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Black Butler 7 Minutes in Heaven!
Story published August 16, 2011 · updated July 25, 2013 · completed · 34 pages · 7,607 readers · 18,811 reads
The Eye
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The Eye

It was a cold, dark, stormy night in London. Even I couldn't take it. I was sitting next to Claude then Lizzy blurted out "LET'S PLAY SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!" Everyone sighed. It had been three times ever since we played it. "Fine, Elizabeth, But this time I get to hold the hat." Sebastian chuckled. "Aww fine." Lizzy mumbled. So everyone gathered in the living room, Ciel held out a hat.

Everyone put something in the hat. You, chose out the hat first. "An eye?" You said. I stood up. I walked into the closet. 'Her......' You thought. You walked in. Lizzie locked the door. 

I was sitting down in the corner, crying. "What's wrong?" "Nothing." I sobbed. You interupttedly kissed me, as I kiss back. You pushed me against the wall, and kissed my neck. I groaned. You licked, I moaned. You bit my soft spot. Thats when I started moaning loudly. I was backing up, but there was no escape. You kissed me again, roughly this time. I kissed back.

Sebastian opened the door with his foot, saying "Times up." You groaned, walking out. I crawled out, sitting back next to Claude. Better Luck Next Time!
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