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Cloud Nine

137 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
He kissed me so carefully and cautiously, as if I was a China doll that was about to break. "You." He whispered against my peach colored lips.

Blended *Scott McCall*

57 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Her feet slid across the floor effortlessly and my breath caught in my throat. I couldn't think straight or even move as I watched her dance. She was perfect and I ne...


94 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Horror
Can two broken people come together and fix themselves? Isaac Lahey, a newly bitten werewolf and member of Derek's pack is finally starting to find himself after the deat...

Two Different Wolfs

38 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fan Fiction
Anna Marie Stilinski is the twin sister of Stiles Stilinski. She lives a normal life of a teenage werewolf. That is until one day she gets attacked by an alpha however no...

Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf story-

489 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Season 1: Emily McCall is Scott's twin sister. Her bestfriend is Stiles. But what she's going to do when her brother is going to turn in a werewolf? A lot of th...

Teen Wolf Preferences.

121 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Just some preferences from Tumblr. ALWAYS FROM TUMBLR UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE~

Skinny love

116 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Stiles pulled off from the road and parked the car "Why can't you just admit it! huh?" I looked at Stiles in shock and pulled my phone out of my pocket. "What the heck St...

A Different Kind //Stiles Stilinski//

58 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
Hi, my name is Catherine Parrish. I moved from my hometown when I was 17, to a town called Beacon Hills. I went with my older brother, Jordan Parrish. Ever since I got he...

Teen Wolf Preferences and Images

169 pages · Fan Fiction
You're About To Lose Your Mind

She's The One

27 pages · Fan Fiction
"Jackson! Jackson please don't do this." I sobbed, the tears streamed down my flushed cheeks like a river stream. "You mean nothing to me." Hi...

One Shots

52 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Usually based on imagines I find on Tumblr. MULTI-FANDOM Leave your requests, If you wish.

Young Volcanoes \\ Dylan O'Brien \\

203 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Amalia Reyes, a seemingly average young woman, is unexpectedly chosen for the role of the newest character in the popular TV series, Teen Wolf. She meets the talented and...
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Red Eyes: Teen Wolf Story

59 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Kendall Argent, twin sister if Allison Argent, upon moving to Beacon Hills with her family finds more than she ever expected in her Father's home town; werewolves. When s...

Blue Eyes (Sequel to Red Eyes: Teen Wo...

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
With a new Alpha and a new found freedom, Kendall still manages to stay under the radar from her family's watchful eye. Yet, new threats begin to happen and with her ...

The Lover Game || Teen Wolf

45 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
A girl who lives in Beacon Hills. What could go wrong? Everything. Layla Tanner, friends with Erica Reyes and Isaac Lahey. An outcast, not seen or heard by anyone. With t...

My Savior (Derek Hale LS)

10 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Rika Everblue died while fighting the Alpha Pack alongside Issac. She died in his arms, feeling no pain, because she knew she had gone fighting. One year later, when ever...

Different~Teen Wolf

54 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Based on 3B~ I sat on my bed and thought about Isaac, Scott, Stiles. Everyone. Why did I need to come back? I missed them so much. "Natalie! Dinners ready!" Kels...

The Red In The Sky

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Will Stiles finally get the girl of his dreams? Or will it all crash and burn, like it has before.

Angelus ~Stiles Stilinski love story~

129 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Aurora Carter moves in with her best friend Lydia Martin. She meets two suspicious boys who seem to have a link to the Supernatural. After finding out what she is she is ...

Can you wait for me? ~Abigale Mccall

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Abigale Mccall is Scott's younger sister, but only by a year. She skipped a year of school, so she is in the same grade as Scott as well. She knows everything about w...

How To Love A Broken Heart (Teen Wolf ...

20 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Luna Santo is a small town girl who has experienced too much heartbreak. When she finally has had enough of her hometown, she decides to move with her aunt. Maybe the new...

Teen Wolf Preferences

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Contains: Scott, Stiles, Derek, and Liam. Hope you enjoy!

Echo//Teen Wolf

26 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
She awakes in the dead of night, shrouded in the forest as so many before. She is the key, the only one that can stop the future from unraveling and the past from repeati...

Lupine (Teen Wolf- Derek Hale)

97 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Luna Lupine has just moved from a little town in Nevada to Beacon Hills, California. She thought everything and everyone would be normal. boy was she wrong. Now she's bee...
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