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Soul eater love story
Story published August 17, 2011 · updated October 10, 2011 · 28 pages · 1,428 readers · 9,551 reads
Yuria Ukuro (this
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Yuria Ukuro (this is you)

Name: Yuria Ukuro

Nickname: Yuri


Age:14(like everyone else cuz i say so)

Weapon or Minister:Weapon(and a damn good one) turns into a scythe and gun blade

Personality:Kind, sweet, scary when pissed, Patient,supportive and strong!

Likes: Yumi, her friends, kinshi souls, and being a weapon for Yumi

Dislikes: Mean people, being told shes nothing, being alone, seeing Yumi struggle and sacrifice for you.

Friends:Crona , Maka ,Soul ,Black star, Death the kid, Liz, Patty,Yumi

Enemys: Madusa, Asura,

Crush: Soul Eater Evans

(Just imagine a silver scythe as long as soul, and a blade with a gun on the top and trigger in the handle)