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The Frosty Halloween (Jack Frost x Rea...

83 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Your name is Raven Nightingale, and you’re the Spirit of Halloween. A year has passed since the battle between the Guardians and Pitch, but what if he was rising again?...

Lone Wolf

95 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Some wolves aren't rogues, some actually want to be alone. That's me, Farrah Rimes. I'd much rather be alone then some domesticated house pet to an Alpha. Liv...

The Frozen Snow - Jack Frost & Elsa

31 pages · Fantasy · Romance
"I'm the one who brings the winter here to back off!" I said taking a step closer to the white haired boy. Anna put her hand on my shoulder but didn't sa...

Your Mate? I'd Rather Die

83 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
"Mate" he growled as I brushed by him in the halls. I raised my eyebrow and shoved past. "Mate" he growled again more forcefully grabbing my arm. "No way I'd rather die" ...

The Little Kitten and the Big Bad Wolf

80 pages · Fantasy · Romance
*Unedited* Dillon is what werewolfs call a 'kitten shifter'. Kittens are werewolfs with little wolf blood in them. They're weak, no pack wants a kitten shifte...

Never Say Never ~An Arranged Marriage ...

85 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
"What is that thing? What did you do to me?" I ask harshly swatting his hand away. "It's called a possession mark. It binds you to me. It makes you mine...


27 pages · Fantasy · Romance
"Mine," his husky voice whispered in her ear as she shivered in delight. She brought her hands up to his abdomen; moving them up and down his rock hard abs. He gr...

New Mates

41 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Rejected by everyone,her parents, her brother, and even her pack. And all because she's an omega. But what happens when Skylar's mate is the soon to be alpha? Wil...

Completely Wonderless

337 pages ~ Completed · Vampires · Fantasy · Romance
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean any of that. I was just worried and still mad. I wish I could rip his head off for what he did. He hurt you and that's not okay ...

His Weakness

70 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance · Vampires
"Don't you understand!" Kol yelled, approaching the girl who was cowering against the wall. "No one has ever loved me! My own FAMILY only put up with me! I'm not supposed...


38 pages · Science Fiction · Fantasy
In 2216, a girl by the name of Loni goes into the Renting trade, where she is rented to men to fulfill their needs. She is rented to a man who brings her into a unique si...

Game of Life ((BEN Drowned x Reader))

53 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Realistic
You were a 'nerd'. He was a virtual glitch. You were a smart ass. He was one too. You were up tight. He was perverted. Isn't this a game of life?
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86 pages · Fantasy · Romance
[PG-13] He said in a slow deathly calm tone "Never. Never talk to me Fay! Stay away from me. As far as you can. Don't look at me, not even think about me. Never...

The Alpha's Fallen Angel

20 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
What happens when your whole life is turned upside down? what happens when you suddenly find out that you're not human? What happens when you find out your whole life...

Hair of Ersed

183 pages · Fantasy · Romance
When life gives you magical powers beyond anyone's comparison, what will you use it for? When you realize that you are 'The Lost Princess' of a mythological kingdom, what...

Child of the Moon (A Bastille~Dan Smit...

125 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Eleanor a werewolf with two families her harsh human family who beat her for the smallest mistakes and her wolf pack who stand by her side through anything and everything...


19 pages · Fantasy · Vampires
"Even if it is filled with hate". I am 16, and i get to know that instead of being a normal happy human, i am a Guardian. I am assigned a task, which is filled wi...

Hundred Kisses[Lesbian]

8 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Her cheery tree dyed hair blow in the wind before she looked at me,shutting her erotic,adult book. Staring at her with my blue contact eyes with a confused look I chewed ...

Forbidden Love

32 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Action
Ivy is a wolf that got herself caught up in mess of vampires. Blake a vampire as well saves her life but now claims something that should be forbidden.

A Vampires Secret

26 pages · Fantasy · Romance · Mystery
A human girl named Rain Harper is living in the city of Baltimore and living a normal life with her normal bast friend Scarlet, but one day something is different. There ...

Agent Y/N

2 pages · Adventure · Fantasy
XD yassss the RAM is is sendin out some of da best agents to find out about the weird things happening, probs by magic. One of those agents is you.

Two Roses in the Forest

337 pages · Romance · Horror · Vampires
Fifteen year old Amara and her thirteen year old sister Marlee have always been close- have always led pretty normal lives. But then... then the incident happens. After r...

Farrah Flinwick: The forbidden Name

11 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Describtion will be posted soon

Winter's Story

6 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
Winter is a vampire who is turned against her will. Winter controls snow so she loves to play in it. Lucifer turns her since she has a gift. Lucifer has seven boys and Wi...
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