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A Yuki Sohma Love story- Fruits Basket
Story published August 31, 2011 · updated January 6, 2012 · 22 pages · 3,229 readers · 23,805 reads
Chapter 1!
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Chapter 1!

The next station was mine. Then I was home. Proper home. I slung my backpack over my shoulder as the train screeched to a halt at my station. I jumped off and found a map on the wall. After pinpointing where I used to live, I walked in the direction it told me. Just you wait, Sohma's. I'll see you all soon!
Half an hour of walking later, I was tired. I found a little park and lay down on a little grass hill. Before I'd even realised, it was late and I was now staring up at a beautiful starry sky with a full moon. 
"Beautiful night, isn't it?" A low, male voice said.
"Yep" I answered, still looking up at the sky. I felt the boy lay down not too far away from me. 
"I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new here?" he said after a while of silence.
"Yep. I'm looking for my friends. I had to leave them when I was little, but now I've come back to visit them" 
"I know lots of people round here, maybe I can help you?"
"I'm looking for a family called the Sohma's" I said and he gasped. 

*Yuki's P.O.V*
"I know lots of people round here, maybe I could help you?" I asked the girl.
"I'm looking for a family called the Sohma's" she replied and I gasped. She was looking for my family? We were her friends? I recognised her voice from somewhere, but I wasn't sure where. 
"May I ask your name, Miss?" I said.
"Mika Sasaki. Why?" she said. Mika. I remember that name. But where from? Then memories started flowing into my head. Mika Sasaki. The girl with the bright blue hair. We always used to play together and have fun as little kids. She would comfort me when I was sad. She would protect me from bullying and she even stood up to Akito once. 

*Mika/your P.O.V*
"Mika" the boy breathed. I rolled over to have a look at who the person was laying next to me. The boy had purple hair and purple eyes. He was just as I remembered him.
"Yuki?" I wispered. 
"Hello again, Mika" he said. 
"Hello Yuki" I said.
"Where have you been Mika? I've missed you"
"I've missed you too Yuki. I was always thinking of you when I was at that place"
"I'm just glad I'm able to see you again!" Yuki exclaimed.
"Same. Its good to know that my trip wasn't wasted!" I replied.

Yuki and I sat up talking all night, catching up, and before we realised it, it was morning.
"Hey rat boy! Where have you been all night?!" an angry voice shouted.
"Hey don't call Yuki rat boy, Kitty!" I shouted back.
"DON'T CALL ME KITTY! Wait Kitty... The only person who has ever called me that is.... Mika?" Kyo asked, surprised.
"The one and only!" I said, beaming. 
"Kyo! I can't run that fast!" shouted a girl as she came to a stop next to Kyo.
"Kitty! What have you done to this poor girl?!" I said walking round the girl, examining her as she just stared at me funny. When I got back to the front of her, she looked e
xhausted from running, but curious. 
"Hello. My name is Tohru Honda. May I ask what your name is?" the girl I now knew was Tohru asked.
"My name is Mika Sasaki. So you're the Tohru I've heard so much about?" I said.
"I guess...." the girl said. 

I've finally found the Sohma's. I've found home. I can't wait to see Shigure and all the other Sohma's. I've missed them all so much and I hope I get to be friends with Tohru.

Find out what happens in Chapter 2!

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And please read my bff's Yuki Love Story that I dedicated this story for:

Me: That didn't make sense, did it? 
Kyo: Nope, not at all.
Me: Ooopsssiiieee. Oh well... Please read the story anyway!