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Can't be your superman ( Eminem love story)
Story published September 12, 2011 · updated January 30, 2012 · completed · 39 pages · 3,305 readers · 17,797 reads
Love you like a ne
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Love you like a nerd loves math.

 I stare at his brown hair, he got left back, I'm 14 and he's 16. He's so cute, and I can't even talk to him. "Natalie" said the teacher and he turns, I turn beat red, he saw me staring and he smirks. "Ye.. Yes Mr. Hoffman?" I manage to say some way, some seconds passed before I realized the teacher was talking to me. " How do you solve (a+b)^2 " Easy a smirk forms on my face " A^2 +2AB+ B^2" I answer quickly and go back to day dreaming, next thing I know the bell rings.

"Naaa!! Wait up!!" That's Joyce, she's like a sister. "I heard Marshall looked at you" she said catching up to me "Shhh it, I don't want anybody finding out, especially him" I say rapidly, the rumors travel fast and even more if it's the Preppy smart girl likes the white trash bad boy. "If you don't tell him then you'll never find out if he likes you back, you idiot!" I look at her, halting all of the sudden, "Are you kidding me? Look at me... He'll never lay eyes on a girl like this" I answer back upset. "He can like you, you're so pretty I envy you. Look at that beautiful hair, its like a wild lion, and don't let your mom get to you, you know she loves you" We talked as we walked to next class "She hit me again, she came home at 2 am, I was asleep, and since there was no food made she woke me up throwing a shoe at me, and then she hit me so hard my ribs still hurt" I whispered, it's not something I'm proud of nor do I want the whole school to know my mom is an abusive alcoholic drug-addict lady. Joyce hugs me, and then I see him again, looking at us with a weird look and walks over to us "Hey... I heard you're good at math" He didn't even get to finish, Joyce talked in "She's GREAT ! She always does helps me study" Joyce told him winking at me "I am not that good... Don't listen to her" I say nervously, I never talked to him and here I am him a few inches from me "That's okay, you're probably better than me at it"he says smiling and touching my shoulder which I flinch, it hurts to bad, "aah"I try not to say "Are you okay? "He asks worried, "I'm fine"

2:15pm the bell rings and we're dismissed, it's snowing 20th of December, two weeks of vacations, two weeks of hell for me. Joyce is already outside throwing some snow balls at some dude, with my head down I walk down the hallway, my boots seem like a brown fuzz, suddenly I hit something hard and I look up" Sorry" I murmur, and there were two ice blue eye looking into mine. "Don't be, I didn't see you coming" Marshall said softly, smiling I try to get pass him and he puts out a hand touching me on my rib cage, flinching again I close my eyes hard and let out a yelp. "What did I do?" he asks quickly parting "Nothing.. You nothing" "Then who did?" "What do you care?" and with that I push, more like shoving, him out of the way I walk out running fast to my car and tearing. I want to die, I don't want to go home, home to her. A tapping noise comes from my window, I look up Joyce is there and DeShaun behind her with Marshall. Oh god, and now he sees me crying.