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A Mindless Behavior Love Story ~Roc Royal's Story~
Story published August 23, 2011 · updated October 21, 2012 · 16 pages · 12,555 readers · 70,532 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

~~~The Night He Told You~~~

---At  Your House---

You were sitting in your living room,  ( looks like this) 

thinking, thinking of him until the you heard the doorbell. You got up and opened the door to find Roc. (Well, Trey cuz this is before he was called Roc Royal) and your face lit up when you saw him.

You:Hey Trey. Ha that rhymed.
Roc:Haha Yeah, listen ______ I gotta tell you something.
You:Well, come in and you can tell me.

He said while walking in and sitting down on the couch and you sit next to him.

You:So, what did you want to tell me?
Roc:Um *he said while scratching his head* I got in. You know, I got in to the group I've been telling you about.
You:Oh my god! That's great Trey! *you hugged him*
Roc:Yeah, it is.

You back away from the hug and give Roc the confused face.

You:Why do you sound so bummed?
Roc:It's just... 

He trailed off.

You:It's just what?
Roc:I have to move, and that means I can't see you.

You looked at him shocked and you were speechless.

Roc:______ are you okay? Hello?

You snapped out of it and looked at him worried/sad.

Roc:_______ it's gonna be okay.
You:No it's not, your My Positive Energetic Best Friend in *you look down* Nikes. (Yes, I know, it's random. It took me a while to come up with that. I had to look at pictures before he was well him now and look at the website too so, hope you likeit though)

Roc smiles.

Roc:And your My Outgoing Smart Girlfriend in *looks down* Sandals. (Let's just leave it at that cuz everyone has sandals and Everyone likes to be called outgoing and smart)

When he said that you face shot right up and looked a him with a raised eyebrow.


Roc looks at you blushing.

Roc:Look _______, I've really liked you since we became friends and I was wondering if we could be more than friends?

Your face lit up when he said that.

You:I would love too, but your gonna be gone and we're not gonna be able to see eachother.
Roc:That's why I got you this.

He pulled out a white rose that has a plastic stem and fabric petals much like this:

and he hands it to you.

You:Oh my god, Trey! 

You grabbed the rose and touched the petals.

You:How come it's plastic?
Roc:It's like my love for you, it will never die.

You looked at him with love in your eyes. Then, you heard a honking noise.

Roc:As I hate to go, I have too. 

He got up and looked at you with watery eyes.

Roc:Bye ________.

And with that, he walked out the door. You sat there looking at the rose thinking of everything that just happened and when he said "It's like my love for you, It will never die." kept running through your mind. You got up and ran outside which he was about to get in the car.


He turned to you and ran to you and you did the same and before you knew it, your lips were pressed on his. His hands were on your cheeks and your arms were on his neck. You felt light rain drop on your cheek. The rain felt gentle on your skin and you smiled through the kiss and so did Roc. Time felt like it slowed down.Like, the rain slowly dropped on your body, felling the drops slide down your skin and you having to hold on to Roc's neck from not falling then you both pull back.

Roc:I love you ______.
You:I love you too Trey.

You gave him one last hug and before you knew it he was already walking back to the car. He waved, you did too and walked bak inside, despite the fact you were wet . You walked to the living room to pick up the rose and walked to your room:.

You got in bed, and you didn't really care you were wet. You only cared about Roc, only Roc and the rose. You still had the rose in your hand and looked out the window.

You:Goodnight Trey, I love you.

You put the rose on the pillow next you and drifted to sleep thinking, thinking of him...

Roc's POV

I walked back to the car and got in. I didn't care about anything anymore.Only ________.  I looked out the window, thinking of the kiss, the most amazing kiss ever. I started to get tired.

Me:Goodnight ________, I love you.

I layed down still looking out the window and slowly feel into a deep sleep thinking, thinking of her...
Me:So, whatcha think?
You:I like it.
Me:Why thank you! Plz Comment, Rate and Follow!
The Rose is Like my  Love for  YOU. It will NEVER DIE.