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Hinata's Sister(Sasuke/Kiba/Neji Love Story)
Story published September 14, 2011 · updated September 26, 2011 · 7 pages · 1,095 readers · 3,077 reads
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Village:Mist but moves to Leaf
Family:Ur mother-Kogo
Ur father-Hiashi (ur mom told u ur father was dead )
Ur twin sister-Hinata (ur mom told u she was dead too)
Ur little sister-Hanabi( when ur mom had her before u moved she said she was dead as well)
and cuzin-Neji(u 2 didnt no each other very well i didnt even remeber him ur mom told u he was dead to)

Past:You were 6 hinata was to u were in the acadmy ur mom just had a baby girl name hanabi then hinata was sick on the 1st day and stayed home from school then u were about to go home when you saw some1 in a mask came and took u away to the mist village u found it was ur mom she told u some1 killed ur whole clan

S.P you and hinata are twins but dont look alike.