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Black Butler 7 Minutes in Heaven!
Story published August 16, 2011 · updated July 25, 2013 · completed · 34 pages · 7,604 readers · 18,786 reads
The Collar
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The Collar

A time in London where everyone wanted to stay in. All were silent. Lizzy playing with dolls, I were sleeping, Claude were attending to Alois, Sebastian were sweeping, Ciel were playing chess with Alois, Grell was trying to swoon Sebastian, you were reading, Drocell were singing quietly, Pluto were sleeping. All were silent, until Lizzy blurted out something. "Let's play 7 minutes in Heaven!" Everyone looked at her, nodding. Claude woke me and Pluto up, so we could put something in the hat. Once everyone put something in the hat, you were bothered to look up. "________, come choose!" Lizzy said. You slammed your book shut. "No." You muttered.

"Please?" Lizzy asked. "Do it. She's annoying me." Ciel said. "Fine." You reached into the hat, feeling something slobbery. You picked it up, and looked at it. "Collar?" You asked. Pluto picked his head up from his resting place. He looked at the collar, barked, and ran into the closet. "Oh god." You whispered.

You went in after him. Once you two were in, you were locked in. You sat down, only to be tackled and licked. You blushed. Pluto got off of you. "Hey, do you know I can talk?" "Now just discovering it." "Meh, I can forgive you." Pluto sighed. You patted him on the back. He smiled. You kissed his cheek. "Did you know that I liked you?" You asked. "Nope." He said. "Well, it's true." "Really?" "Yep." You turned his face to yours, and kissed him. Before you two knew it, you were up against the wall. You blushed. "We can do that later." "Alright." He got off of you, right in time.

"Alright, it's time to get out." I walked over to the door, and opened it. Pluto tripped me, you on his back. "They must've had a good time." "Obviously." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You two must've had a good time that night. Did you ever finish what was started? ;) 

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