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Harry Potter's little sister (a Draco Malfoy love story)
Story published September 10, 2011 · updated October 30, 2011 · 4 pages · 879 readers · 2,753 reads
The Journey
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The Journey


"Professor Dumbledore, sir?" "Yes Miss?" "I'm Piper Evans and I have come to register for Hogwarts." "Are you a witch Miss Evans?" "Yes sir, I can do more magic than most fifteen year olds." "Tell me your story Miss Evans." I told him of my run in with Voldemort. "You may take a shower and stay in the Head Girl's room until Hogwarts begins. I will take you to buy your books tomorrow in Diagon Alley." "Thank you sir...ummm but I don't know where the Head Girl's room is." "I am busy so I will get one of the teachers to show you around." "Ok."
- 5 minutes later-
"Severus this is Miss Evans." "Hello, I am Professor Snape." "I know who you are Snape, and I would stay away from me if you want to live," I spat. "Miss Evans! Well he is a Death Eater and I don't trust him." They told me of Snape being a double agent. "Oh! I'm sorry." "It's fine Miss Evans." He showed me where my temporary room is. "Thank You," I said nervously. I took a shower and laid on my bed. I fell asleep thinking of my life at Hogwarts.