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Sweetest Mistake.-Done-
Story published August 28, 2011 · updated October 22, 2011 · completed · 32 pages · 2,219 readers · 24,446 reads
Brianna Nicole Eva
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Brianna Nicole Evans

Hey its Brianna.
People call me Brie though.

Born July 31, 1994
I'm 17 years old.

Have no parents.

Mom died in Plane Crash. Dad was Killed.
Mom gave me a necklace before she died.. I were it all the time.

I love to sing its my life.

I live with Justin and Pattie (My second mom).

Justin is my best friend. And I'm in love with him. He's dating Selena Gomez...
I still support them, Even though it hurts seeing them together, Kissing...Ugh! A good friend supports Right?

I love the beach. Its my hiding spot sometimes.. It calms me down.

Personality: Smart, Sweet, Athletic,Nice and Bubbly

Favorite Food: Is Mexican, Italian and Chinese

Hates Clowns..Long Story

Also hate snobby people. They act like they're all that! (Bastards....)


 I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out.

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