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Scratches So Deep, They Scar Me On The Inside.~Completed~
Story published May 13, 2012 · updated July 12, 2013 · completed · 38 pages · 3,740 readers · 54,308 reads
Oh My God..
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Oh My God..

*8 Months Later*
"It's ok, babe! Just take deep quick breaths."
"Just breathe and push, you can do this babe."
Tears fell from my face as I pushed.
Then I heards screams and cries.
"It's a girl!"
Jennifer looked, and smiled, tears forming in her eyes.
"She's beautiful!"
The doctor held her up and showed her to me.
"Oh my God.."
"Would you like to cut the cord?"
He handed him a pair of medical sissors, and Sage took it, and cut the good, with that, the doctors and nurses took her to the side, to check her health, and clean her off.
Sage came and kissed me on my forehead.
"She's beautiful, Sicily."
I hugged him tightly, and cried into his shoulder.
"I love you."
"I love you too."
After a few minutes, they brought her back to me, and I held her.

Light brown/blonde hair, and shining blue eyes.
She looked around at her new world, with wide eyes.
"Hi, baby! Hi.." I whispered to her softly.
"What's her name?"
I thought for a minute.
"That's beautiful."
"Middle name?"
"Lyle.. Yeah.. Delta Lyle Winthrope."
"That's beautiful, babe!"
She wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to me.
"This is her birth certifacite, sign where it says 'Mother'."
I handed her to Sage, so I could sign the paper.
After I signed it, she took the paper and handed it to Sage.
"Sign where it says 'Father'."
He handed Delta to Jennifer, while he signed it.
"Hi, babe! Whatcha doin, cutie?"
"I wanna hold her!"
Jennifer handed her to Damaris.
"I wanna steal her.."
"No! My baby!"
"Bu-But..  But she's so cute!!"
"If I trust you enough, and when she's old enough, I might let you babysit. Now give me back my baby!"
He smiled, and handed her to me.
She was already smiling at me.
Sage came, sat down on the bed with me, wrapped his arms around me, and started talking to her.
"Hi, baby."
I looked at him, and he looked back.
Shaking my head, I leaned in and kissed him.
This is perfect ♥

"I trusted you with my life! And all you did was ruin it.."