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Vampire King's Pet(Finished)

65 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Horror · Fantasy
She was a mere Human,Bullied at school, Hated by the one she loved. Hated by her Mother. The one person she loved was her dear sister, Emily. But, Not long when her siste...

Master's Love

59 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
Emily has been passed around from master to master. All of which have abused her in every way. Her new master want's to break that chain, but will Emily let him?

Bought by 1D *FINISHED*

102 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · One Direction · Fantasy
I have been passed around more than i know. I was picked up by vampires when i was 6 and was sold into bloodslavery. I am 17 now and i have a plan. I will kill my next ow...

Blood Ties -Book 1- "His Fury"

255 pages · Mystery · Vampires · Fantasy
It's a new world. A world ruled by vampires; and the humans that are left are slaves. We've always been slaves, we're born slaves. My life is like every other...

Bitten and Pregnant [Vampire] On Hold

21 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
"Don't even think of running away..." his voice haunted my ears, "..your body and soul are both mine, Aurora..."

His Young Love

68 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
One hundred girls from all around the world are chosen from a ballot and are sent to the Capitol where Vampire Royalty, Lords, Sirs, and the top Knights come together an...

Just A Blood Slave

17 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
What am I? Just a blood slave, from a vampire Blood Bank. But now, I'm 18, and going to be sold to my new 'master' at the auctions. I'm going to be honest, I'm scared to ...

Human Slave, Vampire Master *Finished*

37 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
"Your my slave," "You will call me master." "You will obey me. Or it will be the end of you." "Yes..........Master."

A Wolf's Slave

42 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
Katrina Turner, a.k.a Kat, was a normal girl 19 year old girl living with her dad. Well that is until a walk in the woods changes her life forever. But will it change for...

I Am A Vampire's Slave,Toy, and Love

26 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Vampires · Fantasy
Just read it! :)

Savior or Demon

37 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
Layla was born a slave but officially became one at the age of four. Now fifteen, she's had eleven masters, all abusive. Hoping for death, she is devasted when she ge...


195 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
This is no Slave and Master falling in love story. That's not even close to what my life is like. I don't even think my Master has a heart. But I do. That's why I still t...
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Sold Love

22 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
Vampires and Humans all know about each other, but the vampires have taken over. Human families have to sell their children to vampires. At the age of 16, every child goe...

Bloody Tears

29 pages · Vampires · Horror · Fantasy
My name is Alva Lyon, I'm a seventeen year old girl. I was a normal girl, until one day while exploring the woods I am kidnapped by the vampire slave trade known as B...

This crazy life

45 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
My name is lily, i am a werewolf who was kidnapped and sold into the vampire slavetrade, what happens when i am kidnapped by one direction?

Cursed Blood

13 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Thriller
"Love? Only in stories." I snorted. My sister can be so foolish. We are never going to be freed by this monstrosity. My sister still believes her boyfriend will s...

One Bite...To Make Me His

9 pages · Fantasy · Action · Vampires
In this world, vampires rule and every 100 years, hundreds of young girls are chosen to be brought to the center of the capital where all royals live and forced to stand ...

Angelic Fangs

27 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
Ira is one of the three angelic children left. When her and her brothers are traveling in Japan, they are attacked by vampire hunters. But what they don't know is tha...

Taking Over Me

3 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
Chantal Wilson is a teenage girl. She has a normal life. Two parents who love each other, a lovely dog, a cute boyfriend, A+'s in school, likes supernatural and the s...

Diabolik Lovers, Enslaved

24 pages · Horror · Fantasy · Romance
The world was thrown into chaos as the vampire race took over the world and humans were enslaved. Being chosen as the next slave for the Sakamaki household, Artemis knows...

Forbidden Fruit

32 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
Mariana Anderson is 17 years old lady, who has everything anyone would love to have she has loving parents, loyal friends, money, and beauty. But soon all that is going t...

House Of The Dark

58 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
The world of vampires and magic has always been complicated. Our young vampire friend has misplaced a few memories of her past, and not just any memories, all of the wors...

After The Ice Melts

23 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
There are no secret mythical creatures in the world. The human population knows of the existence of Werewolves, Vampires and pretty much any mythical creature you can thi...

Yes, Master?-ON HOLD-

28 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
I looked at him one more time, maybe the last. "I love you." I whisper before he leans down to kiss me. "I love you, too." He squeezed my hand then let g...
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