily suggest...

Vampire King's Pet(Finished)

65 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Fantasy · Vampires
She was a mere Human,Bullied at school, Hated by the one she loved. Hated by her Mother. The one person she loved was her dear sister, Emily. But, Not long when her siste...

His Young Love

68 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
One hundred girls from all around the world are chosen from a ballot and are sent to the Capitol where Vampire Royalty, Lords, Sirs, and the top Knights come together an...

Bought by 1D *FINISHED*

102 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · One Direction · Fantasy
I have been passed around more than i know. I was picked up by vampires when i was 6 and was sold into bloodslavery. I am 17 now and i have a plan. I will kill my next ow...

Yes, Master?

138 pages · Fantasy
I sat on the floor, wondering how I managed to get myself into such a mess. My hands were sweating, I was breathing heavily. Oh, and let’s not forget I was tied up, on ...

Bitten and Pregnant [Vampire] On Hold

21 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
"Don't even think of running away..." his voice haunted my ears, "..your body and soul are both mine, Aurora..."


90 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Macy is a human who was kidnapped from her home when she was thirteen. There she was abused, assaulted, and scarred. For six years she was held hostage as the slave of on...

Monster Inside Him *Harry Styles*

42 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
"Did you honestly think you get away from me?" His voice whispered. "Did you think you could run? Did you think that I wouldn't find you? I have told you ...

Alpha King

27 pages · Romance
Melissa is a girl with some strange… powers, the packs omega, she's never had a happy life... well after she turned 7. She's abused, bullied and is treated lik...

His New World Narry Love Story

127 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Harry is a young rich alpha from a prominent family and on his 21st birthday his best friends Liam and Louis take him to the slave market for him to pick out cute omega a...


75 pages · Romance
Lukas Emerson has never been able to live a fair life. His parents were killed in a car accident when he was a baby he was brought into an unloving home and is forced to ...
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Diabolik Lovers, Enslaved

10 pages · Vampires · Mystery · Fantasy
The world was thrown into chaos as the vampire race took over the world and humans were enslaved. Being chosen as the next slave for the Sakamaki household, Artemis knows...


34 pages · Mystery · Thriller
SEQUEAL TO LET ME LIVE! Haha Where's Mystery? What happens to her and Kendall? Hehe find out!


33 pages · Romance
"Your my mate Kate." Master King said. He lifted up my chin and I looked into his eyes. His big brown eyes. "I cant be your mate. Your my master and Im your ...

Angelic Fangs

23 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
Ira is one of the three angelic children left. When her and her brothers are traveling in Japan, they are attacked by vampire hunters. But what they don't know is tha...

Forever Wild ...

59 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
~Sequel to Two Masters, One Blood Slave~ They say love is when you look past all the flaws of the person you love. Well, you got that right. Although Darren and Sie...

My Precious Slave | Love story |

55 pages · Romance · Realistic
"I'm Amanda, The truth is I'm actually a slave. Being captured so young and vulnerable by a man who I call Master, who never took any notice of me, I never hi...


7 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
Vampire slave, Carmen, has been one of the Van Gould's slaves since age 14 after her family was attacked by a vampire. Hesper, Carmen's friend from the Van Gould&...

Ballroom For Angels

19 pages · Romance · Historical
She was helpless. He helped. No one loved her. He did. She hated to dance. He taught her to escape her reality through it. Now she waits in the ballroom so they can dance...

Master? Lol You're Kidding

23 pages · Romance
I woke up in a dungeon... Me and my friends normally joke about that but it never has really happened. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Ok, think... That's wh...

I'm Not Scared (Foxy Love Story)

5 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Ginger Rose is a normal girl. She was like everyone else, except for one thing. She can't get scared. So when some Anthropomorphic creatures start to live in her area...

Paradise - Infinite

22 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Will there be a moment in life that I won't be judged or subjected to this cruel life of being a "maid". Oh wait I forgot the most important part of

Number 88

17 pages · Thriller · Romance
I am number 88 at the auction house. Sold 4 times, but returned within less than one week. They beat me, they starve me, they chain me. Nothing like the future I dreame...
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