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Avenger,Stargate, and Doctor who One s...

11 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
I'm doing one shots now. One shots are cool. I will do Avenger,Stargate, and Doctor who on shots. But mainly Avengers. If you want a one shot tell me, and I will tell yo...

In The Genes

21 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Sarah Thompson is 24 years old, and for most of her life, she's had it rough. From being a young orphan to a teen runaway to a lost baby, she's never known what happiness...

Out side the known universe

9 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
What happens when a starfleet crew and their ship are thrown into a whole new galaxy and universe. Join them on their adventure and find out.

Secret Mission for Stargate Command, t...

26 pages ~ Completed · Adventure · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Colonel Jack O’Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Teal’c, Dr. Daniel Jackson Major Samantha Carter is really determined to find out what is going on now with Colonel Ja...


15 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
What happens when several threads get twisted together? They become stronger. Polyamory: Kerry Johnson, Jack, Sam, and more later. Alternate ending/behind the scenes from...

SG1 fanfic.

When the alien Jonas Quinn from the world kelowna joins SG1 no one can expect what will happen next when the stargate gets an SG1 code from his home planet while the team...

The Satedan and The Botanist

3 pages
Ronon Dex of the Stargate Atlantis team meets a Kiwi by the name of Evelyn Taylor. Will they click? The Runner and The New Zealander.

The box and the gate. ( Stargate x Doc...

Little something, I came up with when I was bored on a train... I suck at summeries, but I promise you it's a good story. I own nothing apart from my O.C

The Fandom Life

2 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
My Fandom story, Updates on Saturdays, and the main character is you. And I'm open to constructive criticism. And if you love the fandom life you'll love it.

I Won't Take NO For An Answer

Mixing my favorite fandoms! You will probably die of confusion... by the hand of Jeff the Killer.

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