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Scary gothic stories
Story published August 19, 2011 · updated November 11, 2011 · 7 pages · 2,222 readers · 5,350 reads
dead in the head
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Dead in the head

A note was pinned to the mirror, "tera: foods in the fridge, be back tomaro. love dad" it read in red ink. tera looked down the hallway half-heartedly, she hated it when dad went away on business... in the back bedroom uncle ted sat in her fathers bed, stuffing his plump face with potato chips, zoning into the tv. tera truged into her bedroom, and closed the door with a sigh, a tear rolling down her pale face. she sat in her bed and watched the door, praying uncle ted just stayed in her dads room the whole night, but of course he wouldnt. how many times had he watched her when her dad went away on his trips? since she could remember, and every night that fat freak would enter her bedroom, and hold his hand to her mouth whispering in her ear "dont you dare tell my brother, dont you dare tell him or i'll kill you, i'll kill you slowly, and hide the body, blaming it on your deranged brother, you hear me?!" tera hated that basterd. she hated the way he talked about her older brother, jake, who had down syndrome. she wanted to kill ted, everytime he opened her door she'd imagine pluning the rusty butcher knife she kept under her bed into his fat ugly throat, and she wanted to see him bleed and choke on his own blood until he died. tera clenched her fists. the bedroom door opened, and she reached under her bed to get her knife, she was sick of it. just then, jake entered the room, smiling. "ted dead in the head..." jake sang, he repeated it sevral times, and tera noticed that jake had blood all over his fists and shirt. "jake....? what did you do....?" tera asked terrified, she dropped her knife and walked up to him, grabbing his shoulders. "ted is dead... i got sick of watching... he bad, bad man, i love you too much to watch it go on!" jake smiled and hugged terra tightly, and then he pointed down the hallway. what tera saw sent shivers allover her body, teds headless, bloated body, lying on the floor of her dads room. jake grabbed teras arm and led her down the hallway, and into the kitchen. on the counter was teds plump head, bloody, eyes wide open, mouth sewn shut. "now ted can never be bad again... he can never say those things again." jake said, smiling. tera was in shock, she ran away from jake and locked herself in the bathroom, calling 911. the police showed up and arrested jake, he was put in a mental institution. tera was seperated from her father, and put in a foster home. one night as she was drifting off to sleep, she heard a humming coming from her closet. eventualy the humming turned to singing, and tera began remembering the words, her brothers voice, singing "dead in the head" over and over again in a taunting tone. she screamed as the door opened and her dead foster parents fell out on the floor, headless, and she saw jake stanging over her bed smiling and holding a knife. "i want to take my sister with me..." he said, and stabbed her in the face, then he hung himself. END
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