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What Makes You Beautiful -Finished-
Story published March 26, 2012 · updated June 20, 2012 · completed · 162 pages · 16,511 readers · 253,756 reads
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Months Later


Third Person View



Dylan looked at Harry, watching him hold her bundle of joy on the couch from her rocking chair. She smiled as she heard the tiny little laugh that came from her beautiful baby girl. She had guessed right, and now blessed with her baby girl, she couldn’t be any happier.


As she watched Harry stare at her baby, she noticed just how grown up he was. Someday he would be a great father. Maybe someday soon. He had met Faith before the X-Factor, and they’d been friends for a long time. But he didn’t want a relationship while travelling.


So when things settled down almost two years ago, he asked her out, and they’d been together ever since. They had plans of getting married, just like Dylan and Niall had done months ago, and like Lexus and Zayn were going to in the summer. Faith liked the idea of Harry loving children, as she loved them too. The two of them fought to hold the baby, and it made Dylan laugh, but protective.


Harry rocked the baby gently, sending her to sleep. When he looked at Dylan watching him he smiled. He stood up and placed the baby gently into Dylan’s arms. Niall, who was leaning behind Dylan, was now beside her. He nuzzled into her neck, and she smiled. A photo was captured as then both looked down upon the beautiful baby girl they had named Iliana Darcy Horan.


Speaking of Darcy, she had passed away just a few days after Iliana was born. She was one of the first to hold her. They named her after Darcy, because even in a short time, she became a big part of their lives, and they would never forget her. Noah often visits, and enjoys holding and helping, almost as much as Harry, and Harry comes over EVERYDAY.


“She’s beautiful.” Niall says kissing Dylan’s forehead, and Iliana stirred in Dylan’s arms, waking. She didn’t cry, she’s a very quiet baby, something most wish they could say. When the baby looks up, the intensity and brightness of Niall’s blue eyes with the subtle flecks of Dylan’s icy blue eyes greeted the couple. They both smile.



“Yes, she is very beautiful, she has your eyes.” Dylan murmurs leaning on his shoulder.


“She has your nose.” He said touching it lightly. They both smile both laughing quietly, and they both stare at Iliana, who had slowly cuddled into Dylan more, and drifted off the sleep again. In peaceful silence, the couple realized this is all they wanted and needed. They were blissfully happy, their family complete. Looking down at the precious baby, they then looked back at each other, murmuring three words. Three tiny words that they both said, and loved saying.


“She’s all ours.” 

The End ♥
Dedicated to one of my bestest friends ever

I love you Kaitlyn <3

You don't know
oh oh
you don't know you're beautiful

Oh oh,
That's what makes you beautiful<3

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