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Tell Me A Lie (Harry Styles Love Story)
Story published December 29, 2011 · updated April 25, 2013 · completed · 241 pages · 3,581 readers · 54,992 reads
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Harry: You look absolutely incredible - he whispered to me as we drove to the KCA's. I smiled looking down at my outfit: .

Me: Thanks babe! - I smiled, pecking his lips. He smiled at me wrapping an arm around my shoulders, I leaned my head on his shoulder taking in this cologne; Bleu De Chanel ^_^

I looked over Elle and Jasmine. Elle and Lou were kissing while chatting every now and then. Niall's eyes lit up as he was looking at Jasmine with nothing but love and happiness as she giggled at something he must have said. I was happy for Niall, he finally found his princess. ♥
I was pushed from my thoughts when Harry kissed the top of my head. I look up at him, admiringly.

Harry: We're here, love.

The Limo driver walked over opening the door for us Harry climbed out before helping me out. Cameras were flashing everywhere, trying to get pictures of the boys. We walked along the bright orange carpet stopping to take pictures and sign autographs. Harry kept an arm wrapped around me the whole time.

We walked down the carpet stopping to take even more pics when We ran into BTR. I smiled at them giving them each a hug as did the boys. It was a tag awkward because of Harry and James but nothing major


As we walked further down the orange carpet, we were met by Kelly Osbourne.

Kelly: Right now I'm here with One Direction! - she spoke into the camera before looking towards us.

Us: hello. Hey. Hi. etc.

Kelly: Now not only do we have One Direction's Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik but here with us is also Harry's girlfriend Brooke Northern, Louis' girl Eleanor Calder and Niall's special lady Jasmine Walke!

Kelly: Don't you girls look stunning! 

We smiled into the camera, waving

Kelly: Its attack of the Brits and I'm loving it! - she laughed into the mic.

Harry: Sorry? - he joked, she laughed while playfully pushing him

Kelly: I'm not talking to you Harry!

Kelly: Are you excited to perform tonight?

Niall: Yea, its a massive honor. We've never been here before so it should be fun.

Kelly: Out of all of you who do you want to get slimed?

We all pointed to Zayn

Harry: Zayn, because he doesn't want to

Louis: Doesn't want to mess up his hair...

I laughed as Kelly touched his quiff, you could tell Zayn was agitated. He let NO ONE touch his hair XD

After the interview we walked into the building, Harry holding my hand as he directed me to our seats. Front row, well for the celebs. (:

The room was filled with kids screaming as we and other celebs entered the building.


We were all sitting waiting for Will Smith's entrance. Harry had his hand on my leg while I was holding onto his arm, next to me was Zayn, then Louis and Elle. On the other side of Harry was Liam then Jasmine and Niall. Behind us was Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice and so on.

Niall: I wonder if Justin Bieber is going to be here!?!?! - he said excited

Jasmine groaned, she hated Justin bieber which I thought was hilarious. You have Niall, the Irish Belieber and Jasmine, the Anti Belieber XD

Niall glared at her playfully as she rolled her eyes at the sound of his name. We all chuckled at then. Just then the lights went off and Will smith appeared from the ceiling from a 'parachute'

We all cheered, the boys were excited to see/meet him

Will: Hello Every-body! - he shouted into the mic

Will: yada yada yada

He was talking about some mystery voice and what not. Me and Harry were having a discussion on who it was

Me: I think its Justin 

I laughed when I heard Jasmine groaned again, either she heard me say his name or Niall's talking about him again

Harry: No, I heard he wasn't coming tonight.

Me: then who?

Harry shrugged

Harry: No idea... maybe someone like Adam Levine or Ce Lo?

I shrugged


I was standing up along with Elle and Jasmine dancing around to Katy Perry singing 'Part of me'

Me: This is the part of me that you'll never ever getta take away from meeeee! Through your sticks and stones and your bombs and your blows- I sang along with her while swaying my hips. I felt arms wrap around my waist, I smiled knowing it was Harry.

We moved to the beat of the music' me singing along.

After Katy's performance we took our seats again, while they announced an award

Zayn: That's attractive.... - he noted as they pulled a sword out of a mans mouth, announcing Kristen Stewart as best Female Actress

She came up and collected her blimp, while giving a small speech. The boys left to go backstage to get ready to perform


Boys: The way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, because you don't know oh oh, you don't know your beautiful!

Me, Elle, Jasmine, Taylor, Victoria, Miranda, and Selena were all jumping around to the boys as they sang WMYB

I looked up at Harry, just as he was looking at me. He gave me a wink before starting his solo, looking directly at me as he sang it, causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach

Selena: You're very lucky 

I looked a her and smiled

Me: I know(:

She smiled at me, grabbing my hands jumping to the beat

Harry: And that's what makes you beautiful! - he finished the song


The boys came back to our seats, I pecked Harry's lips quickly knowing there were kids, but most of all fans. I didn't want to hurt them...

Me: you did amazing babe!

he smiled at me

Harry: Thanks, love. - he pecked my lips once more, before adverting his attention to the stage.

Will: Now to discover the creepy voice!

Creepy Voice: You'll never host the KCA's Will!

As it spoke, Ce-Lo appeared from the ceiling. I looked at Harry shocked, how'd he guess it? He just smirked at me.

Will: Ce-Lo? What are you doing?

Ce-lo: I just have always wanted to get slimed.....

Zayn: Who would want to be slimed? - he mumbled causing me to laugh

Will: But slime is only for people who deserve it..... yada yada..... besides the children have voted for a mystery celeb to be slimed...

Next thing you know two kids and a man come out. the guy rubs whipped cream all over Ce-Lo while the kids threw sprinkles on him. Finally the guy placed, a Cherry hat on his head. We were busting up at Ce-lo's face.


Will: We have one more award to announce...

Then Jaden smith and Willow Smith appeared

Jaden: Best male artist..... JUSTIN BIEBER!

Niall shot up cheering as Justin swag walked on stage and collected his blimp, saying a speech. Niall was going crazy and Jasmine looked as if she might go mad. :D

Justin was now center stage with Will

Will: Now Justin the kids voted for a celeb to get slimed.....

Justin nodded as if to go on

Will: And we're going to bring him out here....

Justin and Will turned to face the back of the stage when slime shot from every angle at them, Justin's face was priceless! Niall stood jaw dropped at the horrid scene in front of him as Justin was being pounded by slime. Jasmine just sat there laughing her ass off -_-

Zayn looked terrified at the scene before him.

Poor boy didn't see it coming...


 After we left the After party and the boys all met Will smith and me and the girls hung out with Selena and Taylor, exchanging numbers. We headed back to the hotel.

Once we entered our hotel room everyone went to their rooms to start packing. We left for New York at 5am.

This was going to be a longgggggg night!

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