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7 Minutes In Heaven! (WWE Style) *CLOSED*
Story published December 27, 2011 · updated September 8, 2012 · 57 pages · 3,491 readers · 26,388 reads
Sheamus "The
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Sheamus "The Foreign One"

You reached in and pulled out a slip. You looked at me in confusion. "Uh, Klar? There's no name on here." "What? Lemme see." I took the slip from your hand. The slip didn't have a name. Just a picture of a shark with spiky hair. "Oh!" I snapped my fingers. "Sheamus! You're the lucky guy!" You looked at me, your mouth fell open, then you slowly smiled. You and Sheamus stood up at the same time and headed to my room. You both tried to squeeze through the door at the same time. He stepped aside and let you through with a bow and a sweep of his hand. You grinned. 

"I can't believe I got you! You know, I always root for you on Smackdown." He smiled. "Thanks a lot. I appreciate it." You smiled when he spoke. You always liked his accent. It sounded so exotic and cool. "You want to know something funny?" You nodded. "I've only seen very few people with your hair color." "Really?" You patted the ends of your hair with your thumb. You thought your hair color was pretty common. "Yeah. Ninety nine out of every one hundred people in Ireland have red hair." You laughed. He grinned and sat next to You on the shag carpet next to my bed. You looked up at him. His hair is so cool, it's like a flame on top of his head... You reached up and touched it, with the very tips of your fingers. "It's soft. Like feathers." "Yeah. You know how I get it like that?" You waited for him to answer. He grinned, wickedly. "Dog's blood. I shower with it everyday. In Ireland, it's a tradition to wash your hair with dog's blood, as it slowly turns your hair red. All babies in Ireland are born with blond hair." He watched you, with a smile on his face. You looked at Sheamus, then at your hand, a disgusted expression on Your face. You gagged, quickly putting a hand over your mouth. "I'm just kidding! I wash my hair with the Dove shampoo!" He laughed, leaning back against my bed. "You should've seen your face!" You swatted his arm with your hand, your stomach still churning. He swatted you back. You went back and forth hitting each other, harder and harder. You hit Sheamus as hard as you could, leaving a red mark on his skin and a pain in Your knuckles. He hit you again, knocking you on your back. He hovered over you, grinning. "Sorry 'bout that." Your breath caught as he came closer. 
His lips touched yours. His breath was cool and minty. You kissed him back, putting your hands on his shoulders. He touched your hair, gently, like it was made of gold, or silk. He pulled you closer to him, hugging you. He smelled clean, like a mixture of soap and cologne. He kissed your cheek and smiled. "You are beautiful." You blushed and leaned in to kiss him again. Your lips touched once, then I knocked. 
You walked out with your arm around Sheamus's waist. He kissed your head. "Thanks for picking me." He said to You. I noticed how much love he had for you. When You looked his way, he blushed. He'd do anything to see you smile. 
I smiled as he closed the door. 
"Have fun with him, _______..."