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Glass Hearts. by Sindarinbabee

9 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
"I refuse to have some disgusting bloodsucker for a mate, I refuse to let you steal my alpha position from me" He growled angrily. A werewolf, of course... "But id never-" I started but he cut me off "Shut up!" he yelled. My body was shaking uncontrollably. "You don'...

The Mate by ᒥ M i s t y ᒧ

4 pages · Romance · Mystery
Charlie just wanted to live a plain, simple life as a dull human. Just like the rest in the world's population. She's glad that she can move into with her mother in Virginia, but what happen when there's more to meet the eyes of a stranger called Mace?

I'm a..... a werewolf! by Emogirl444

43 pages · Mystery · Action
Serenity is 15 almost 16 and live's with a happy family. She was adopted at the age of 2 so she never knew her own family. What happens when a young werewolf goes looking for his mate and has to tell her what she is, on the night she is supposed to turn. How will she take it. Will she go back to...

Howl at the Moon||Isaac Lahey by Wolfwritingrandom

173 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Wolves mate for life, that's a very well known fact by everyone. Being a werewolf makes you no different. Antoinette, little human sister of Derek Hale, is now back in town…despite his reluctant over protectiveness. Antoinette is back just in time for the alpha pack to show up though…people ...

The Soul of Fire by Nashelit

37 pages · Romance · Action
Faith was an ordinary little girl, but when she turned 8 everything took a wicked twist. On her 8th birthday, she got the power to control fire. Her parents became scared of her and they began to abuse her. They always kept her in bad conditions to make sure she never hurt them. Tired of all the abu...

Alphas by RainbowBacon

68 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Jezebel is the first Alpha female in a long line of strong rulers in her family. Alphas usually only have one kid, so she's going to be the Alpha when she finds her mate. Her father refuses to step down until she finds her mate. King is the Alpha of the meanest, scariest, strongest pack in th...

Three is a Crowd by Mimic My Howl

18 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Athena doesn't just have one mate, she has three. A witch curse placed on the Saxondale pack she-wolves, means that each one of them is fated with multiple mates. Athena has exactly two months to pick which mate she will stay with; Arturo the Italian Adonis, Flynn the rebellious bad boy or Nick ...

Kyrie's Ordeals [Discontinued Until Further Notice] by נαεкσя

38 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Twenty-one year old, Kyrie has been training hard to become a warrior of her pack. Because of her determined nature, everyone knows she’ll definitely be successful one day. But then, Kyrie’s life begins to take a completely different course than she had thought, and it all changes that one day. ...

The Odd One by Writer2016

45 pages · Action · Romance
Quinn is born a no wolf werewolf. Having a child with no wolf is an embarrassment to her father, who is the Alpha of the Red Moon pack. To make it worse, her mother died during her birth. Which caused her father to blame her. He kept her alive long enough for her to defend for herself. It all change...

Possessive Yet Rejected

28 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Apparently the Moon Goddess hates Cameron Lennox, she has been rejected by her second mate, yet her second mate must still want her as he's super possessive over her. What if Cameron finds a third mate? Will Brayden realize his mistake and want her when it's too late?

Till the last dance by amaya

26 pages · Romance
Jordan had this normal life till she found out she can control the 4 elements. Corey is a werewolf who is trying to find his mate. What happens if Jordan has to go to the towns dance. What happens if Corey finds his mate and it's Jordan. When will they tell the secrets? Will everyth...

I Wont Change For You, Wolfboy! by Rachel

48 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Ellie has had a rough childhood. Her parents didnt even want her and left her in her abusive uncles care. Shes gotten herself wrapped up in anything that will get rid of the pain for a while. Now a guy shows up and tries to help her be less of a rebel but he has a few secrets of his own...

Just Love Me by Panda Queen

35 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
Carisma Blackwell isn't a regular girl. She's a pure bred hybrid. Her parents thought that she would bring darkness upon North Wolf Kingdom since she is half vampire and half wolf. So, they killed her. But aren't they in for a treat now. Carisma has survived those 4 years alone. Hated ...

The Unexpected Crowning by Julie's my name

139 pages · Romance · Adventure
Every year, the royals would hold a ceremony. The ceremony was a chance for the prince to find his mate; also known as the future queen. The guards would go to every village and pick out twenty-five names from the ballet of each pack. Only the girls ranged from thirteen to twenty had to put their na...


2 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Jordyn and Savannah, the Nerd Outcasts, the lowest of the low of ranking in the school population. They're the Omegas of the pack, and nothing will change that. Now, there's the Alpha and Beta's sons, Carter and Tyler. They are the most popular people in school, but who doesn't alrea...

Alphas' daughter by McKayla

11 pages · Romance · Fantasy
If you haven't read my first one Werewolf's mate then go read it before this one

Rejected : One Lover, One Mate by RachelRose

210 pages · Romance · Adventure
Crystal Rose Snow wasn't the prettiest girl in the kingdom. She was considered fat, ugly, unwanted. She was born into royalty but that doesn't necessarily suggest that she was raised royalty. Her parents disowned her the minute she was born. And not only did her parents disowned, but her one...

Black (Sequel to Red) by Junior

148 pages · Action · Fantasy · Romance
Amit and Nichole are thrown into being a parent... but the ex Alpha of the star pack wants revenge. Amelia and Nathan have a special bond. They must find their mates while staying close to each other. They are strong enough to mold you into someone else.

Werewolf's mate by McKayla

54 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Star has two parents who aren't really her's and they are hiding something from her. When they move to a new town in California she will find her family and answers to what she really is and who she is meant to be with. What happens if she wakes up one day and it was all just a dream? Well p...