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Cloud Nine

137 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
He kissed me so carefully and cautiously, as if I was a China doll that was about to break. "You." He whispered against my peach colored lips.

Afire Love ~Liam Dunbar

91 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Willow Stilinski was the smallest in the pack, but she sure didn't act like it. In a lot of ways, she was the brightest. When her feisty attitude catches the scent of...


94 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Horror
Can two broken people come together and fix themselves? Isaac Lahey, a newly bitten werewolf and member of Derek's pack is finally starting to find himself after the deat...

New Kid.

162 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Liam Dunbar story -Teen Wolf-

Love Bites [Isaac Lahey]

269 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Delia McCall is none other the Scott McCalls younger sister. Star athlete on the swim team. Popular, pretty, athletic. She had a normal life until her brother got bit in ...

Change |Twilight/Teen Wolf|

107 pages · Twilight · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Alyssa Black is sick of being teased and picked on everyday. Her only three friends are her brother Jacob, Embry Call and Quill Ateara. Things start to go downhill when E...

Skinny love

116 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Stiles pulled off from the road and parked the car "Why can't you just admit it! huh?" I looked at Stiles in shock and pulled my phone out of my pocket. "What the heck St...

My Protector |Teen Wolf/Twilight|

11 pages · Twilight · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Autumn Argent watched aunt get killed, then her mother died following their family code, and her grandfather brainwashed her sister before also dying. When her sister die...

Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf story-

500 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Season 1: Emily McCall is Scott's twin sister. Her bestfriend is Stiles. But what she's going to do when her brother is going to turn in a werewolf? A lot of th...

Limitations. -Isaac Lahey-

115 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
She was off limits. He knew that well, going for her would cause utter chaos. Derek would never allow it. Not to mention that they would surely rip him to shreds if he so...

Too Little Too Late (Derek Hale Fanfic)

28 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Six years ago, Derek made the mistake of choosing Kate over his girlfriend, Logan Brentwood. Now Logan is back with a new interest, Deputy Parrish. Can Derek get back the...

Teen Wolf Preferences and Images

169 pages · Fan Fiction
You're About To Lose Your Mind
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You're Bad for Me (Peter vs Jordan...

34 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
They met in high school...she was a freshman and he was a senior. Peter refuses to call it love at first sight along with Lana Martin (Lydia's older sister). But it w...

The Daughter Of A Psyhcopath (Aiden Lo...

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Juliet Marie Winters is a full werewolf, born with the gift. Daughter of Deucalion, one of the strongest alphas. When the Alpha Pack goes to Beacon Hills, Juliet's w...

Your Eyes (Teen Wolf & Liam Dunbar)

35 pages · Action · Romance
Liam Dunbar wasn't supposed to be bitten by a werewolf. He doesn't know how to control his anger, and it's getting out of hand. Scott tries to give Liam an an...


34 pages · Fan Fiction · Mystery
"You shouldn't have to worry about this kind of stuff, you're only a freshman." He said, ashamed. "Scott, It's Beacon Hills, if you're not wor...

The diviner

28 pages · Fan Fiction
Story also on wattpad. di-vin-er (n) : a person who uses special powers to predict future events. post season 3.

Chaos (Isaac Lahey)

175 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Rhea Hale is the female incarnation of her brother, Derek. Sassy, logical, and a natural predator. When she finally shows up in Beacon Hills, following the renewed absenc...

Kiss Me, Slowly [Dylan O'Brien]

30 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I strongly suggest listening to Kiss Me, Slowly by Parachute. * All Eleanor wanted was to fit in, to be loved, to have a normal teenage life, but she couldn't. Wh...

A Never Ending Adventure

5 pages · Adventure · Romance
Ava Winterhood is a freshman at Beacon Hills High School. She never expected what she would find at Beacon Hills, but she did. Ava is now trying to protect the ones she l...

Vengeance Rain | Derek Hale |

26 pages · Fan Fiction
The werewolves of Beacon Hills though they had one group of hunters to worry about. They were wrong. Dead wrong. The Winchesters Dean, Sam and Dean's daughter Gr...


24 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Estelle Masen is a young, intelligent girl with high ambitions. She lands the female lead in MTV's supernatural show Teen Wolf and is one step closer her biggest drea...

Falling Too Hard

78 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Eleanor is a girl who came to Beacon Hills to look for Laura. Eleanor could no longer get in touch with Laura since she went back to Beacon Hills. What will happen when s...

Show Me Your Teeth

68 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Mary Knox is new to Beacon Hills, due to her father's latest promotion at work. Mary is a quiet girl, but then, she always has been. She reads in almost all of her free t...
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