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Be Brave, Be Strong, and Hide the Tears

165 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
I am blind folded and led on stage. My 1st auction. I grew up in the slave auction house, I've been in training sense I could talk. My parents dropped me off here when I ...

A Master's Love

12 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
"I own you, dear. You will do everything I say, and if not, you will be punished. You are my slave, darling. If you choose to disobey me, I will make sure you hate yo...

His Young Love

69 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Thriller
One hundred girls from all around the world are chosen from a ballot and are sent to the Capitol where Vampire Royalty, Lords, Sirs, and the top Knights come together an...

Bitten and Pregnant [Vampire] On Hold

21 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
"Don't even think of running away..." his voice haunted my ears, "..your body and soul are both mine, Aurora..."

The Vampires Bride

47 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
In a world taken over by vampires, the only way to survive is to either become a vampire bride and bare their child or make yourself as ugly as possible in the hopes of n...

Vampire King's Pet(Finished)

65 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Fantasy · Vampires
She was a mere Human,Bullied at school, Hated by the one she loved. Hated by her Mother. The one person she loved was her dear sister, Emily. But, Not long when her siste...

Blood Ties -Book 1- "His Fury"

323 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
It's a new world. A world ruled by vampires; and the humans that are left are slaves. We've always been slaves, we're born slaves. My life is like every other...

Bought by 1D *FINISHED*

102 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Vampires · Fan Fiction
I have been passed around more than i know. I was picked up by vampires when i was 6 and was sold into bloodslavery. I am 17 now and i have a plan. I will kill my next ow...

Two Masters, One Blood Slave (Rough Dr...

516 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
Sienna was just an ordinary girl. ‘Was’. Suddenly, everything changed. And when I say "things will never be the same," it wont. For the better and for the wor...

You're mine.

80 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
"You're MINE!" He screamed, throwing me against a wall. "Not his!" He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into him. "Do you understand, Cassidy?" He hissed. I nodded hurri...

Take Me Instead

322 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Thriller
Samantha and her sister, Haley live alone in a small town. They've always been close, but things haven't been the same since their parents died. The girls grow ...

Blood Slave, Why me? *FINISHED*

35 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Horror
Carlie Jensen was your average 16 year old girl. Until one night, she was kidnapped by the Blood Slave, they wanted Carlie because she was young blood. Little did she kno...
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I Belong to You

110 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Thriller
It was dark and cold when I was taken. It happened quickly. My friend's scream and the sound of her brother fighting. Celestina wakes in a strange place after bei...

To The Highest Bidder

3 pages · Fantasy · Vampires
I had never expected my life to be easy. As a human in a world ruled by creatures who hunted humans, an easy life was basically impossible. But I never expected to be sol...

Silenced forever

53 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
A mute girl born into slavery for vampires. Is there anything more to her than just a slave. After being sold to her new master she slowly falls for and uncovers dark sec...

Dangerous Love

27 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
Katherine is a girl who gets abducted and sold to a laid back young looking man who is a vampire. What will happen?

Twisted Love

5 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
Stuck in a never ending slavery-endorsing world, Zoey is oppressed by her king, all powerful slave holder, Luke. Riley, one of Luke's friends and a seeming anti-slave...

The True Mark of a Warrior

49 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
In a land full of hearts of ice and snow, one girl struggles for survival at all costs. Despite her primitive view on life, Victoria is confronted with certain people and...

A.C.C.I.D.E.N.T.A.L.L.Y ( BxB)

5 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Horror
Christopher is a mute fourteen year old, who is about to make the biggest mistake of his life. Our world has hidden the fact supernatural creatures do exist, and are just...

Sold Love

54 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
Vampires and Humans all know about each other, but the vampires have taken over. Human families have to sell their children to vampires. At the age of 16, every child goe...

Red eyes

3 pages · Fantasy · Vampires
Emma, Emily Olivia Smith, was an ordinary girl, or so she thought, at least. But that changed, on one night, a dark night, when she got a big surprise.

My Hunter Princess

4 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
It all started when vampires took over and started enslaving everyone. There has been a war going on between the Blood Hunters and vampires for hundreds of years now. Onl...

The slave

25 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Romance
With a promising future, Thea Cross finds herself taken and turned into a blood slave for the most powerfull vampire. Her mind keeps searching for an nonexistent way out,...

Cursed Blood

17 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Action
"Love? Only in stories." I snorted. My sister can be so foolish. We are never going to be freed by this monstrosity. My sister still believes her boyfriend will s...
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